How To Get Good Online Pictures

Pictures are essential in online dating apps because they catch a person’s eye. Men are very visual creatures, even more than women, and they are drawn to beauty. Every woman is beautiful, especially to men. Learn how to get good online pictures…

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[Susan] Testosterone does not have a fussy eye. It doesn’t pick up things we women pick up. We’re estrogen-based, and we see the flaws and the littlest things. Men tend to ignore those things.

So please don’t gossip about them. Show yourself in your best light, love yourself, and make beautiful pictures that you’re happy with. Don’t be hard on yourself. We’re just human beings in these silly little bodies. It’s your heart and love. Men look for the fun you bring into companionship.

They want a woman who feels confident about herself no matter how she looks because he won’t see the flaws. On the flip side, the number one thing women want when dating a guy is grooming.

I was recently down with the flu, and I watched the television show Queer Eye. It is about five gay guys called the Fab Five who go into an average Joe’s life and fix them up. The very first thing they do is give them a haircut. They trim his eyebrows and get rid of ear hair. They trim the nose hair and give him a nice, clean beard or a clean-shaven look.

The second thing they do is take away his baggy clothes and put him in a nice slim fitting polo shirt and a slim pair of pants. Most women don’t mind if you’ve got a bit of a belly.


You don’t want big-tented clothes. Groom yourself before you take photos for your online dating profile. Go to a barber and take care of everything because it makes a difference to the woman. When women see a well-groomed man, they see someone who has his act together, a man who cares about himself. The picture he shows the world is beautiful to women.

So ladies, take pretty pictures of yourself as beautiful as you can. Men, good grooming will really help you get the girl.

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