How Do You Get HPV Virus?

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We’ll discuss what HPV is and how it is contracted. We’ll then detail the different types of HPV and their associated health risks. Next, we’ll discuss symptoms and treatment options for those who have contracted the virus. Finally, we’ll provide tips for prevention, including the HPV vaccine and safe sex practices.

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How Do You Get HPV Virus? Dr. Doni Wilson and Susan Bratton Explain

Hello, I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions, and I am with Dr. Donnie Wilson. We’re talking about HPV, the human papillomavirus.

Is HPV only transmitted through sexual contact, or can you get it in other ways? As far as we know, it’s sexual contact, so many worry if I’m in bed next to my children, can I give it to them? No, you cannot give it to your children by sleeping. It only happens through sexual activity, either oral, vaginal, or anal sex. That’s how it gets transmitted, as far as we know. It’s also not from towels or sheets.

Is HPV transmitted through semen and vaginal fluid? I would think of it as the contact inside the vagina or the penis. It’s not from the fluid, so it’s skin-to-skin contact. You wouldn’t even have to have penetrative sex. It could just be on the penis or in the vulva. Most STIs are skin-to-skin. Very few, like syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and HIV, are fluid-based.

Over 20 STIs are skin-to-skin of some kind, like HSV and others.

The other thing is that HPV can be in your body for decades without you realizing it because it wasn’t tested earlier, and maybe it wasn’t showing positive. When I talk to women who are consistent in their reports, I repeatedly see that when the HPV report is positive, the answer is yes if I ask them if they have been under significant stress in the past.

It’s usually a high-stress level for that person, and the virus becomes active. This could be even stressed, like a death in the family of a loved one or even the death of a pet, parent, or spouse.

It is often from divorce and a breakup of a relationship. Many women went through a divorce and found out they were HPV positive. It’s also stress related if you’re in a job that’s high stress and working 12-hour days or a graduate student. Graduate students, it turns out, are under high pressure. They often are found to have positive HPV. I’m also seeing a very high number of HPV after the pandemic. Many women did not get a pap smear for more than a year during the pandemic. They got the pap smear and discovered the HPV was positive. There was the stress of the pandemic.

There’s also the stress of other infections, whether covid or different types. The virus comes out positive when you have other illnesses or physical injuries. I always say HPV loves it when we’re stressed. One of the critical aspects of my program and protocol is stress recovery. Only when we recover from the stress can we fully protect ourselves from this virus in the future. Again my goal is not just to get the HPV negative, which is unheard of in standard medical practice. But I’m saying I want to get this virus to be negative; not only that, I want to stay negative going forward. It would help if you did not have to keep taking many different things and didn’t have to wait on my supplement protocol forever.

I’m teaching you how to fend off the virus for good, and I can say that because I have women who’ve been my patients for more than 15 years. They still returned to me today and said the virus never returned. It’s never shown positive again since they followed my protocol. I see we can keep it negative, and I believe the difference is because I’m addressing the whole person. We’re making this stress recovery so that you get yourself out of that stressed spot HPV loves. That’s great, and that’s if you want to learn more about Dr. Donny’s program.

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