How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

For you as a parent, How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex from young to teen and beyond… Welcome to another segment of the Sexual Vitality Summit. I’m your host Susan Bratton. I am so happy to have this crucial conversation with my dear friend, Nat Kringutis. Nat is based in Melbourne, Australia. She […]

Toxic Sex Toys with Nicole Harlow

Sex toys can add tremendous variety and pleasure to your erotic life… as long as the toys you use are safe. For my new Penis Growth video series, I tried a “penis extender.” (see pic below) It fits OVER a man’s penis and has a vibrator built into the end of it and a clitoral […]

How I Became A Sexpert

This is my story and how I became a Sexpert and an Intimacy Wellness Expert. Click Here To Download The Sexual Soulmate Pact ⇐ The Two-Word Phrase That Ignites Passionate Lovemaking HOW I BECAME A SEXPERT My husband and I hit rocky spots in our marriage about a decade in, and we said, “The issue […]

What Is Consent and How To Have Consensual Sex

Print this out and put a little slip of paper in your wallet: “I’m a believer in consensual sex.” Three Core Sexual Skills ⇐ Click Here You’ve probably heard about “consent.” It’s about asking other people how they want to be touched by you. And with your permission, I’d like to tell you how we […]

Clitoris Anatomy

See how the 3D clitoris goes inside her body. There’s so much more to a woman’s clitoris anatomy than meets the eye… that little button you see is just the beginning. This video is a MUST WATCH! Especially worthy of the few minutes you’ll spend watching this episode, Dr. Jessica Drummond’s visual aid is a […]

Period Sex with Nicole Harlow

Women are often amazed how HOT sex can be during their period. So why do so many of us hold back? Three reasons: * The mess. * The gross-out factor. * Conditioned shame. In this video, you’ll get expert tips from Nicole Harlow and me that turn period sex into a non-issue. Or… better yet, […]

Penis, Vagina and Sex Slang Words

Today’s video is going to get very naughty and very sensual. You see, many of my fans ask me what to call their lover’s genitals (and their own) during dirty talk AND when they’re making love. Read on to learn more sex slang words. The usual suspects; penis, dick, cock, vagina, pussy… ugh! We’ve been […]

Watch How Tim And Susan Do The Expanded Orgasm

Gabby and Raj Sundra welcome Tim and Susan on their show and learn how they met and their philosophy as a couple. Also, watch Tim and Susan demonstrate the Expanded Orgasm technique. FREE Gift: TIM AND SUSAN DO THE EXPANDED ORGASM TECHNIQUE [Raj] We are so honored to be with Susan and Tim. Welcome tonight, […]