20 Kinds of Male Orgasms

“Twenty kinds of male orgasms! I thought there was only one! I’m just happy with the one that I have. Never mind, I don’t want to know about the 20 male orgasms.” Come on. At least try!

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20 Kinds of Male Orgasms

It’s funny how men are happy with their orgasms when there are 25 more they can have. I’m glad you’re here because at least you are a fellow orgasmonaut, like me. I go to the far reaches of outer orgasmic space and bring back the map to the territory so you can get there too.

I’m Susan Bratton, intimacy expert to millions, and I am excited to share the 20 male orgasms with you. Thank you for being interested in having more pleasure. How did I get to 20?

First, I looked at how many hot spots there are on a male body. Then, I looked at the physical and mental techniques such as stroking skills, taking into account the tools, toys, and objects of desire. These are extensions of our body that deliver even more orgasmic pleasure we can generate ourselves through our fingers, hands, tongues, penises, and vulvas.

There are more than 20 orgasms you can have, so here is a list of those. The first is the one you know: the ejaculatory orgasm. This is when you have an orgasm and ejaculate. It’s the typical orgasm, but more orgasms can be had when you understand how to separate orgasm from ejaculation because they are two entirely separate systems in the body.

You don’t have to ejaculate when you have an orgasm. If you learn how not to ejaculate when you have an orgasm, you can have as many full-body orgasms as you want. Then you can decide to come when you want to, and that’s called ejaculatory choice.

If you’d like to know more, go to freedomaudios.com because Jim Benson, a men’s tantra trainer, and I talk about how you can separate ejaculation from a full-body orgasm.

You can have that gift, and you’re going to be like, “Wait a minute. Tell me more!”


Two is a prostate orgasm. The prostate or p-spot is the g-spot analogous to the female body. Prostate orgasms are perfect because, as an old guy, you end up peeing all night, or you can’t drink enough water and get dehydrated because you’re afraid you have to go to the bathroom all night.

You get rubbish sleep, and you’re super bummed out. Playing with your prostate is very healthy, keeps you in good health, and you have even better orgasms. The p spot orgasm is terrific.


The third is a blended orgasm. Here’s when you’re stimulating the prostate through your finger, a toy, or through your partner’s finger or toy, and you’re stroking your penis at the same time. That’s an incredible orgasm for you.

The female version is the g-spot and the clitoris. Yours is the penis and the prostate. The next is the whole category of anal and ass. The anal orgasm can be incredible. There are tons of wonderful nerve endings around the anus, and the ass itself is a very erogenous zone.

If you allow it, many of these orgasms require you to get over the negative programming and shame that’s been passed down to men needlessly.

When you love every part of your body and celebrate it as potentially orgasmic, you can achieve new orgasmic heights of pleasure.


The next is the perineal orgasm, called the million-dollar point. If you study Mantak Chia, a Taoist sexual expert who talks about being a multi-orgasmic man, you’ll find the perineum.

This is your penis, and here’s your bladder, prostate, and rectum. You can get to your prostate from inside, or you can touch the prostate and its back where it’s the most sensitive by going underneath your testicles near your anus. This strip of land is called the prostate, and the million-dollar point is close to the anus.


You’re pushing straight up at the back of the prostate. The perineal area is ripe for stimulation, and the million-dollar point is pushing straight up in the back like this. Essentially it circumvents ejaculation so that you can do a retrograde ejaculation. Instead of the ejaculate coming out of your penis, it goes back into your bladder.

Many people say they don’t like to do that. Other men swear by it. Each of these is your decision. You can try it and play around and see whether it’s something that serves you. Many men use the million-dollar point to hold back the ejaculation or decrease the urge to ejaculate. Some use it to stimulate the prostate for more pleasure because men are on a bell curve like all of us.

Some guys have a hard time orgasming, and some ejaculate too fast. I don’t know where you are on the bell curve, but you can explore this. That’s what this video is all about, exploring not just your orgasm but your back door.


The next is urethral orgasms. There’s something called urethral sounding, in which a sounding device goes up your penis and into your urethral canal. It can be orgasmic for many men.

The next is your mouth, throat, neck, lips, and tongue. All this is orgasmic. We have erectile tissue even in the tip of your nose. When your nose gets itchy when you’re turned, the erectile tissue, when stimulated, can become orgasmic.

You can have deep-throating and oral-pleasuring of a female body, and just your mouth on those pleasure zones of your lover can give you orgasms.


The next is a nipplegasm. Many men don’t feel anything in their nipples. Other men can’t have an orgasm without nipple stimulation. Again, there goes that bell curve.

You can activate anything I’m talking about on this list of orgasms. The more you activate and stimulate, the more orgasmic pleasure you have. If you don’t have nipple-gasms, now you can have them by exploring the breast and nipple area.

The next category is called expanded orgasm or edging. Many guys know what edging is, and they think about it in terms of taking myself up to the point of no return. I’m going to take myself up to but not over the point of no return. When I get close, I will hold myself and deliver the stimulation that I’m getting to stretch that moment of climax out in time.


The expanded orgasm is similar to edging when your partner can stroke your penis and take you up and to the edge and hold you there, and deliver that sensation for you. It’s an incredible experience, and it goes in the category of lingam massage.

The lingam is the tantric sex word for the penis, just like the yoni is the tantric sex word for the female genitalia.


The next orgasm is the heart-gasm. One of the things I like to tell men is that their penis is often disconnected from their hearts.

Your penis is an appendage like an arm. It does its thing like a piston. It does its pounding, but it’s not connected to your heart. When you want to transform having sex into making love, you want to connect your penis to your heart. You want to feel and give love through your penis.

When you can separate orgasm and ejaculation, you can feel this orgasmic pleasure in your heart. You can pull it up to your body and feel it coming out of your head. This is when you come to the following kind of orgasm, an energy orgasm, where you’re running the orgasm in your body.


Instead of your penis in an ejaculation, you’re having a full-body energy orgasm when you can have full-body energy orgasms. You’re present with your lover. Your lover sees you have these heart and energy orgasms. It’s triggering their orgasm like you’re a tuning fork, and you vibrate.

You’re vibrating with energy orgasms, and your lover is seeing the orgasmic pleasure they’re co-creating in your lover-ship. They resonate and are on that energy wavelength with you. This is tantric and Taoist love-making energy practices, a whole field of extraordinary heart-connected conscious lovemaking you can have.

If you can have one, you can have multiple energy orgasms. You can run orgasmic energy through your body the entire time you’re having sex which is an incredible type of a lover for people to have.


The next is called erotic hypnosis. This uses neuro-linguistic programming to command you verbally to have orgasms. It puts you in a hypnotic state and allows you to have think-offs.

They can be remote orgasms or be done in person. You can have orgasms without even being touched. It’s a learned skill like all these orgasms are. Orgasms are learned skills because you figured out one path to orgasm doesn’t mean you can’t have another 20 ways.

You have to learn them one by one. What’s great is once you know about orgasm, you can try to have it, which is why I’m so glad you’re watching this video.

The next is fantasy. I know that you have fantasies in your mind that get you off. What’s great is that fantasy is the gift that keeps on giving. You can think of more fantasies.


The more you generate fantasies yourself instead of relying on pornography, the better lover you become and the more orgasmically responsive you become. Porn is not dulling down your orgasmic response. You’re taking the initiative to expand your fantasy so you can have more orgasms.

What’s nice is that your whole life, you’re maturing sexually. Your sexual growth is like your personal growth. The more attention you put on it, the better you become.

Expanding fantasy and trying new things is a natural avenue to more orgasmic pleasure. A next fetish is an object of desire that turns you on.

It could be a sexy pair of beautiful feet in high heels, or it could be latex. It could be any number of things that turn you on, but there’s a world of fetish that’s available to expand your orgasmic palette.


Another world that’s blowing up is sex tech, toys, or tools. There are so many for men as for women: rings, prostate tools, and massagers. Outstanding companies build incredible tools and toys that tantalize your body in new ways and generate orgasmic pleasure.

Then there is sensation and impact play. Sensation play could be melting candle wax on your body, using ice and heat or electro stimulation, or the violet wand.

There’s an entire world of sensation and impact play, such as flogging, paddling, and spanking. Of course, the last one is a wild card because there’s always more with sex. There are always new ways to have more orgasmic pleasure.

There might be something you do that I don’t even know. I’d like to know about it, so I can keep going to 40 kinds of orgasms.


I also have another video called 20 kinds of female orgasm. If you’d like to go through that list if you’re with a female partner and you want “Hey, let’s have all the orgasms together,” I have a 15-week orgasm challenge on my website.

You can do it at your own pace. It’s at personallifemedia.com, and I teach you how to have these kinds of orgasms. It’s free.

I want to give you a book I wrote, a tiny downloadable pdf called How To Be Instantly Hotter And Sexier. Included are three sex techniques I think are what make a lover sexy. It’s at instantlyhotter.com, and you can download it as my gift.

I am Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions, and hopefully, your favorite orgasm is not. I’ve got many more videos here, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Please comment below, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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Comment (3)

  1. I actually had an energy orgasm of some sort. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever felt. It was not a full body energy orgasm per se, but it was yellow (abdominal, health) energy in the Chakra system. I was practicing doing tantric breathing to block my negative self-talk during foreplay, focusing on my breath, feeling everything single minute detail of what my husband was doing to me manually and the pleasure and arousal it was giving me. He was moving an anal toy in me and touching my vestibular/clitoral areas and then I saw yellow energy, sizzling above my body in a linear line going from my chest to my pelvis. It sizzled, and I gasped, then it swelled, rose up, split down the median of my body and swooshed outward on either side of my body. When it swooshed, I felt this crazy release of energy, that made me kind of sound like I was having an orgasm because I felt it in my bones. I felt good, peaceful, I had a strong sense of well-being and I just felt happy. My husband was confused and we both were kind of like “WTF??” But here’s the crazy part: I felt it into the next day in the afternoon. I have ADHD impulsivity and inattentiveness moderate to severely and my brain NEVER slows, shuts down or is at peace. I felt like the world was a beautiful, joyful, all-is-right kind of place I wondered if this is what it feels like to be other people with a calm brain? But I am not religious, or spiritual or of any other belief system so this really rocked my world. it encouraged me to do more awareness and breathing exercises and try to tap into my energy and move it around my body.

    1. Hi DeeKay,

      You can read up on Kundalini Awakening. This is a Tantric sex experience similar to what you described. It’s actually reasonably common in people who experience a sexual awakening. I’m so glad you have experienced this!

      This Sexual Breathing/Sounding/Squeezing technique may help you get into those states of pleasure more easily as well.


      I think you are now ready to enjoy the bliss of releasing your Divine Nectar — female ejaculation.

      Check out our program called Female Liquid Orgasm. http://femaleliquidorgasm.com

      I recommend you use this beneath you when practicing. http://trustyclick.com/fascinator

      You’re Ready,