20 Kinds of Female Orgasms

Twenty kinds of female orgasms! Are you kidding me?

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I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert, and I study and teach passionate lovemaking techniques and orgasm skills. I call myself an orgasmonaut. I like to go to the far reaches of the orgasmic outer space and bring back the territory map for you.

In this video, I will go through the 20 orgasms you can have. If you’d like to have them and are unsure, I have a 15-week orgasm challenge for you and a partner. However, solo is fine too. I’ve got soul through all 20 orgasms. Are there 20 orgasms? Yes, because of the hot spots on the body: nipple, clitoral, penis, and prostate orgasms.

There are physical and mental techniques such as erotic hypnosis, expanded orgasm, and female ejaculation. When you add in the tools, toys, and objects, whether fetishes or sex toys that are extensions of our bodies, you can quickly get to 20 and beyond. So let’s roll. 

#1 Clitoral 

#2 G-spot

#3 Blended Orgasms 

This is one of my favorites, blending the clitoral with the g-spot. 

#4 Vaginal

It is also called cervical, intercourse, penetration orgasms, or P orgasms. However, you don’t need the P, as in penis-in-vagina. You can use a sex toy. Inside the cavity, all kinds of hot spots generate orgasms.

As a little aside, this is my public service announcement. All these orgasms are learned skills. When you think to yourself, “I’m not the girl who can have orgasms from intercourse,” trust me, you can. It would help if you learned how to do it.

Now, your clitoris isn’t far away from your vaginal opening to have an orgasm. None of your excuses are valid. You can have orgasms from intercourse even without touching the tip of your clitoris because three different erectile tissue systems surround your vagina. They are full of blood and expand with pleasure for orgasms from penetration.

#5 Butt 

Let’s categorize this as perineal, anal, and ass. Butt orgasms are a thing. It doesn’t have to go inside, and you can have incredible orgasms from your behind.

#6 Urethral

You have a urethral sponge, a part of the g-spot structure. There are also orgasms that people have from urethral sounding. Female ejaculation is separate from g-spot orgasms.

#7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Lips, Tongue, Mouth, Throat, and Neck 

Believe it or not, we have erectile tissue in our throats, lips, and even the tip of our nose that all help us become massively multi-orgasmic. You can have orgasms from giving oral sex as a woman to a penis owner. The whole breast, nipple, chest, sternum, clavicle area is incredibly orgasmic.

#12 Triskelion

The triskelion is a beautiful three-spiral Celtic image. It represents the interplay between breast and nipple stimulation with the mouth, kissing, and the vulva. They together make for an incredible orgasmic experience. They are synergistic and create an even better orgasm. The lips, tongue, mouth, throat, neck, breast, and nipple work with the female genitalia to give you incredible orgasms.

You can have orgasms strictly from the lightest touch of a bit of nipple. Here’s another one. Foot orgasms. Yes, ladies, you can have orgasms from your feet being stroked, especially when you stroke them like a man rubbing his penis—incredible pleasure.

#13 Belly Orgasms

There is a muscle that runs down your tummy called the rectus abdominis. When you get that erect and send energy and squeeze that muscle, it gives you orgasms.

#14 Energy Orgasms

These are full-body orgasms, the orgasms that shoot out of your body. They blow the top of your brain off. They squeeze out of your fingertips. Your ears get hot, and you run that energy up the entire orgasmic channel.

#15 Expanded Orgasms 

You take the moment of orgasm from the top of the hill of the climax and pull time like taffy. You are a big-wave orgasm rider. You’re on the orgasm and staying in that moment of climax. I’ve come for over an hour in an expanded orgasm practice.

#16 Erotic Hypnosis

Yes, you can do a think-off. Command yourself to come. It can be a remote orgasm. There’s orgasm control, another part of the kink in the BDSM world different from erotic hypnosis.

#17 Fantasy 

There’s the wild and wonderful world of fantasy. What turns you on? What’s in your mind? That will give you the most incredible orgasms of your life. How about fetish? Are they sexy shoes? Where does your mind go when you think about fetish latex?

#18 Sex Toys 

This is a massively burgeoning world of sex technology with incredible warmth, vibration, air-flow, buzzing, sucking, humming, trapping, tipping, topping, and everything. Sex toys are a massive category of orgasmic pleasure available to you. 

#19 Sensation and Impact Play

Everything from dripping hot wax on your body that won’t burn your skin to the violet wand and other electro-stimulation to flogging and spanking and all of the world of impact play.

#20 The Wild Card

You have something on your mind that gives you orgasms which I can’t guess. Don’t make your lover think either because you deserve these orgasms and more.

I have a gift for you at arousalsecrets.com. If you want more orgasmic intensity, feel more arousal, increase your desire to bolster your libido, I have incredible techniques for you at arousalsecrets.com. Again if you’d like to follow me on my 15-week orgasm challenge, where I take you through how to have every one of the orgasms, you can go to personallifemedia.com.

Search for any word you want in the search box, or look up the orgasm challenge. Follow along at your leisure. 

I’m Susan Bratton, your favorite orgasmonaut and intimacy expert to millions. Don’t miss my 20 kinds of mail orgasms video, and don’t forget arousalsecrets.com for your gift, which gives you even more information on having the most incredibly intense and beautiful orgasms.

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