Sexual Healing: The Sword Of Truth Cuts Away The Dead Branches Of Pity

Amara is a spiritual sexuality expert trained in many ancient lineages of spiritual sexuality, and this is the Shakti Queen series. Amara teaches how a woman can come into her full feminine power and embody the Shakti queen archetype. We will talk to you about how to get out of your own way so you can become the Shakti Queen in you right now. How to pick up the sword of truth and beauty and cut away the branches of self-pity, wrath, anger and victimhood and those things that are keeping you from being the woman who can move forward in her life.

We can want to do all these wonderful things, to connect and to love and yet if we have wrath, resentment and pity inside, we can’t use these beautiful techniques. I chose this as one of the five series because I feel like this is the number one reason that keeps women and men from having what they desire. They have this longing for something: love, affection, connection, hot sex and yet they’re stuck in this place of victimhood.

If you’re reading now, this could be the changing moment of your life. The good news is that we are not wired for failure. We’re wired for bliss and it takes effort to change these habits and patterns. They don’t go away by just wishing them away, ignoring them or even acting like the thing you want to be without dealing with issues holding you down.

So, before we can pick up the sword of truth and beauty, we need to tend to that resentment, wrath and pity lingering inside. How do we do this?

The first thing is that we must become the observer. When we are blaming someone or telling a story, underneath is some kind of resentment because you’re repeating the story. You’re mad and upset. So, you have to catch yourself in the act. I call it awareness. Catch the tiger by the tail. You have to hear and see yourself doing it.

If you have that awareness, it’s a magical moment. It’s powerful. That is the moment of power because that creates a gap and, in that gap, there is a chance or possibility. You have paused the recurring pattern. You have a chance and, in that gap, you want to ask yourself, “Hmm, is this really working?” No.

You know what isn’t working and that’s very powerful. You’re starting to command your space. You have the awareness to ask yourself this question, “Is this easy?” It takes practice. But the training is you asked yourself, “Is this the best way to do it?”
Now, what must you do to rewire those old patterns and habits is to focus on any solution. Anything different will do. What you’re doing by repeating your story is you’re giving more energy and more brain time and wiring that those neural networks to do that thing again and react in the same old way.

By pausing and asking yourself, “Is this working?” and answering “No,” you feel bad and, in that moment, you can ask yourself what’s the solution? And even if you don’t know, that’s okay. You have stopped the train from running and that’s when you can pull out that sword of truth. That’s when you listen to your inner guidance. You listen to your heart. What does your heart want? Not where you’ve been, but where do you want to go? And your heart will have some answers. Your heart may say “Just slow down.” Your heart is your cheerleader. It’s always encouraging you. It’s never putting you down, and so when you pick up that sword of truth, that’s when you can wield the truth because the truth is love. Love is strong. Love is courageous. Love is very, very powerful and that’s when you cut away the darkness.

We must cut away our own darkness. If we can pause ourselves and catch ourselves in the act, we can turn around and change these patterns of habitually getting into criticism, darkness and victimhood. Stop it in the act.

“We love Shakti” is an hour-long teaching by Dr. Amara Charles called the Shakti Wheel of Power. It helps you to instantly turn around any blockage especially when you get hit like deer in the headlights. What can you do differently in this moment? And the truth is is that you can train yourself to calm down, pause, slow down and listen. Once you do that, you can begin to shift this pattern, you can change this old habit of being a victim of carrying on resentments.

I’m sure this has given you a really great way to approach the next moments of your life. This was four of a series of five videos, each with a fabulous tip inside and I know you love a tip inside.

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