When To Have The Safe Sex Talk

It’s all about how to TURN ON YOUR LOVER’S DEEPEST SEXUAL FANTASIES. Read on to learn when to have the safe sex talk. Click HERE to watch your free FANTASY SEX video tonight WHEN TO HAVE THE SAFE SEX TALK So, When should you have the Safe Sex Talk? Instead of feeling like you’ve gone […]

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life

I’m Susan Bratton, hot sex adviser to millions, and here’s a primer on how to spice up your sex life. Pumping works when you follow this plan. Click here. HOW TO SPICE UP YOUR SEX LIFE I’m Susan Bratton, hot sex adviser to millions, who gets the lucky task of being the Dear Abby of […]

3 Kinds Of Sexual Energy – Future of Sex 3 of 10

Get some natural fantasy sex ideas that will bring sexual energy into your role play, The Top 10 Fantasy Sex Techniques. Welcome to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this short video series, you’ll learn even more about sexual energy as we build on the […]