How HPVFix Program Help Women With HPV Issues

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In the video, Susan and Dr. Doni explain how the HPV Fix Program works, including the specific steps and techniques to help women with HPV issues. They cover topics such as boosting the immune system, optimizing nutrition, and managing stress, all crucial elements in the fight against HPV. The video also provides helpful tips for maintaining good overall health and well-being, which is essential for managing HPV-related symptoms.

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How HPVFix Program Help Women With HPV Issues – Susan Bratton and Dr. Doni Wilson

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions and with Dr. Donnie Wilson. We’re talking about the HPV, human papillomavirus. You work with thousands of women and have, over the years, told me a story that you’re the proudest of.

It almost brings me to tears to think of these women’s stories. I feel so honored to hear their stories and what they’ve been through and to be able to help them.

One story is where a woman who had a hysterectomy because of HPV. She begged her doctor to do a pap smear. Even though you have a hysterectomy, you still need a pap smear because of the abnormal cells. Her doctor said first that you don’t need a pap smear, but she kept feeling like she needed to check this. She begged them to retest her and ended up finding vaginal cancer. She went through so much trauma because many times, when you go through these surgeries, it can be traumatic because you’re in vulnerable positions in the doctor’s office.

The different biopsies and procedures can be painful. Sometimes, they’re with a speculum trying to see the cervix. It can be sad and dramatic for women, usually in a gynecological oncologist’s office. They’re now dealing with why isn’t this virus leaving me alone? It seems to be wanting to cause these abnormal cells.

A woman came to me with that history, and I immediately helped her implement my protocol. This woman is post-menopausal in her 50s, and we immediately start helping her get vaginal estrogen back. Post-menopausally women have low estrogen, which also increases the risk of HPV. We call her vaginal estrogen set, and I put her into my protocol with the diet changes. She had severe gluten sensitivity and leaky gut constipation. It’s the gut healing we’re talking about, plus all the other nutrients and herbs that I guide them with and help her emotionally process this trauma she’s been through.

Within two months, she went to her gynecological oncologist for a retest, and the vaginal cancer was gone, and the HPV was negative. Her gynecological oncologist was so happy that she asked me to give her the complete protocol I had her on so she could give her other patients. These gynecological oncologists, I’m sure, are seeing case after case of this virus destroying women’s bodies, and they don’t have any other solutions. Still, I’m seeing the women who come back to me.

This patient is so grateful. The other day, she wrote me a note and said she wants women to know they can heal. You could have saved her hysterectomy if you had gotten to her sooner.

I want to talk about and the 12-week program a bit. When a woman buys and starts on the program, what is she getting? Is it a series of videos? Is it ebooks? Is it a list of nutrients she’s supposed to be on? How do you teach her so that she can manage this protocol herself?

What is the hardest part for women of what you ask them to do? I started this program a couple of years ago, and we started with less time, even four weeks. I wanted to see how much time women need with me to successfully implement this because I’ve been helping women one-on-one for over 22 years.

I wanted to see how I could guide them to do this from home, wherever they are. We found that 12 weeks is a reasonable amount of time. Your next exam might be 12 weeks or three to six months away. It allows you time to implement all these different changes. There are videos. There’s a weekly module, so each week, you learn from me, and it’s in a particular sequence that I’ve identified over the years that we need. Please understand and apply this in a specific series.

That’s how those modules go weekly; you log into a portal and have a video from me explaining to you every step of the way.

I’m bringing you from point A (whatever your current result is) to point B, which is getting to the negative impact, and we’re taking each step on that pathway to get there in those 12-week modules.

I felt it was essential to have a live component of the program. With the program twice a month, I am online with women in the program for an hour, often doing guided imagery. Throughout the program, an essential part is teaching women how to talk to themselves and drive their bodies to heal; we do live-guided imagery.

I train on a specific topic: how you understand your hormone or blood results or use vaginal suppositories because we also have that as part of the program. I might be training on a specific topic and answering questions.

How do we make sure we’re implementing it? How do we implement diet? How do we implement each step of the protocol? We have a live component, and we have a private chat group. It’s not on social media. It’s completely confidential and encrypted because I want women to feel safe showing up, being themselves, and having this conversation. We have a private chat group where they can post and communicate with other women in the program.

It warms my heart to see women connecting around the world, all ages and backgrounds, saying, “Hey, I have a colposcopy, a biopsy of the cervix, and I’m afraid.” The other women say, “We’re going to help you. We’re going to be there with you. We will help you through it. We’ve been through it.”

They’re supporting each other through this and not just about this process we discussed. One patient said she found out her dog has a terminal illness, so we started talking about loss, how grief and loss affect our risk of HPV, and how to process grief so that it doesn’t lead to more health issues. This community is becoming a substantial transformative part of the program too.

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