How To Write Your Online Dating Profile

The next step is to get an online dating profile so that you’d get some responses. Learn how to write your online dating profile…

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[SUSAN] The next step is to get an online dating profile so that you’d get some responses. Think about two things: 

#1 You want to write what you’re looking for more than you want to write about who you are. 

Who you are is good, but you’re calling in the one. You’re saying, “I’m a 68-year-old woman, my children are grown, I’ve got some grandchildren locally, I like to go to the Senior Center and do pottery crafting, I walk every day with my German Shorthaired Pointer, and I love to gamble in Vegas two times a year.”

You’re looking for a great guy with a good sense of humor who’s well-groomed and loves to laugh and excellent companionship for these golden years of my life. 

You need to know other things about writing your profile, and those are deal-breakers for you. For example, once you’ve done your relationship values and understand your top four relationship needs, you can put that in your profile. 

You can say, “I’m looking for someone who can be my partner for the future. Dating around does not interest me. I am a Christian, and my faith is essential to me. Church for me is every week and would love for you to attend with me. I love to cook.” 

That’s a good one for guys. They love to get fed. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s so true. Please do not contact me if you smoke. I am smoke-free and live a very healthy lifestyle. Something like that. Whatever your deal-breakers are: if they love God, you’re an atheist, you smoke or don’t, or you’re friendly. 

Many seniors have to put down who they are because you’re trying to find your kind of person.

Put it all right out there because you won’t waste a lot of time replying to people who aren’t a match. You’re using your profile to prequalify people before they even reach out to you. By the time people reach out to you and you start talking to them, you get a better fit and perspective. So you’re less frustrated by the process.

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