How To Give a Yoni Massage

I’ve waited my whole life and built up to this for 15 years. I will now teach you how to give a yoni massage.

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It is a pussy or vulva massage. It’s female genital pleasuring, and I will go through a checklist of what to do and in what order. I’ll show you how to stroke your woman to heaven. I want every woman to have a yoni massage every time before she makes love for a couple of reasons.

It relaxes, lets her fluids flow, gets her lubricated and turned on, gets her engorged, and the blood flow helps her have better orgasms. It prepares her for intercourse.

I’m all about the masculine-feminine, heterosexual monogamous couple who want hot sex their whole lives. I want to let couples know that this practice has a massive positive impact on their orgasmic capacity.

The yoni has a counterpart. It’s called the lingam, which is the penis. The yoni is the vulva or the female genitalia in Tantric sex. You can do the same thing to your man, but we will focus on your woman’s genitalia and how you can bring all the blood flow and lubrication to achieve orgasmic capacity. Let’s go.


The first thing I want you to set is the loverspace, which is the room in which you’re going to do the yoni massage. How is the lighting? Are there candles? How’s the music? Do you have warm oil and soft towels? Do you have a pitcher of water and fruits like grapes and strawberries?

Prepare everything for her to show up and lie down. That’s a beautiful honoring ritual. It makes her feel deserving of the pleasure you’re going to give her.

Before you start with your hands on your genitals, I want you to hold her. I have a Soulmate Embrace technique, which teaches you how to embrace her in a way she’s never been hugged before. She’s been dying to be held like this her whole life.


Get her juices flowing out of her head and into her body. It can last for as little as a few minutes or as long as you both need and will create masculine-feminine polarity, no matter your gender expression. It will make her melt into her pleasure so that she can receive the best yoni massage of her life.

You can get it at It’s straightforward to download. Trust me. You do not know how to do this. Learn that thing. It is the Rosetta Stone of relaxation, which is required for arousal.

After you’ve held her and she remembers how much she loves you and how much you turn her on, does she need a body massage? Does she have a crick in her neck? Does her toe hurt in that one spot?

Work on the outside of her body. Think about a bullseye. You’re working the outer rings before you come to the middle and hit the bullseye of her genitals. Work all that out so that you can relax and she can butterfly open. Set up the pillows under her legs on each side. Be either perpendicular to her, perched over her comfortably, or even between her legs, and give her the massage directly.

Help drive the blood flow to her genitals. She needs a clitoral and vulva erection before sex feels good and achieves her orgasmic potential. Twenty minutes before the yoni massage, please give her a couple of FLOW and take a couple yourself. It will get blood and lubrication to your pelvis. You’ll get all her genital tissue expanding into an erection so that everything you touch feels better.


Start at her mons and work your way down. I’ll give you a map of her vulva right now. Watch what I do.

I’ll also tell you how to touch each part. I’ll peel back the layer of skin so you can see what’s underneath because I don’t want you to massage the genital skin. Massage the meat and erectile tissue.

This is where touch techniques come in. You’re not just rubbing the skin; instead, you’re massaging the tissue underneath the vulva. Let me show you a sneak peek. This is the vulva, which happens when you peel away the skin.

These are the clitoral glands or tips. All the rest you see, except the vagina, is erectile tissue. You’re giving your woman a vulva erection. A yoni massage is for blood flow and orgasm in equal measure.

The clitoris is not erectile but nerve endings. The arms, legs, urethral sponge or g-spot (a long tube of erectile tissue), the perineal sponge between her vagina and rectum all need to get fluffed up.

You are her yoni fluffer. Pop all that tissue. The more you do it, the better it gets for her. You’re going to activate her yoni and neural pathways to her brain. Puff up all the pleasure signals to her brain to have better orgasms.


After you’ve rubbed her belly, thighs, butt cheeks, groin, channel the blood into this area. Push the blood under her skin to this area. Up here is the mons venus, the pubic bone. You want to start at her belly up to her pubic bone.

Get the tissue gelatinous. It can wiggle like a bowl full of jelly. It starts tough and sinewy like there’s a steak under there.

By the time you finish, it should feel like jello. What’s great is that if you’re interested in giving your woman g-spot pleasure and interested in female ejaculation, much of the fluid flows into the urethral area so that she can ejaculate just like a man does. A man ejaculates out of his urethra, and so does she.

There are gills on the sides of the opening of her urethra where the Skene’s glands are. Let me show you.

This is a blow-up of the urethral canal. The blood plasma seeps into the Skene’s gland and goes into this area. Then, she’ll have an orgasmic contraction, and the ejaculate will exit from here. This is the same tube that her pee comes out from as well.

The opening looks like a little puckered starfish, above her vagina and below her clitoris. It’s called the vestibule. Beginning up here gets the whole genital area moving, lubricated, and juicy. It would help if you then worked on the outer labia, which are the legs of the clitoris. They are under the pubic hair.


They like to be kneaded and rolled with oily hands. Use organic, refined avocado, sweet almonds, and jojoba oil. Refined oils won’t stain your sheets. Avocados won’t be too green. If you don’t eat it, don’t put it in your yoni. Don’t use yucky lubes with preservatives in them.

When you apply the oil, please don’t do it over her. Pour it on your hands, rub it, and gel all your hands oily. Then start rubbing her mons and get it going. Stroke down on her outer pubic area. Knead the tissue. Apply oil when you can, and don’t drip the oil on her.

Keep one hand on her when you remove your hands, keep one hand on her and slowly reach for the oil. Apply the oil and put your hands back on her smoothly. A yoni massage is smooth.

You want to start by touching the clitoral hood because the hood is over the shaft of the clitoris. You’re activating your woman’s clitoral erection because you’re getting her clitoral shaft erect. Don’t touch her clitoris yet. You’re working outside, and it’s too early to touch her clitoris. Next, touch the inner labia down to the bottom. The hood opens at the inner labia and runs down, skimming the bottom. The little tissue there is called the fourchette. It’s incredibly orgasmic.


The whole yoni will be activated, so you want to touch the other labia. Put more oil on your hands and slowly put one finger into your woman’s vestibule. A little more oil goes into the vestibule and around her clitoris. Then you can touch her clitoris as well.

Ask her if she’s ready, and you can do this for a while. You want her to relax and her breathing to be calm and slow. Tell her how beautiful her yoni is, how much you love her, and how much you appreciate the opportunity to touch her yoni.

Ask her if you can enter her. Start stimulating the clitoris. In the vagina, feel the roof, the sides, and the bottom. Activate the entire vagina. Before you activate her internal vagina, and as she’s giving you permission to enter her, know the tiny opening to her vagina is called the introital sphincter. The introital sphincter muscle is round like the iris of your eye.

Play with it. It almost has a suction. Rest your finger in there and touch, stroke,  and open it. You will feel your girl’s vagina wanting to pull in your finger. Apply oil and put a little more inside and open, warm up, and touch her whole vaginal canal.

You can have a finger or two inside her when you get good and stroke the clitoris. The nervous system likes toggling. It likes you to go back and forth. It wants you to stroke her clitoris using different techniques and her g-spot inside her vagina. Then go back to her clitoris and her vagina again. It wants you to give her some and then something different. It’s essential to have a variety of techniques.


Trust me. I have been teaching sex techniques for 15 years, and you probably know 12 or maybe 20. However, there are hundreds of fingering techniques for the yoni. The more you know, the more pleasure you can give. So it behooves you to learn the Expanded Orgasm, Blended Orgasm, use female ejaculation strokes, understand g-shot awakening.

I have courses on these techniques, and you don’t even have to buy anything from me. But many people love to. Let me give you a couple of resources.

When your woman wants a g-spot awakening, I have excellent tools made by good companies for g-spot pleasure. The thing about g-spot fun is that your hands and arms can get tired. Go to and download my book on g-spot toys. It has a video showing you how to use them. That’s what you won’t find on other resources: I have a g-spot wand. What do I do with it?

They are blunt instruments, and you could hurt her if you don’t know what you’re doing. So it’s essential to learn to use the toys at If you want to give her Expanded Orgasms, a five-stroke practice that stretches the moment of orgasm like taffy so she can come continuously for an hour or until she gets tired, it is at


What’s great is that there are three free pleasure reports there. You can get “What is an Expanded Orgasm?” This explains the difference between a clitoral orgasm and an expanded orgasm. You also get “The Power Of Peaking.” Remember I talked about toggling the nervous system? You need to learn intentional downstrokes and peaking to become a good pussy rubber. The third is “Touching For Rapture.” Remember how I spoke about not just rubbing the skin, but the tissue underneath, the meat of her clitoris and erectile tissue? This pleasure report teaches you touch techniques that can turn orgasmic. These are all free.

They are all from my mentor Dr. Patti Taylor. My husband and I have been married for 30 years, and we have been practicing Expanded Orgasm for over 17. It helped me have orgasms from intercourse, which is essential for women who think it is impossible.

You can also learn Blended Orgasms, which are clitoral and g-spot orgasms, female ejaculation, and g-spot awakening. That is at I also have many other videos with hundreds of touch techniques. It would help if you had a repertoire of touch techniques to give her incredible pleasure. Once you’ve learned to stroke, awaken, and activate the yoni, she will become massively multiorgasmic.

After you finish, stretch her legs, sip water, and take it to the next level. Maybe start foreplay, oral pleasure, or even intercourse. Then you do the towel stroke.


Lay a warm, soft, dry towel on her yoni and sop up all the oil. Clean her up a bit. Sit her up and hydrate her. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. Then you can give her 20 other orgasms. I have another video called 20 Kinds Of Female Orgasms. It also has a companion video for the male counterpart. If you’re a penis owner with a prostate, you can have incredible orgasms. The yoni massage is the tip of the orgasmic iceberg, but it’s the foundation, the earth on which the iceberg sits. It’s the ocean in which the iceberg floats.

Becoming a good yoni massager is the best technique for anyone who wants to give women incredible orgasms.

There are so many resources here that it can be overwhelming, but it’s easy to learn, and that’s what I love about sex. I can teach you awareness, the techniques, and how to go about it.

At, I have more information and a video with my friend Sherri Winston, in which we talk about the parts of the yoni and how to pleasure them.

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions, and I love yoni massages. It was my pleasure to give you my tips and tricks today. I’m always here for you if you have questions. Please feel free to send me an email on the sex tips newsletter or post a comment below this video, and I promise I will answer. Thank you so much, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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