Penis, Vagina and Sex Slang Words

Today’s video is going to get very naughty and very sensual. You see, many of my fans ask me what to call their lover’s genitals (and their own) during dirty talk AND when they’re making love. Read on to learn more sex slang words.

The usual suspects; penis, dick, cock, vagina, pussy… ugh! We’ve been using these words for so long. Some people are starting to get bored with them!

That’s why my good friend, Amara Charles, and I made a video all about the many wonderful, naughty, and sexy words we use to call our genitals.

This goes for both male and female sexy bits.

Have you heard what tantra people call the penis and the vagina?

How about the name they call the G-Spot? It’s very erotic.

I love all the sensual, heart-connected, and NAUGHTY these slang words can be. Amara and I held nothing back.

We’re not just aiming for sweet nothings here.


After watching the video, you’re going to have a TON of new ways to call yours and your lover’s gorgeous bits.

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Susan: I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor, and I’m with my girlfriend, Amara Charles, a sexual trainer in tantric and sacred sexuality practices. We want to talk about vulvas, genitals, penises, cocks, and the words we can use for our genital anatomy. You have some good ones, and I wanted to hear them because I know you have many different lineages, so talk about those. 

Amara Charles: I love some of our slang terms. Some very poetic words are endearing. They’re also great for children. I mean, how we talk to our children about our anatomy is not always appropriate, so I love some words used to describe the vulva. One is that the G-spot is not my favorite terminology.

Susan Bratton: Me neither. If I have to talk about it, I would say G area because it’s not a spot. It’s the urethral sponge, a tube that surrounds the exit of your urine. It’s also where your Skene’s glands dump the ejaculate when you have female ejaculatory orgasms. I like to call that amrita. What do you call it? 

Amara Charles: I also call that amrita. It’s also called silver snow in the Dallas tradition. I don’t know how this guy Grafenberg got that famous word to be called this, but we call it the firing trigger of the Quodoushka from the feathered, winged serpent because the feathered, winged serpent opens its wings. The head of the clitoris is called the cobra’s head because when we rise to attention, the cobra is awakened.


Susan Bratton: We get our clitoral shaft engorged with blood and give ourselves the erection we need to experience the full sensation.

Amara Charles: Isn’t that fantastic because they knew the nerve endings were spread throughout the labia? I love the word for labia. It is the sacred butterfly wings. How could you imagine talking to a little girl? These are your beautiful butterfly wings. It’s so endearing. I also like the anus. It’s not my favorite word. We call it the rear cavern.

Susan Bratton: I like the word. Mysterious. 

Amara Charles: Come into my rear cavern.

Susan Bratton: There’s a sponge between your vaginal canal, rectum, and anus called the perineal sponge. That’s erectile tissue like the urethral sponge. You have erectile tissue not just in your clitoral structure, which is the tip of your clitoris, but also in the shaft of your clitoris, the little legs, and the tiny vestibular bulbs underneath the fur at the top of the vaginal opening. Still, you also have those two sponges up inside your vagina. Do you know any other erectile tissue in the vulva besides those? 


Amara Charles: No. Those are the glands that I know as well. I don’t think the indigenous people were as scientifically detailed, but they got the essence. I like the scientific terms because we’re learning, and I also love the poetic terminology.

Susan Bratton: What about the vaginal canal entrance? What are the words for that? 

Amara Charles: That is called the sacred black hole. 

Susan Bratton: The sacred black hole! I like that! To infinity and beyond!

Amara Charles: We have many names for the lingam, the penis. In the Dallas tradition, it is called the jade stem or stalk. That’s polishing jade. Can you imagine stroking and polishing jade? In the Quodoushka tradition, we call this the topulli, a tipi standing erect. The female, the yoni, is referred to as the tepulli. It’s a lovely word, tempulli. It’s like a tulip. 


Susan Bratton: I love that. What other words do you use when you’re talking? Do you use “penis”? I use penis and vulva to discuss the entire anatomy when I’m technical, but I like to distinguish them. Most people use the word vagina, but that is just the canal, so I want to consider all the genital structures to be the vulva. Then, I feel that shortchanges the penis because that is the stalk sticking out. 

I like to talk about the buried shaft, scrotum, balls, and perineum. I like the spot around the base of the cock. You spoke about it in a lingam massage video about putting one hand on top and one hand underneath and grounding a man before you start to stroke his penis. Do you have any more words for that area? 

Amara Charles: The man is filled with sacred semen, called his secret jewels. He’s giving you the holy essence of his masculine nature, his sacred jewels. It’s also called the sacred snake. It helps our imagination, intimacy, and playfulness when using different terminology, especially when making love.


Susan Bratton: I love that, and I also love semen. I have found out recently through Dr. Lindsey Berkson, a sexual science nerd. She talks about the things that are in semen. Suppose you are a female-bodied person with a male-bodied person, and you have safe sex practices such that he can ejaculate inside you. In that case, you get a healthy dose of serotonin and luteinizing hormones to keep your periods regular and your moon cycles going. 

You get testosterone, which gives you more confidence and lowers your anxiety. It truly is a sacred essence for women. We have as much semen available to us as we want. Taking advantage of that will lower your anxiety, increase your mental clarity and personal confidence, help reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, and normalize your hormonal system. There are so many benefits to it that they genuinely are sacred jewels.


Amara Charles: The semen of a man is his sacred essence, and it is nourishing, and you can feel it. Your face glows. It’s full of hormones, but the spirit is to understand that his semen rejuvenates, nourishes, and awakens me. We don’t have to be scientists to get this. We’ve all experienced it, and how fresh we feel. It’s about our attitude. If we treat it that way, sacred, beautiful, and nourishing, it is even more so. It ignites us even more.

Susan Bratton: I’m not particularly eager to miss a dose. What do you think about amrita, female ejaculate? Do you believe that it has the same benefits? I know many men enjoy it, and women enjoy drinking the ejaculate or having someone come on their face. I even have a friend who took a cup of her amrita and poured it on the tree in the center square of the Vatican to nourish it with her sacred amrita.

Amara Charles: That’s so beautiful. All of our fluids are a blessing. The more fluids we have, the more healthy we are, and whether we can squirt to the moon, so to speak, or we have like a little flowing stream, it’s all very nourishing and wonderful. How we treat each other is a beautiful blessing. I love that, taking that to a tree with our blessings and even prayers. That’s a lovely way to bring celebration, sacredness, and the ceremony to lovemaking. 


Susan Bratton: I love wet sex and sharing fluids, and it can be the most healthy and connected intimate experience of your life. I want to leave by saying that if you’ve never had any female ejaculation and you’d like to have it, it’s a learned skill. Having orgasms of all kinds is a learned skill. 

By watching Amara and me, you’re increasing your knowledge and looking at what you could live into. For that, we want to thank you very much because you are taking care of and owning your sexuality by listening to what we have to say today. We wanted to talk about pussies and cocks. 

We decided that our favorite go-to words were pussy and cock. I want to talk about my pussy. I like a gorgeous cock.


Amara Charles: I talked about how healthy the male semen was. It’s also the same with us as women. Hence, if we consider our fluids as full of yin-yang essence, it’s the concentration of our feminine energy, and when a man tastes and drinks this, he gets revitalized, refreshed, and renewed. It’s a beautiful dance between the yin and yang and sharing our essence. It is a lovely blessing. We all are benefited by drinking the spirit and letting go of shame, bringing sacredness. I am beautiful, and my essence is fantastic.

Yes, it is a gift, and you are a gift for being with us today. I’m Susan Bratton, and this is Amara Charles. We will put links to goodies in the notes. You will have to trickle yourself down there and see what we put inside. We’ll see you on the other side.

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