How To Romance Your Wife

I’m Susan Bratton, hot sex adviser to millions. I get the lucky task of being a Dear Abby of sex. I’m going to teach you how to romance your wife. 

I love to help people learn how to have passionate lovemaking. I teach people bedroom communication skills, and the third leg of that stool is all-important because, without your sexual health, it’s hard to have sex. 

Four things have to happen. The first one is that you have to start romancing your woman again like you did when you were dating. Because guys are testosterone-oriented, you think to yourself, “Full speed ahead! I just want to get my heat-seeking moisture missile, right?” 

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Take the time to romance when you’re busy, focused on your career, and “being a dude” feels very tedious. Certain types of romance remind a woman why she wanted you in the first place. Those are things that move her body. For example, take her for a walk in nature, that classic scene of the beautiful woman in the rowboat and the man rowing her across a lake. He’s moving her body which moves her emotions. 

You can take her on a roller-coaster ride, horseback riding, ATVs, four-wheel driving, on a golf cart if you want to, but move her and she will begin to move toward you again. That’s the romance piece of it. 

Sparkly things always help because women need sparkly things. Sparkles make women feel alive. We wear all this blingy stuff. So you just have to go with it and trust me that is important too. It needn’t be expensive. It just needs to be heartfelt. So, number one is romance. 

I just wanted to let you know I have a lot more resources about this topic in the links associated with this video. Click those now.

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