Restoring Vaginal Wetness

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions. I want to talk to you about restoring vaginal wetness and getting more lubrication. As we age, our lubrication begins to wane. I will tell you how to reverse it and have all the moisture you need.

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Even though vaginal wetness doesn’t correlate to how turned on you are, being wet turns you on. When you have a nice, wet, ripe, luscious yoni, you feel sexier.

When you’re making love, and you’re dry, or it hurts, and you can’t get the fluids running, you feel there’s something wrong.

I want you to be as wet at 60 as you were at 20, and you can be with the information I’m about to give you.


The first thing I want you to know is that we atrophy as we age. You notice it as our skin begins to wrinkle and we get smaller and shrink. Our vulva begins to shrink as well.

The second thing to know is that your blood plasma lubricates your vagina. No gland in your vagina sends it moisture. The blood flows down from your body into your pelvis. The blood plasma seeps through many layers of the vaginal mucosa, the skin in your vagina, and wets the tissue.

There are a couple of things. Medication can diminish your lubrication. Nervousness, a lack of desire for your partner, can make you not have as much lubrication. Not enough arousal, full-body touch, nipple stimulation can also diminish lubrication. Nipple stimulation begins orgasmic contractions. A lack of relaxation doesn’t allow your fluids to flow.

Being relaxed allows your mouth to water and vagina to lubricate. It’s a flow system. Like when you nurse a child, you sit in the chair and relax, your breast milk begins to flow. If you’re uptight or worried, it won’t flow well. Relaxation helps with flow.


Another thing that hurts vaginal lubrication is birth control pills or hormonal medications like an IUD with birth control in it. So watch out for that.

The loss of estrogen thins the vaginal tissue, but it’s not connected directly to the actual lubrication. It’s more about blood flow and your nitric oxide stores. Just like your hormones decline, your nitric oxide declines as well. By the time you’re 50, you have half the nitric oxide production you had when you were 20. So you need to top-up your nitric oxide stores. Nitric Oxide is a gaseous signaling molecule that shunts your blood from various parts to where it’s needed. You have X amount of blood, but it is required everywhere in your body.

It is needed in the brain for you to think, tummy to digest your food, genitals for blood flow, your quads, and abs for working out. Your body sends the blood flow out, but it can’t squeeze and work the tone of the vascular system to get it into your pelvis if it has low nitric oxide.


Restoring your NO2 works well, and my recommendation is to take a NO2 booster. The booster that I make is called FLOW. I have a table below me with several devices to help with lubrication. The first one I want to talk about from my company, The20, is a nitric oxide supplement called FLOW. It’s from organic fruits and vegetables. It’s made with citrulline from fermented organic watermelon rinds. Your body converts citrulline into nitric oxide.

You can also up your nitric oxide stores by eating suitable vegetables. Beets are good, leafy greens, dill, cabbage. Your body converts these into NO2. However, don’t use an antibacterial mouthwash, proton pump inhibitor, or an acid blocker. Cricks in your tongue hold certain beneficial bacteria. When you’re chewing vegetables, these bacteria convert nitrates into nitrites.


When swallowing, you need strong stomach acids to turn nitrites into nitric oxide. If you have issues with the system, you won’t make nitric oxide that way. Also, keep your mouth closed when you sleep at night, so you breathe through your nose. The turbulence in your sinuses increases your NO2 stores.

Take two FLOW capsules, eat your vegetables, get rid of antibacterial mouthwash, and keep your stomach acids high. All this will top your nitric oxide, which means you can get good blood flow to your pelvis and lubricate your vagina. That’s the downstream system of vaginal lubrication.

I also encourage you to use an excellent organic oil as a sexual lubricant. Use it liberally. You want to moisturize all your skin all the time. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it’s essential to keep it moisturized. Never put anything in your vagina that you wouldn’t drink or eat.  I like to use organic avocado, sweet almond, or jojoba oil, depending on the viscosity of the oil you want. Get an excellent organic oil because an unrefined organic oil like avocado will be green. Thus, your lingerie and sheets will turn green. Give yourself plenty of time to let the blood flow into your genitals and get engorged.


The next thing is the VFit. I used to tell women to get radio frequency or CO2 laser treatments to rework the vaginal mucosal layer and damage it to rebuild itself. This is the process of hormesis, which is when you damage something, it gets stronger as it repairs itself. The problem is that it hurts.

Unless you’re super bad off, everything is dry, everything hurts, and if nothing else works, you’re free to try the FemiLift and Vaveve treatments. Before you try that, there is an at-home vaginal restoration device from VFit. There is a link below this video to this device. IT’s an FDA Class 2 device that uses three modalities to restore the vaginal mucosal layer. The first is red light therapy photobiomodulation, or low-level laser light therapy. IT stimulates mitochondrial energy and new cellular growth to thicken the tissue up.

The second thing is that it vibrates, which is kegel toning to give your musculature more strength because you get flaccid and atrophy as you age.

The third factor is warmth. This device is warm and feels fantastic. It’s not a sex toy, but it feels great. It has a friendly app that shows you the treatments. You can use it every other day for 10 minutes. The warmth re-collagenases the vaginal mucosal lining of your vagina.


The combination of VFit with FLOW, the nitric oxide supplement, using organic oil as a lubricant is a helpful trio of things that can reverse painful sex. You can also put DHEA and plant-based estrogen creams in your vagina, which are available on Amazon. Try getting a bioidentical estrogen compound in (?) butter from a compounding pharmacy. You can use it intra-vaginally to keep the vaginal mucosa layer nice if you are willing to use bio-identical hormones.

You can also use oxytocin as a gel if you don’t want to use estrogen. It is an alternative that will plump that tissue up. You have to be careful not to use much.

You’ll need a doctor’s prescription for it. Finally, there’s a yoni massage. The yoni is another word for the female genital system. I have a video on yoni massage, and it’s essential to watch and teach your partner to give you a yoni massage. You need a lot of blood flow to your vulva for your vagina to become lubricated. A relaxing yoni massage lets your spit and vaginal lubrication flow. It brings blood into your yoni, plumps and engorges your tissue, and helps you get lubricated.

The final aspect is self-pleasure. The more You give your yoni, vulva, and vagina pleasure, the more you have blood flow and orgasms and release your healthy feel-good neurotransmitters and oxytocin. All this helps you lubricate your vagina.


The self-pleasuring tools I like are the ones that have a vaginal piece and a pad for external clitoral pleasure. This one is the pulsator from Fun Factory. They have different pulsators. The is another pulsator that works on the g-spot. This one is a deep, cervical pleasuring spot. I like that it has a pad that vibrates your clitoris as the thruster. You can use this hands-free. It goes in and out of your vagina and has different settings. It will stimulate the vaginal mucosa tissue to lubricate, get engorged, and bring blood flow.

If you’re only vibrating the external parts, you need to stimulate your internal vaginal parts too. There are smaller versions that aren’t pulsators. One is Lady Bi, and the other is Miss Bi. It’s a bit smaller. Depending on the size of your vaginal canal, you might want the small, medium, or large. Today, I picked the large one because it’s easier to see on video.

I have a link to Fun Factory and a particular discount page. There are a few excellent products like the VFit, the pulsators, and the beautiful FLOW supplement. These three will help you get and stay lubricated and have better sex, enjoy more pleasure and help you achieve your orgasmic potential. I’mI’ml about you having more joy, intimacy, and fun.

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions. Don’t forget to watch how to give or get a yoni massage because this is the Rosetta stone for your orgasmic pleasure and lubrication. If you want to know more about vaginal restoration, I have put all my videos and articles into a simple downloadable PDF at Grab that because it goes more into everything I’ve spoken about here.

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