How To Turn Her On

Susan Bratton teaches you sensual and sexual touch and how to turn her on.

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I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex adviser to millions. I love to help people learn how to have passionate lovemaking. I teach people bedroom communication skills, and the third leg of that stool is all-important in that sexual health because without your sexual health it’s hard to have sex.

Number two is to learn how to awaken her body sensually, not sexually. There are four kinds of touch: nurturing, healing, sensual, and sexual. Because you’re testosterone- and goal-oriented. You want to drive it to home plate and go for sexual touch. However, women and men equally have a large arousal phase. Even though men think they can be instantly aroused, they can do better with better stamina, better erectile function, and take their time getting aroused.

Women and men have a large arousal phase. Even though men think they are instantly aroused, they would do better with more stamina and erectile function. Take time to arouse yourself and all your tissue. When you undergo a GAINSwave protocol, you’re not doing the shaft, instead, you’re doing his buried penis. 

You’re getting all the tissue and the 50% of his penis inside his body. If you don’t arouse that tissue yourself, you’ll have less pleasure. When arousing a woman, start with a sensual and healing touch. 


If her feet hurt, she’s won’t want sex. If she has a crick in her neck, you might have to rub her neck first. You’re taking care of her healing and sensuality. Use sensual and soft touches. Stroke her hair, kiss her eyelids, cheeks, and the side of her neck, Brush her arms, legs, inner thighs, and the outsides of her breasts, sternum, and collarbone. Never go right for the nipples and genitals, because that’s quick sexual touch. 

Slow down and turn her body on even when you’re out and about. When you’re riding in the car, stroke her thigh. When you go through the kitchen and she’s busy, come up behind her if she likes that. Some women don’t like to be approached from behind. Learn how to turn her on.

Hold her, squeeze her, kiss the side of her face, release her, and walk away. You didn’t touch her to get sex. She has to trust that you won’t always try to get sex from her so that she can relax and like you touching her again. 

I just wanted to let you know I have a lot more resources about this topic in the links associated with this video.

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