Orgasmic Potential: 20 Kinds of Male and Female Orgasms You Could Be Giving And Receiving

Let’s talk about your orgasmic potential. Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, intimacy expert to millions, and I will tell you about the 20 kinds of female and male orgasms.

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You are not living up to your orgasmic potential, and I have to get you there. What I want you to know about your sexuality is it gives you lifelong pleasure. We were born sexually, and we die sexually if we nurture our sexuality. You just watching this video tells me that you might be one of those people like me who wants to keep having sex and get better your whole life.

That’s the great thing about sex. There’s always more to explore and more pleasure to be had. I always say that couples who play together stay together, especially in the bedroom, but if you are solo pleasuring, you can have just as much fun with the orgasm techniques I’m going to lay out now.

I’ve got three videos in this series. First, I will tell you about the types of orgasms. In the following two videos, I will go through the different orgasms you should and could be having.

There are three types of orgasms. There are locations or hot spots such as nipple-gasms or clitoris-gasms. Then, physical and mental techniques such as stroking skills create specific orgasms like an expanded orgasm.

Then there’s a third category, things that are extensions of our bodies. Tools, toys, and objects that create orgasmic pleasure, generated with skin-to-skin contact.


There’s another exciting thing that opens up a door for people to understand orgasm. That is, orgasm and ejaculation are separate systems in the body. Often, we link them together and think that they are one system, especially our male-bodied partners. They believe that because they orgasm, they have to ejaculate. When you understand that those are separate systems and you can have orgasms without ejaculation, or when women can realize that you can ejaculate and orgasm separately, you get to a higher level of orgasmic potential.

Next, watch the 20 male and female orgasms videos. Before you go, I want to give you more foundation information for this video. If you go to, I have a video that explains how to transform having sex into making love by increasing your sex drive. How you can feel more desire, how you can ramp your arousal, and how you can explore your orgasmic intensity.

All these things work together, and you’re just at the tip of that iceberg. Let’s go!

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