Online Dating: When Should You Meet In Person

The next step is deciding whether you want to have a phone call or a meet-and-greet. Some people are not big phone talkers, and it’s perfectly fine if you’re not a person to meet someone for a cup of coffee, but go on a first date. Decide when should you meet in person…

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[Susan] You want to do a short “Hey, let’s meet for 20 minutes for a cup of coffee,” and you have an opportunity to assess the person. It’s a simple thing that opens the door to the possibility for more. Decide when should you meet in person. A phone is good, but at this point, if there is someone you’re interested in, go out and meet them for coffee or tea.

Preface it by saying, Look, this is just a 20-minute date,” because you can always have another date if there’s chemistry. Permit yourself to choose chemistry. I don’t want you to think that the kind of person I date should have this or be like this, or my family or friends would expect this.

I want you to pick because you are excited by that person. Even if you never expected to go for a tattooed biker guy, if he’s the guy you like, then go for it. Follow your heart and your body. Let your body’s intuition be a big part of what guides you in choosing who you desire because there’s so much sensual pleasure to be had in your later years.

When men slow down, they become better lovers, and as women age, we get better in bed. So this is the time when you should pick for that lusty soul that still lives inside you if you’re in good enough shape to enjoy that.


Remember that it doesn’t have to be about making love. You can have a relationship that’s full of hugs, cuddles, massages, and physical closeness. That’s what we all yearn for, and so when you’re thinking about who you are interested in, choose someone who you would enjoy being held by, or you would enjoy touching and holding hands with. Don’t leave that piece behind. Honor that piece of you because that burns in all of us until the day we die, and by shutting it down, you’re missing one of the most beautiful aspects of a relationship.

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