Biggest Sexual Organ

The exchange revolves around the idea that the brain is considered the biggest sex organ because it processes various sensations, including those related to sexual pleasure and orgasm. The speaker, Susan, explains that the brain’s role is to create neural pathways and establish a connection between the mind and the erogenous zones, such as the vulva and vagina. She suggests that by using products like FORIA, individuals can enhance this mind-body connection and heighten sexual experiences by stimulating the brain’s perception of pleasure.

Full transcript:

Susan: [00:00:00] You know how they say your brain is just your biggest sex organ?

Jay: Yeah.

Susan: Well, it is because what it’s actually doing is processing sensation. It’s letting you know, this is painful, this is, this makes me feel shame, this is numb, this is pleasurable. This is orgasmic.

And so what you want to do is you want to essentially create as many neural pathways. It’s like mind muscle connection. It’s the same thing. When you’re trying to establish mind muscle connection, it’s the same thing you’re doing with these, these FORIA products is you’re actually establishing mind, vulva, vagina connection. You’re lighting up the brain with the products.

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