Orgasmic Potential Video Series

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20 Kinds of Male Orgasms

“Twenty kinds of male orgasms! I thought there was only one! I’m just happy with the one that I have. Never mind, I don’t want to know about the 20 male orgasms.” Come on. At least try! Download your FREE Gift HERE! 20 Kinds of Male Orgasms It’s funny how men are happy with their […]

20 Kinds of Female Orgasms

Twenty kinds of female orgasms! Are you kidding me? Learn How To Turn “Having Sex” Into “Making Love. Click HERE!     I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert, and I study and teach passionate lovemaking techniques and orgasm skills. I call myself an orgasmonaut. I like to go to the far reaches of the orgasmic […]

Sexual Biohacking – Ageless Sexuality Solutions: Atrophy, ED, Painful Sex, Hormone Imbalances and More

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy wellness expert to millions. This video is about sexual biohacking and ageless sexuality solutions that restore your genitals and reverse atrophy, ED, painful sex, hormone imbalances, and more. Click this link to save up to 33% on Flow: FREE Gifts: Hormone Balancing Book Pumping Guide Increase your Testosterone Vaginal […]

Hot Monogamy: How To Have a Sexual Renaissance In Mid-Life And Beyond (Myth Busting Senior Sexuality: Reframing Who You Are Now and What Is Possible)

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions. I want to tell you about hot monogamy and solo sex during your mid-life and after because you can have a sexual renaissance. FREE Gifts: 7 Stimulating Sex Positions MID-LIFE SEX There’s a myth that senior sex is somehow not fantastic. It is. I want to reframe […]

Passionate Lovemaking Step-by-Step Directions

How does the idea of a step-by-step lovemaking guide tickle your fancy? In this video, we’re not just talking about the run-of-the-mill romance stuff here, like candlelight dinners or mood music. We’re talking about a new level of intimate connection that will turn your love life from average to absolutely extraordinary. Don’t just jump right […]

The Matriarchal View of Sex 

My name is Susan Bratton. I’m an intimacy expert to millions, and I’ve been teaching people how to transform having sex into making love for 15 years. I got into the business of being a sexpert when my marriage failed because I wasn’t having orgasms from intercourse, and I didn’t want to have sex anymore. […]

I Had 6 Orgasm Shots to My Clitoris!

I had six orgasm shots to my clitoris. Yes, I did! Why would I do that, and what are orgasm shots? Buy Flow: FREE Gifts: Vaginal Rejuvenation Book I’ve dressed up as a naughty nurse to tell you about O-shots or orgasm shots and why I had six. I’ll have more because it gives […]

Restoring Vaginal Wetness

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions. I want to talk to you about restoring vaginal wetness and getting more lubrication. As we age, our lubrication begins to wane. I will tell you how to reverse it and have all the moisture you need. Buy Flow: FREE Gifts: Vaginal Rejuvenation Book Even though […]

“Thrust in Time” Vaginal Orgasm Intercourse Technique for Men With Premature Ejaculation, Stamina Issues (Last Longer In Bed Sex Technique)

I’m Susan Bratton, intimacy expert to millions, and I will give you the best sex technique for the vaginal orgasm I’ve ever created. I can’t take full credit because it’s based on a 2000-year-old Taoist lovemaking practice. I have modernized it for the modern person. It’s called Thrust In Time, and I’ve designed to kill […]

How To Give a Yoni Massage

I want YOU to give/receive an orgasmic Yoni Massage! Now, let’s decode this. “Yoni” is simply a Sanskrit term for female genitals. But a Yoni Massage goes beyond physical touch; it’s an essential lovemaking skill that can boost a woman’s pleasure quotient. In this video, I will walk you through the sensual artistry of a […]