How To Be More Feminine In Relationship

Dr. Amara and I will talk about five episodes that each have a technique for growing more fully into your feminine essence and sexual power. Read on to learn how to be more feminine.

Amara is a spiritual sexuality expert who has studied for over 30 years several traditional lineages of spiritual sexuality and put them into a program called the Shakti Queen.

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How To Be More Feminine In Relationship: Shakti Queen Style

I’m Susan Bratton, and I’m with Amara Charles, a spiritual sexuality expert. She has studied for over 30 years several traditional lineages of spiritual sexuality and put them into a Shakti Queen program.

We will talk about five episodes that each have a technique for growing fully into your feminine essence and sexual power.

I will go through all five and give you a definition of each. The first one is the technique to release blocks that keep a woman from expressing her Divine Feminine. We have wounds, shame, and resentments. One way to remove blocks is to listen to your inner guidance.

This is about letting go of those inner voices confusing us and causing us to doubt what we want. This practice is about getting to the core very quickly by asking for what we wish for and clarifying what it is and having the courage to ask for what we want and go for it with fierceness and tenderness.

The second one is the Dragon King’s teachings for empowered relations with men. The Dragon King is any man in your life who you would like to get close to. A man can become a Dragon King because you’re curious about him. You want to find out who he is, and most importantly, this teaching is about introducing many men into our lives who turn on that Shakti Queen. 


Some Dragon Kings turn on our mind, some our heart, some our bodies, some make us feel sexy and beautiful, and others make us feel spiritually connected. The key is to have the whole spectrum of Dragon Kings.

Another one is brandishing the sword of truth and beauty to cut away the dead branches of self-pity and victimhood that hold you from stepping fully into your Shakti queendom. This is an essential aspect of a Shakti Queen because we all want a higher sex drive. We all want a variety of Dragon Kings. Unless we address the resentment and understand the differences between the masculine and feminine, we will keep running into blocks.

We talk about how we pick up the sword of truth to cut away resentment, pity, and our inner darkness so that we can enjoy love, passion, and connections with those we love. 

The next is how a Shakti Queen nourishes the heart of our intimate relationships. This is about the essence of a Shakti Queen. 

How do we quit working so hard trying to get men and work? We were exhausting ourselves. We’re becoming overly masculine, and we’re crowding out the men in our lives. The whole key to being a Shakti Queen is to turn that entire syndrome around and nourish ourselves first to become complete with more care, more love, joy, passion, sexiness, and juiciness. 

Our basket starts to overflow, and we become shiny. We begin to glow because we’re filling ourselves first instead of everybody else. Then we give from that overflow of energy, and it’s an entirely different way of living, and finally, we also talked about how to live into your entire feminine essence. It is living into your complete femininity. 


Shakti is a Hindu goddess. In all indigenous cultures, they speak of Mother Mary as the same essence. Guanyin is the same essence. Shakti is the feminine divine principle of the energy that births and creates every feeling. Every little thing that is born goes through life and dies, and everything in existence is Shakti. Everything that comes into form is Shakti. Shakti is all of nature, and nature is wild, and we are restless in our Shakti nature.

We’re tired of being told to tame it down. As Shakti Queens, we have to learn how to handle and wield wisely, use our ability, and have so much energy. We draw things to us by becoming more magnetic, calmer, and more radiant. How do we attain things we desire instead of chasing after them? That is the secret of being a Shakti queen.

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