How To Succeed In The World Of Online Dating

When thinking about dating, the first step is you want to get yourself out there, meet people, go on dates, and find a partner or multiple partners through online dating. This is where dating is happening in the modern-day for people across the age spectrum. Learn how to succeed in the world of online dating… 

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About 30% of young people in the 25 to 34-year-old range are pretty much exclusively meeting online. They’re using applications like Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets, Bagel, and others. There are two different things about online dating apps. One is that some are websites, and some are on your phone. You need to figure out how to get a dating app on your phone. I recommend a smartphone because an essential part of online dating is qualifying someone. That’s where you’ll use the chat or the messaging application inside that application on your phone to talk to people. They won’t necessarily know who you are, and you’ll be able to screen them before you have, not your first date, but something called a meet-and-greet. 

Let’s step back before we get ahead of ourselves and talk a bit about online dating. There’s “our time,” which is excellent for people in their midlife and beyond, but I also think that sites and apps like eHarmony and can be fantastic. 

There are other ones I mentioned that tend to skew a little bit younger. You’ll have less of a pool of prospective partners. I would go with eHarmony and Those are probably “our time.” Those three, and there is also a religiously-affiliated dating application. So you can google different dating applications and find one. If you’re Christian or Jewish, there’s JDate.


The second most crucial thing you have to do is get good pictures. The number one thing that people do wrong is they don’t have enough pictures. The images aren’t flattering, the lighting is terrible, you’re not smiling, or you’re wearing a hat. If you’re bald, take off your hat. If you are a woman and sunglasses are covering your face, get those sunglasses off. It would help if you had your friends take pictures of you doing fun things. And though it’s okay if you have a pet, have your pet be in one shot. It doesn’t have to be your main photo. Don’t have your two dogs obscuring your face. Your prospective partner will barely be able to see you, and it will be all about the dogs. Remember, you’re looking for a partner; don’t have them compete with the puppies for your attention. 

There’s another funny thing guys naturally do with their online pictures that don’t help get a date. You’ll see this all over dating apps: guys holding up a big, ugly fish in a photo. We appreciate that you guys are fantastic fishermen. You are providers of food for us, which is very kind. However, most women look at the fish and go “EWWW!” How can they touch that thing? It’s not a turn-on for us ladies, generally. You might find that one random woman who loves fly-fishing, but she must one in a million! Use these tips to learn how to succeed in the world of online dating!

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