Who Thinks You’re Past Your Sexual Prime?

Too old for sex? Think again! Who Thinks You’re Past Your Sexual Prime? Featuring Susan Bratton and Jonathan Bailor.

Do you know someone who feels they are past their prime sexually?

There is a richness to having a sex life worth fighting for.

In today’s video, I’m with Jonathan Bailor, the founder of Wellness Engineering and the world’s fastest-growing metabolic healing and diabesity treatment company, SANESolution…

And we’re talking about what regular people like you and I can do to continue having youthful and energetic sexual energy and vitality no matter what our age.

This is especially good if your partner thinks they are “too old” to continue being sexual. Or if you’d had some physical or emotional issues

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Susan Bratton & Jonathan Bailor

Susan Bratton talks to Jonathan Bailor about her calling as a sexuality expert and keeping the flame of passion alive.

[Jonathan] You just got me laughing by saying that your passion is passion. What is that?

[Susan] I teach passionate lovemaking techniques, bedroom communication skills, and sexual health and wellness treatments, and natural medicine protocols, procedures, and ideas. For members of our audience who think they’re past their sexual phase or just too cool, I experienced that. What would you recommend to get better in the bedroom? Is your audience dead? Are they 90? 

I think we are born sexual, and we die sexual, and the only thing that happens is that something temps that down in us. I have lots of fans in their 90’s, and I adore them because they email me and tell me about their hot sex. Your sexuality is partly your health, somewhat a state of mind, and partially your relationship with your partner or yourself.

So, it’s really whether you stand for your sexuality and whether it’s important to you. No matter what happens, you can overcome, workaround, or solve any issue holding you back from having great sex.


My title is the “Trusted, Hot Sex Advisor to Millions.” I made it up, I live in it, and I love it. I’m the Dear Abby of sex. People write to me with their deepest fears and most significant problems about sexuality, and there’s never one that I can’t solve. There’s always a solution to what ails you. There’s almost always a solution to keep the flame of your desire and sexuality, not only flaming, but turned into a fire that can grow with care. It’s like when you build a campfire, and you have to kindle and blow on it. Then you add a little wood and later bigger logs. Your sex life is the same. You tend to it, and it gets better until it’s a roaring fire. 

Fifty, 60 and 70-year-olds are in their sexual prime. Everybody thinks it’s the 20-year-olds, but it’s not. Sometimes, common sense and basic things are essential.


Why is it important to stand for your sexuality and fully express yourself? Number one, it’s healthy. Sex is a circulatory event, and blood flow, keeping our heart pumping, and moving our bodies is super important. Sex is a great exercise, but it’s also about a connection to another person. You’re born into your body, and it’s up to you to create the life you want. You get married and have a relationship because you don’t want to be lonely. When you’re not close, when you don’t get touch and love, life is not as good. Many people want to have that, but they end up having a hysterectomy, menopause, vaginal issues, and erectile dysfunction.

The laundry list of things that can happen to you physically at a sexual level is long, and people underestimate how much those problems impact you in your sexual prime. You need to find the solutions to them or modify your intimacy to say, “You got bad knees, so you’re going to use pillows to prop yourself up.” You need to keep going. 

That’s what gets you connected to yourself and others, and as you age, you get to have deep, heart-connected sex. It’s less about friction and more about connection. When you connect with another person, loneliness subsides. The feeling of being inside a little package goes away, and you become one with another person. 


Many people have a spiritual connection during lovemaking, where they connect with each other and a source, God, or a spirit. They can get to a point where they connect with all living beings. That’s Tantra. It’s about finding the divine connection and your lovemaking. There’s a richness to having a sexual life that’s worth fighting for. There’s so much potential, opportunity, and vulnerability.

[Jonathan] How can struggling people get over that hump to enjoy this transcendental experience?

[Susan] Mush of that answer lies in what we’re doing now. We’re sharing what’s up for us and our fears. Many times, people don’t want to talk about their sexuality because they don’t have the words. They’re not quite sure how they feel. They are ashamed or embarrassed. 

A husband and wife or partners who don’t talk about sex are worried, “I wish we could have more. Why is he or she always bothering me for sex?” 

Testosterone and estrogen are funny. God loves those hormones. They’re supposed to go together, but they also drive each other crazy because, with testosterone, you’re always like “Grrrrr,” where estrogen is like “Lalalala.” 

You’re married. Do you know how women are very cyclical? For many people, it’s merely about talking and learning skills, which is why I became a sexpert. 


After a decade of marriage, my husband and I had grown so far apart intimately, and we said, “What are we going to do? I could replace you, but I could never do better than you. Let’s fight for our marriage.” We said, “Let’s learn some skills.” So, we went to Tantra classes and learned how to make love. We went from having sex to making love. That rekindled our relationship so much that we have never been better. I’m pushing 60, I’m in my sexual prime, and my sex life is the best it’s ever been. 

I’ve had to do some repair work on the way. There are lovely, regenerative sexual treatments for women and men available. You don’t have to worry about anything. Even if things start to go a little soft in the future, you’ll be okay. 

It’s about the willingness to say what you’re afraid of, what it used to be, and what it could be. What’s causing you pain, and what kind of pleasure possibilities do you have? Saying, “Hey, this is not working for me. Can we get it fixed? Can we remediate the problem? Where can we work around the problem?” 

I remember I met an old guy who was in great shape, and I said, “How do you stay so young?” He says, “I just keep going. I keep taking care of myself and never worry about getting older because I’m always going to be the best I can be.” That attitude around your sexuality, like ‘standing for connection,’ is so important.


[Jonathan] I love the phrase ‘Standing for your connections and intimacy.’ Where can we learn? How can we stand for our sexuality? 

[Susan] I’m all over the place. You could follow me on Instagram @susanbratton. But my best work is my videos where I dress up in crazy costumes like the naughty nurse to teach you about hormones and things like that on BetterLover.com. I’ve got hundreds of videos that answer questions about sexuality.

[Jonathan] Thank you so much for putting all this out into the universe. It’s a service to humankind. I appreciate it.

[Susan] Thank you, Jonathan. 

[Jonathan] I don’t know about you, but I’m in my sexual prime and ready to stand for my sexuality. So, thank you again for joining us. It’s another beautiful opportunity to see how we can continuously live better, and that’s so inspirational. Thank you again. Stay safe.

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  1. Am a diabetic, almost sixty, just can think about sex only, spent a lot on pills, now they don’t work, want can I do, can you help me cause I have not given up