How To Touch Her Genitals To Give Her Orgasms

Hello! I’m Susan Bratton, Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to millions of lovers worldwide who want more and better sex. In this trilogy, I’m sharing with you the 3 ways to make her have more and better orgasms… even from intercourse..

If you missed videos #1 and #2, please watch them as this is a three-part system for giving woman all kinds of orgasms, including penetration orgasms from intercourse.

If you’re a woman, this may be a breakthrough piece of information for you… and if you’re a man, discovering what engorgement is and how to do it will unlock her pleasure chest with a bounty of satisfying orgasms.

The first technique I shared in this three part video series was setting the environment for lovemaking. The second video is about variety of stimulation. The third of three ways to touch her vagina to give her orgasms is engorgement.

If engorgement is a new word for you, it just means, “swollen.” Just like a man gets an erect penis from stimulation… a woman needs this blood flow to her genitals too.

This video is all about giving her a clitoral erection so she can have many kinds of orgasms.

Her clitoris — the part that’s showing — is just the tip of the iceberg. She has as much erectile tissue up inside her as you do in your whole penis.

Here is a 3D visualization of a clitoris. See the little nub? If that’s all you stroke or lick, she might have a small orgasm, but it’s not going to give her a deep, satisfying orgasmic response.

Those little punching bags are her vestibular bulbs. They live under her pubic hair on each side of her vaginal opening. Like the G-Area (it’s more than a spot) that tissue likes pressure.

The little wings are her crura, or clitoral legs. Those can be stimulated up inside her vagina, as can her G-Area which is her urethral sponge — also erectile tissue. And her perineal sponge — again, erectile tissue.

For her to come harder and faster, you’ve got to get her ENTIRE clitoral structure as well as her other erectile tissue areas up inside her vagina hard, erect, swollen, engorged (all these words mean the same thing) for her to come really well.

You have to remember too that you’re a light switch and she’s a fire. What you want to do is you stair-step her nervous system so that you’re slowly turning her on. A little stimulation, a tiny little break. A little more stimulation. A tiny little break.

The breaks are called, Peaking. You will actually increase her desire by making her reach for it juuuuust a little bit.

At the same time, you’re moving from the outside in — like the concentric rings of an archery target or a dart board..

When you get to her breasts and you’re playing with her nipples, you’re going to stimulate her nipples a little bit. Maybe you’re going to rub circles around her nipples on the outside, around the areola.

Next you’re just going to brush your fingers over the top of her breasts or under her breasts where the breast attaches to her chest.. Then maybe you’ll do a little rolling of one of the nipples between your thumb and your forefinger.

You’re moving. Your hands are roving. You’re kissing her. You’re running your hands down her body.

Then you’ll stroke her whole breast or both of her breasts or you’ll give them both a little massage-y squeeze. Then you’ll run your hands down her back and grab her ass.

Then you’ll put your thigh up against her mon Venus and the opening to her vaginal area. You’ll press. Maybe you’ll press with your leg or you’ll press with your hand because the vestibular bulbs that are underneath her pubic hair on each side of the opening to her vagina. They get puffed up when you stroke them. You’re getting all her erectile tissue swollen, engorged. You’re giving her a full-body hard on.

Another way to think of this stair-stepping of increasing sensation is the notion of catch and release. You’re kissing her and then letting her go. Then you’re stroking another part of her and then stopping it and then moving to another area and stopping. What you’re doing is you’re essentially taking her up and turning her on and then giving her body a little break.

If you’re constantly driving her toward orgasm you’re actually trying too hard and you’re over-stimulating her nervous system.

Have you ever heard about clitoral fatigue? That’s when you give a woman an orgasm but then her clitoris is so sensitive you can’t keep touching it. She has to have you stop. That is because you’re not toggling her nervous system.

You’re not taking her up, giving her an orgasm, and then giving her down strokes or peaks or breaks.

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