Paleo F(x): The Anatomy of Ageless Sexuality

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I will just show you this slide. I won’t delve into it other than to tell you that this is a list of the different regenerative treatments available for erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, incontinence, prostate inflammation, and loss of lubrication. These happen to our genitals as we age, and we can fix them all. This is the Phoenix Pro, an at-home device that delivers stimulation that generates more erectile function.

These are vacuum erection devices that allow you to use a vacuum to pump more blood into your penis for increased blood-carrying capacity, which is what you need to have a firm erection and keep your penis from atrophying. This is a VFit Gold, a red light photobiomodulation therapy device that goes intravaginally to reverse incontinence, bring lubrication, and tighten and tone the vagina, which gets thin as we age. You can get many home devices and other things like the O shot, P shot, GAINSWave for Her (formerly called FemiWave) to keep your genitals young and resilient as you age.

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