How To Talk Dirty Without Feeling Weird

Baby, you are so gonna get it tonight! A simple sexy remark such as this can have a powerful effect on your relationship. Dirty talk between lovers is a delightful form of seduction. Whether an offhand remark you make while heading out the door, a sexy text you send your sweetheart in the middle of […]

How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

Figure out your Relationship Values using the Relationship Magic workbook Susan Bratton at Good Morning Arizone. If you want to treat your partner the way you want to be treated, you’re not treating them the way they want to be treated. Here’s how to understand your partner what they wanted the most.

How To Be The Man She Wants To Have Sex With

Begin with a slow and nice speed before increasing that pace steadily until she is just about to reach climax and then suddenly slow things down. This will make her absolutely wild with reckless abandon. After you slow things down, you should then speed things up again until she actually reaches climax. Use this cool […]

Tantric Dating: Shakti Queen’s Many Dragon Kings

I’m Susan Bratton with my friend Amara Charles. Amara is a spiritual sexuality expert, and we’re doing this series on her teachings called the Shakti Queen. I love this series because it’s about the masculine-feminine dynamic and how you can step more fully into your feminine power and have better relationships with men. Learn more […]

What To Do When Going Out On Dates

Going on the date is the next phase, and it’s always scary because you’re making it official. I want to tell you to be in your heart and remember that the person sitting across from you is most likely more nervous than you. So if you’re worried, they’re also just as concerned and anxious. Read […]

How To Write Your Online Dating Profile

The next step is to get an online dating profile so that you’d get some responses. Learn how to write your online dating profile… Here’s the link to our downloadable workbook called, Relationship Magic that helps people understand their relationship values. Click here. HOW TO WRITE YOUR ONLINE DATING PROFILE – SUSAN BRATTON [SUSAN] The […]

Vetting Online Dating Prospects

The next step is when it can get frustrating because you will get many people emailing you if you’re a woman, and hardly anybody emailing you if you’re a man. It’s the way things work. Testosterone pursues estrogen, so men seek women. Learn how to how to vet online dating prospects… Here’s the link to […]