New Approach to HPV Virus Treatment – Susan Bratton and Dr. Doni Wilson

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Susan Bratton and Dr. Doni Wilson provide a comprehensive overview of the HPV virus, including its causes, symptoms, and potential health risks. They highlight the limitations of current treatments and share their new approach, which centers around boosting the immune system and targeting the root cause of the virus.

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New Approach to HPV Virus Treatment – Susan Bratton and Dr. Doni Wilson

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions, and I am with Dr. Donnie Wilson. We’re talking about HPV (human papillomavirus) for now. I wanted to discuss the traditional allopathic western medical system standard of care for diagnosing and treating HPV. I want to compare that to the program you take women through because it seems to me our medical community does a great job of finding it when we’re looking, which is terrific. Still, they can’t help us get rid of it or manage it to minor symptoms and make it safe to have sex with people again without transmission.

Talk about what goes on in the medical community. What can our gynecologists do for us? How can they help us? How far can they get us, and where is the system failing us? What must we do to manage our HPV issues if we get diagnosed?

This is a good question, and I hear from women worldwide daily. We go in for the pap smear and this HPV test. When do you get the test results back if it shows positive HPV? Often a doctor will call you and say you’re HPV positive. That alone can be a shock for women.

We can talk more about that. The doctor will say if there are no abnormal cells, they’ll wait and recheck in six months to a year to see if the virus causes abnormal cells because that’s all the doctor can do. The doctor doesn’t have a treatment for these high-risk HPV, so it’s a game of wait and sees.

Women go back in six or 12 months to see if the virus is still there, and it goes on. The reason is that the research doctors know that 90 percent of humans and women will clear the HPV virus independently without any intervention within two years of a diagnosis.

So the doctor’s thinking, let’s wait and see if it goes away on its own. More women are not willing to take that as an answer. If a woman is in 10 people who don’t want to wait if they turn into cancerous cells, what program can they access at

With this program, I’m guiding you through the step-by-step protocol I’ve been finding. This is after 22 years in practice. I’ve identified a protocol that helps women get this virus to stay negative.

What does the program incorporate? What are the various aspects of it? Is it supplements, herbal diet, nutrition, exercise, prayer, or meditation?

All of the above. It is all-encompassing because this is a crucial piece. This is from helping women for over 22 years with my background as a naturopathic doctor and a midwife. I found myself specializing in helping women with abnormal pap smears. I started with the protocol I was taught, which involved dietary changes, supplements, herbs, and nutrients.

Over the years, I would fine-tune it, and when I would see what was working for my patients, I would add that to the protocol in the future. Now, this protocol is after thousands of cases of fine-tuning the protocol to say what we need to think about with diet changes. How do we know the proper nutrients at the right clinical doses? How do we use the right herbs, quantities, formulas, and more than diet nutrients and herbs?

What if we expand to using homeopathic remedies peptide therapy and into using mindfulness meditation guided imagery processing of trauma? How can we make this protocol as encompassing as possible? I see women have the most significant transformations from abnormal cells even, even long-standing HPV, more than 20 years’ worth of HPV going to negative abnormal cells, going to wholly negative and staying that way when we use the most comprehensive protocol.

That’s what’s in the 12-week program. I know there’s a mushroom extract on the internet called AHCC that people think is “the cure” for HPV. You have opinions. Why don’t you share those?

There is research on AHCC. It does show effectiveness against the HPV virus. I’m hearing from the women who’ve been taking AHCC, sometimes in large doses, for over a year. The HPV is still there, and they’re saying, Dr. Donnie, what do I do now? AHCC isn’t enough. I want to warn people that taking a single substance isn’t enough, even though it has some research behind it. It’s not to say that it’s not practical. I use AHCC, but I won’t put all my eggs in that basket. Let’s have a comprehensive protocol to get you there. When a woman has a pap smear that says that she’s optimistic about HPV and she comes to you at about how long it takes to get a routine pap smear back after she starts your program, what’s the range for women?

It depends on how quickly they return to the doctor for another test. In most fast cases, a lot of times are a bit advanced abnormal cells because the patient is very motivated. They say, “The doctor is saying we see abnormal cells. We need to do a procedure like a leap procedure or cone biopsy, or even they’re considering a hysterectomy.”

The woman is like, “Wait a minute. I gotta do something fast.” So we start implementing the protocol very efficiently, and that’s when they’re back in getting retested more quickly. That’s when I’ve seen a two-three month turnaround on cases with negative HPV and abnormal cells.

Can you go back through that list, the Cin one and two, and the cone biopsies, and talk to us about what happens when you have cancerous cervical cells and what are the things you’re trying to prevent from happening?

What could it get to? When you get the pap back, it might say HPV positive, which will tell whether there are abnormal cells. The abnormal cells are shown on a continuum. If you think about it, level zero is entirely average, healthy-looking cells, and level six is cancer.

They can see under a microscope everywhere, from zero to six. When they give you the report, the gynecological guidelines have terminology that gets used differently. I see terminals from around the world again, so we try to break them down into the common language of what we see. The first after abnormal or normal cells, the first step might be inflammation. It might show an ascus or inflammation on the cervix, and ask us HPV may not even cause it. It can have multiple different causes.

It means atypical cells of unknown significance. It could be different causes for these atypical cells. I think of them as the cells are a bit inflamed. The next step would be cin1 which is a mild low-grade dysplasia. Dysplasia means abnormal cells. It can go to cin2 or cin3, more high-grade abnormal cells. After cin3, we enter carcinoma inside you, pre-cancer, and cancer.

Usually, when working with patients, we’re in this range between regular and cin two or three because I can help get those cells cleared and reversed even up to cin two or three without having to do a medical procedure.

Once it goes to carcinoma in situ or cancer, we’ll need surgery; once it’s cancer, we’ll need radiation and chemotherapy. I always like to clarify when you have a procedure, and I can describe these procedures; even if you have a leap, a cone biopsy, or a hysterectomy, the virus still is alive; it doesn’t kill the virus.

Women can go through removing the cells. Within six months, it can recur because the virus is still there. They removed your parts and didn’t fix the problem, and you still have the virus. Where does the virus hide? Is it like a herpes virus where it hides in the nerves? Where is its location?

We don’t know. It’s not like herpes. I think of it like in the microbiome, how we think of the vaginal microbiome. It exists in that macrobiotic space, so my protocol is to heal the vaginal microbiome. Then we can get that HPV to leave because you think about it this way. The HPVS is only happy living in an environment that supports it, just like all microbes. They’re going to hang out where they’re so glad.

If HPV is in this microbiome, we need to change that environment. Take your vagina back. Once you heal the microbiome, the virus will no longer be happy. Are you healing both the vaginal microbiome and the gut microbiome?

When you’re doing this, you can’t heal the vaginal. It’s all connected. This is not well established. Gynecologists are not going to be talking about your gut health. I’m a naturopathic doctor focused on gut health. I saw over the years that my patients with HPV and abnormal pap smears also have leaky gut and imbalanced gut biome.

When I help them heal their gut, this HPV goes away. The gut and vaginal health and the microbiomes in both locations are related. We severely underestimate our time on this planet in the society in which we live. How much the environment impacts our gut health, and our gut health is core to our entire life on this planet. It is the beginning of all of our health and immunity. Everything starts there—all our cognitive functions.

It’s not like you can fix your gut because you’re constantly getting the onslaughts of environmental toxins, glyphosates, GMO-modified foods, and pesticides that you’re eating. Things in your water, like the fluorides, wreck your thyroid. The outgassing of the chemicals from rugs and carpets in your cars, our beauty and health products, and at-home cleaning deter surgeons. The list goes on.

That surrounds us. You’re in helping women stabilize their gut microbiome and eradicate this, creating an environment hostile to HPV and other pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that hide in inadequate gut systems.

I’m sure their entire health is improving, not just getting rid of their HPV, so they no longer test positive for it. By the end of the 12-week program, women are saying my skin and hair look better. I lost weight. I feel my bloating’s gone; I have more energy.

Everything feels better because we end up solving these health issues. After all, it’s all interrelated. You’re getting the tools to understand how to feed your microbiome to push back against the onslaught of environmental toxins. You said I wanted to go back to when we get to that scale where we go to sin ones, twos, and three, and into cancer. What are things happening before they take your uterus and cervix away? Still, you’ve got the HPV, but this is all they know.

How do you this training? We must be reality-based in our knowledge that our allopathic care system can only do so much for us. We have to help ourselves, which is why you exist with your programs. What were those things that they were doing, like taking pieces of us?

This sometimes is horrifying information for women when they go to the doctor and get the pap done and get the phone call. How was your result? Then you hear there’s HPV and abnormal cells. The doctor says it’s at cin two or three high-grade abnormal cells. That’s when the doctor will talk about a leap procedure, essentially an electro. It removes the abnormal cells.

You can do a leap procedure, but it’s essential to be aware when you have repeat leap procedures, it can cause scar tissue on the cervix. Having abnormal cells removed with a leap procedure doesn’t remove the virus. Many women end up finding six months later, it’s back, and they have to take another leap. By that time, you have multiple leaps, and more scar tissue on the cervix can affect your ability to carry a pregnancy.

This is part of the concern for women still of childbearing age and hoping for pregnancy. Going through all these leap procedures can affect your potential future pregnancy. If the cells become more abnormal, say cin3 or even carcinoma inside you, or if it’s recurring, or if the doctor is concerned it’s spreading to deeper tissue, they might recommend a cone biopsy or conization when they’re removing part of the cervix.

Think of a cervix like the fist of your hand. Conization would remove the inner circle of the cervix and widen it open. It’s like taking half of the cervix; they’re trying to remove the abnormal cells without a hysterectomy.

Again, for women hoping for a future pregnancy, this can make it hard to maintain a pregnancy because the cervix is needed to hold the pregnancy in. That’s the next step. If the doctor’s worried about these abnormal cells spreading, they start thinking about a hysterectomy to remove the cervix and the whole uterus.

I can’t tell you how many women contacted me, saying I had abnormal cells. My doctor said I needed a hysterectomy, so I had the hysterectomy, and six months later, they went back in and found out they had vaginal cancer because the virus can cause vaginal cancer. Sometimes, it causes vaginal cancer first. It seems that the next thing the virus does is cause vaginal cancer, especially once the cervix is removed. I am upset with these cases because the doctor is doing what they can to remove the abnormal cells, but the virus is still winning. It’s still causing problems and abnormal cells.

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