Expanded Orgasm: Powerful Sensual Massage Explained

Sensual massages are not just for pleasure; they’re also good for healing emotional issues. The Expanded Orgasm is one of the most potent and sensual massage techniques I know. It’s a unique stroking technique created by my mentor, Dr. Patti Taylor, who has a Ph.D. in female orgasm.

Women tend to not live up to their orgasmic potential. We have sex too fast; we don’t let our bodies get engorged or filled with blood. Blood flow is super essential for sexual satisfaction and achieving climax. I like to call it a ‘practice’ of having a sensual massage that you either give yourself or receive from your partner. 


You can relax and let your partner give you a sensual massage. It connects you as lovers like nothing else that I’ve ever experienced or taught. This Expanded Orgasm technique is a way to get more heart and emotional connections and deepen your intimacy. It allows you to build up a desire for each other. It makes sex as intercourse less transactional; you feel less pressure and performance anxiety. Part of this Extended Orgasm practice is a clitoral stroking massage technique. You decouple it from having sex.

You begin to experience receiving sensual massages without any expectations. It will lead to sex. It’s a place where you come together and have a sensual genital massage experience. It could last 5, 15, or half an hour. I found that it ultimately leads to more pleasurable sex. If you feel like having sex during this massage, you will never want it. But if you learn to receive and your partner learns to give, it allows you to connect in unique ways. 


Suppose you think that your partner would never do this. Trust me. Men need to understand the value of having a wife or a girlfriend whose genitals are turned on and full of blood, who gets great orgasms, and who receives pleasure without expectation. In that case, it shifts something in your relationship like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The Expanded Orgasm technique saved my marriage. 

It got me to the point where I could have orgasms from intercourse, which I didn’t have until I was 45-years-old. 

My partner and I started this practice. It opened me up to my orgasmic potential. Sometimes, this Expanded Orgasm practice is called the 30-Minute Orgasm because you can learn to stretch out the moment and expand, both the length and depth of your orgasms. 


A regular orgasm is like a Masters and Johnson orgasm. I think of this as an old-fashioned orgasm, which we learned in the ‘50s. We now know so much about female and male orgasm capacity. 

You’re looking at the up and down axis around Arousal and Time across the bottom line. You go up and hit that edge of climax, the top of the peak, and feel that incredible orgasm. Then you go over the edge, and the orgasm and pleasure disappear.

Often, many women have just one of these orgasms, but some women can become multi-orgasmic. They’ll go up the arousal ladder and climax. Then, they’ll go down a bit and go up again and have another climax. Many women feel their clitoris gets overly sensitive. Often, they can’t even have multiple orgasms. That’s because they’re driven too hard. There is a lot of stroking and stimulation, which desensitizes your clitoral structure.

The Expanded Orgasm consists of a very light and delicate stroking technique. It teaches your body to have orgasms with the lightest of touches. Even women who need a very high degree of stimulation can learn to have more expanded pleasure with a very light touch.


Slide number two is Extended Orgasm. This is the beginning of learning how to have Expanded Orgasms. An Extended Orgasm lets you go up the arousal ladder, take that moment of climax, and stretch out time. Orgasms are a learned skill. Some women are naturally lucky, and it’s easy for them to have one or two kinds of orgasms. But there are 15 kinds of female orgasm! 

Once you learn how to get into the climactic peak and stay at that peak, you can stretch that moment out. An Expanded Orgasm is where you take the arousal up the stair-steps and stretch it out over time so that you’re in orgasmic bliss for a long time.


I’ve had the experience of being in an orgasm for over an hour to the point where I stopped because I needed a drink and a rest. You have an Expanded Orgasm capacity, and you’re getting into that climactic moment and riding that wave higher. It’s a heart connection that makes you feel like you’re in this incredible place together. Your partner’s delivering the sensation, and you’re riding their ride. You’re together in orgasm, and it’s like a conjoined trance. It’s orgasmic meditation. You feel connected to all other beings and life when you get into this state of total ecstatic and divine bliss.

You achieve better and more pleasurable ecstatic states over time. It has a net benefit of making you a more turned-on woman who’s more sexually confident and has the most incredible orgasms.


I teach this program. I had it created for me by my dear mentor Dr. Patti Taylor who has a Ph.D. in female orgasms. It’s a series of 21 erotic play dates that you and your partner do together to learn how to have this clitoral stroking technique. 

The stroking technique is three opening strokes, what we call the bread-and-butter stroke, and a closing stroke. You can do this once a day, week. It’s better to do it more than once a month. It’s a couples project that keeps you connected. 

You can click the button below and go to this Expand Her Orgasm Tonight page and learn more about that program. There is a series of three free pleasure reports: Orgasmic Peaking, What is Expanded Orgasm?, and a technique that is similar to the 21 Erotic Playdates in a program called How to Touch for Rapture. 

Take those as my gift and consider learning how to have an Expanded Orgasm practice. It’s not only life-changing, but it’s also SEX-life changing. I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor to millions, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Visit this link to learn more about the Expanded Orgasm Technique here: https://personallifemedia.com/expand-her-orgasm-free-report/

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  1. Hi Susan I am 46 and being dating a 65 guy. He gets sometimes frustrated because he can’t last long or I don’t reach the orgasm. Honestly I had never had this problem. I insinuated and giver hi the number of a doctor that uses biodentical hormone I do and I love it.
    I would love if he listed to all your advises I dream of having a lover like you explain but I don’t know how to aproach it

    1. Hi Maria,
      I suggest you watch some of my videos together. And have your guy consider taking our FLOW supplements https://the20.store/flow as well as using a penis pump to bring back his erectile function http://pumpingguide.com

  2. Hi – I just found the light button, top right, above the video. Toggling it gives an expanded screen & fades out the ad panels, which are otherwise quite distracting. I have never seen this button before, maybe tell people & enhance their experience of the video. There was also a lot of buffering in watching this particular clip, making it longer to watch. I don’t usually have buffering problems with video clips.
    I do like the work that you are doing, helping people experiencing & integrating more of their potential. More bliss, more energy, more life force… & back to heaven!

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