How To Choose A Prostate Stimulator

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton and today we’re talking about prostate stimulators. We want to stimulate your P-spot so you can have prostatic ecstatic orgasms! Learn how to choose a prostate stimulator.

Below me, I have a whole table full of new prostate stimulators for you. First, I want to tell you that it’s really important for you to focus on high-quality prostate toys. You don’t want to use soft jelly-type, squishy, novelty items up your butt because your butt is a mucous membrane, a sponge that will suck in the toxins, phthalates and plasticizers of cheap low-cost sex toys.

They’re hormone disruptors which will lower your testosterone and your orgasmic pleasure and make you old and sick before your time. So, you need to use high-quality sex toys like a glass or medical-grade, stainless steel toys.

Here are links to the prostate vibrators:

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I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and today we’re talking about prostate stimulators. 

We want to stimulate your p-spot so you can have prostatic ecstatic orgasms. 

In my video series with Dr. Reilly, we cover prostate stimulators and discuss their pros and cons. 

Focus on high-quality prostate toys. Don’t use soft jelly-type squishy novelty items up to your butt because your butt is a mucous membrane, like a sponge. It sucks in all the toxins, phthalates, and plasticizers of cheap low-cost sex toys. You don’t want these hormone disruptors up your butt because they will lower your testosterone and orgasmic pleasure and make you old and sick before your time.

You can use a glass or a medical-grade stainless steel toy. 


This is the nJoy Pure Wand. It has a g-spot and p-spot sides. This glass toy is also perfect because it’s easy to clean and get body-safe material. 

Let’s start with something simple. Here’s a butt plug called B Balls Duo from Fun Factory. Fun Factory makes super-premium, high-quality, silicone sex toys. They’re a German company that’s been around for over 25 years. 

These B Balls are excellent because it has a flanged end and it is nice for blended orgasms.

You can put this in your rectum with some great lube, such as organic avocado or organic coconut oil, which is body-safe and healthy, inexpensive, and has no chemicals in it. 

Then you can enjoy this while you masturbate. The little balls move around as you move around and give you additional stimulation without vibration. It is between a butt plug and a vibrator. This is a his-and-hers toy that you can clean easily in boiling water. 

This one is called the Duke, a vibrating prostate massage tool. It goes up inside you and wraps around into your anus. This vibrator is a super powerful bullet. It has multi-functions and multi-speeds for either no vibration or different strobing vibrations. It is excellent for self-pleasuring prostate orgasms.

Another one that I like is called the Booty Ring. This one is great if you want to have intercourse and have difficulty maintaining an erection because it has a constriction ring. It touches your prostate, and your penis comes out here. You put it on before you get a hard-on, and it’ll trap some blood in your penis to keep you hard while you’re making love. This booty is a real lifesaver in the sack for many guys. 


Another one I like is from another high-quality company called Hot Octopus. This is called the Adam Plus, and it has a double vibrating cock ring. You can get p-spot stimulation without going up inside your rectum. Your p-spot can be stimulated through your perineum, the spot between the back of your balls and your anus. That little landing strip is highly sensitive. The more you play with it, the more pleasure you will feel, and pressing up in there also accesses the prostate. 

You can wear this vibrating cock ring and what’s great is that it goes under your balls. It goes against you, and your penis comes out here. 

What’s great is this part is underneath your balls massages your perineum while this is her clitoral stimulator. When she’s on top of you, or you’re on top of her, she’s getting clitoral stimulation while you’re getting prostate and perineal stimulation. 

What’s nice is you put it on when you’re flaccid, and you get a hard-on. It will trap the blood nicely, and this is a particularly good cock ring for a small to medium penis.

If you’ve got a sea serpent in your pants, this will probably be a little too small. This is fantastic for the average to smaller-than-average guy. 

Many women are interested in pegging with their partners. This is a double-ended prostate and anal stimulator, and it’s for a woman to wear with another woman or a man. It’s essentially a double-ended dildo, but it doesn’t require a harness. It has the Fun Factory high-quality silicon, superb ergonomics, and an excellent buzzer vibe with functions. 

She puts this up in her vagina and holds on to it. Then, she can make love with her girlfriend or boyfriend and stimulate them. There’s a high level of transfer of the vibration to the tips. It touches her clitoris and g-spot. 

It’s a nice couples stimulation toy that gets the prostate, rectum, g-spot, clitoris, and vagina. It’s called the Share Vibe made by Fun Factory. 


There are two more things I want to show you. They’re not p-spot stimulators; they’re penis stimulators. The first one is by Fun Factory. I love this toy. This is rechargeable, and it’s made with the highest quality. 

You can’t get better than a Fun Factory toy. They are the creme de la creme of sex toys, and you should own all of these personally. This particular one is called the Manta, one of their newest designs, and this is a penile stimulator. Your penis goes in here, and it slides up and down your penis with different vibrations and vibrating functions. 

A woman can do this to you, or your partner can do this to you as a man. You can use this as a masturbatory toy, and you can use this in between you during lovemaking. 

So this is a lovely, highly functioning couples toy and a solo masturbation toy. Finally, one of my very favorites because, in my world, many of my guys have erectile dysfunction. Most are working on it with GainsWave treatments and reversing their ED with penis pumps and p-shots. This particular product is by Hot Octopus, and Hot Octopus has new technology. That’s an oscillation pad. This oscillates your frenulum. Your frenulum is where your penis emerges out of the sweet spot by the corona, the ring at the edge of your glans. The frenulum is the clitoris of the man, and you do not need to get a full erection to use this. 


Here’s the Hot Octopus Pulse Duo. Here’s the ON button, and the function buttons are here, and look at that oscillation. That feels good on a penis, and you can turn it up, give yourself all kinds of crazy stimulation. But what’s nice is you can flip it over. It’s like a Sybian. There’s a vibrator up here for her, and she has a remote control. 

So you can put this on your penis. That can oscillate your flaccid or semi-hard penis, and she can get on you cowgirl style and ride you and get off on you while you’re playing with her boobs and kissing her, and she can control the vibe. 

There are incredible toys that are body-safe, super high quality, a lot of fun for couples, and the sky’s the limit. We have the Booty, the B Balls, the ShareVibe and the Duke from Fun Factory and the Manta from Fun Factory, and the Hot Octopus Adam and Pulse from Hot Octopus.

Those are my sex toys for you today. I want you to tell me how your prostate massage is going. I’m trying to expand masculine orgasmic potential because there’s so much pleasure to be had. I am your trusted hot sex advisor, Susan Bratton.

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