Twist Pic Technique

“My girlfriend, can I recruit you to do this twist pic technique video with me because I would love to show you how to take a great photo.”

The more and better the foreplay, the higher the sexual tension; and the higher the sexual tension, the more powerful the climax. Besides, men are already known to come faster than women during intercourse so the foreplay can be a good way for him to be constantly aroused while you reach your own sexual highs.


[Susan] Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, and thanks so much for watching the Twist Pick technique. This is my girlfriend Christy and we’ve been friends for quite a while now.

Our son and daughter went to the prom together. So, many group and family photos were taken together.

Recently, we were out at dinner and we had a group photo taken and Christy says to me, “I don’t like the way I look in pictures.” I said “My girlfriend, can I recruit you to do this twist pic technique video with me because I would love to show you how to take a great photo.”

Thank you so much for doing it.

You’re welcome and thanks for inviting me.


[Susan] That’s my pleasure you look gorgeous! I’m going to teach you today how to get a great picture of your woman in her string bikini. A picture that is so great that she’d love to have it as your screensaver on your phone. The kind of picture that reminds her that you’ve created an incredibly, sexy fun memory together.

Because that’s what brings meaning to our lives, that fun, playful, sexual connection between lovers. In this video, I’m gonna teach Christy five different techniques so that you get that perfect shot that she loves.

I’m gonna teach you the twist pic technique. There are two variations of it. One that’s perfect for everyday pictures and one that is even better for sexy string bikini booty shots.

I’ll teach you how to find the light on her face so she gets a beautiful glow in her photos. I’ll teach you the angle that will make her look prettiest for your shot.

Little tricks about composition that’ll make that picture-perfect and how to take the right number of pictures to get the perfect shot.

Those are five quick things you’ll get in this very short video. Stay with me.


Here’s the thing about posing. If you stand like this, it won’t be flattering if she stands straight on. Typically, you’d grab your phone and take a picture and she’d go like this. It won’t come out as flattering as she might like.

She will say “I look fat and ugly. I don’t like it.” That’s not what you want. You want her to go, “Oh dang, I did not know how high I was.”

That’s what we want. We love to be beautiful for our guys.


The first thing I want you to do, Christie, is to turn your body perpendicular to the camera. You’ve got that nice thin line.

You’ll suck in your stomach and turn. Rotate your shoulders toward the camera. Leave the base solid and you can cheat with a knee out. You’ll turn your shoulders this way.

The next thing I want you to do is to pretend there’s an invisible string that’s pulling you up to the sky. Lift this chest and pull your chin down. You look beautiful. Look at how much that made her look more thin, elegant, refined, and beautiful.

You can do whatever you want with your hands. Move your hips forward and cheat. You can lean forward a bit. Keep your chest lifted and chin down. Make a nice shot.


That’s the twist pick technique. The even sexier variation gets your booty engaged in the process. You want to turn your butt to the camera. You want to show your fanny, that curve of your ass. You’ll twist so much that you’ll say it’s a yoga twist.

Turn your body all around to the camera. You can bend over a little, you’re getting your butt and the front of you in the shot. Lean forward a bit. That shows the nice shape of your ass.

Lift that chest. Tuck your chin down. Then you can do whatever you want with your hands.

There’s something about that angle. You can lean forward a little. Keep your chin down. That angle is so nice on the camera. You can try it on both sides. See which side of your butt you like the best.

You’re turning and arching, lifting your chin down. That’s the twist pick technique.

How was that?

That was good. It makes you feel funny but when you see it on the camera, it looks nice.


All right, number two is light, especially for Christie.

I’m standing six inches behind her because you’re five-four. She’s a little tiny beauty, and I’m almost six feet tall. If I stood up with her or next to her, I’d be blocking her light.

One of the things that Christie has to do being tiny is she has to find the light with her face. Make sure nothing is blocking her. When you’re taking a picture of your woman, you want to make sure if the light is here, you’re not taking her from over here where the lights behind her.

You want to get that light on her face and aim her face into the light.

Honey, can you feel the light on your face? Make sure there’s no shadow cutting into her face. Whenever you are getting your picture taken, you want to make sure you’re not getting eclipsed by someone bigger.

You want to get forward of everyone because you’re usually gonna be the smallest one. Even your sons are bigger than you. You want to get your woman up in front and get her sideways leaning toward the camera, chin down, chest raised where that light gets her. That’s important.


The other thing is you want to shoot down on a woman instead of up. If I took a picture of Christie from here, I’d be getting all this neckline. Even if she had her neck down, it would still look slightly above her, not way above her.

Being smaller, you need to shoot from here. That will be a nice shot. Not way up here because it will diminish her. Never from below or even straight just slightly up with your phone.

If you’re doing selfies, you must get the phone up here on her so that you’re shooting down. That will make her look beautiful.


The next thing is composition. Look behind her when you’re taking your picture. Is there a light switch in the way? Is there a plant sticking out of her head? Put her in a place where you’re capturing the light and the background is pretty.

Sofa shots are nice. Standing by a painting like we are right now is always a very nice shot. Curtains are a nice shot.

You can put her in a place without distractions. Make sure you cut right where she is. You don’t want a lot of extraneous material and you really want to make sure that you’re framing her in the shot in a pretty way so that she’s taking up the frame but you’re not cutting pieces of her off.


That’s just you being mindful and paying attention. Last but not least, take at least 20 pictures. I know this is the hardest part for somebody who still doesn’t like to have their picture taken. Now that you have these techniques, you’ll probably be a little less worried about having your picture taken, but still, you come from the legacy of “I hate my picture.”

That’s probably what your wife or girlfriend also feels. You have to encourage her to get that shot. Has your guy encouraged you by saying, “Take your time? You look so beautiful. I want to get a gorgeous picture so you can see how beautiful you are to me.”


Take your time to slow things down and ask her to do what Christy is doing right now. She’s just slightly moving, playing with the camera, thinking about how much she loves you, how great a boyfriend you are, how lucky she is that she has a guy who wants to make her feel beautiful. She’s a natural.

That’s the twist pic technique. Find the light, shoot down, look at the composition and give yourselves enough time to take at least 20 pictures so you find the perfect one.

That’s it. Thank you so much, crazy Susan.

It was my pleasure and I hope that that will work beautifully for you. If you get a great shot your wife or girlfriend is willing to let you share with me, I’d love to see it.

I’m really applauding you for taking forward momentum and being the man who leads his woman to her sexual potential. I appreciate you and I look forward to talking to you anytime.

I’m Susan Bratton. This is my friend Christy, and you have a great and sexy day!

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