The Susan Bratton Show: Masturbation Side Effects and Benefits

Welcome to the Susan Bratton Show! This is the very first episode of my new show. Today, I’m dressed up as the Masturbation Magician because I need to answer three masturbation questions from my fans.

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  1. My lover n myself enjoy sex but i cant get her to squirt ad she uncomfortable with fingers at her G spot area. Please advicewhat i can do to pleasure her more before penetration

    1. First, find out why she is uncomfortable with your fingers at her G-Spot area. Your hands may be scratchy. She could be embarrassed about the way her vulva looks. She could be worried you’ll hurt her. She could have physical or emotional trauma… Here is an article about the reasons a woman seems unable to ejaculate. You have to work through the obstacles to create trust.

      Stay with it. Once she starts to ejaculate she will be forever grateful for your loving patience.