Soulmate Embrace: How To Hold A Woman By Susan Bratton

This is how I’ve dreamed of being held by a man says every woman ever. You’re about to discover a powerful technique that melts lovers together.

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Hi, I’m Susan Bratton. This touch technique transports you both to a warm loving place even if you feel disconnected. The Soulmate Embrace can enhance any relationship whether you’ve just met or you’ve been married for decades. It can even revive a passionless marriage. Ever notice that stress and pleasure don’t mix very well. You’ve probably had the experience of sitting down to a beautiful meal that you couldn’t really enjoy because you were distracted, stressed out or upset. It’s the same with true intimacy. At a physical level, the primary cause of stress is frazzled nerves, and the best way to rejuvenate tired nerves is to rest in someone’s arms. If the two of you are somewhere on the gender spectrum that’s non-binary, decide who’s doing the holding and who’s getting held and take turns. The masculine-feminine dynamic of protector and protected is nourishing for all of us, man and woman. I just mean the masculine or feminine because a man needs to calm a woman’s nerves before initiating sensual touch. This Soulmate Embrace technique is the best way I know of to do exactly that. It allows you to dip into the sensual animal of your body and melt your cares away.

I get a lot of emails from people all over the world who’ve told me they have had profound shifts in their relationship as a direct result of weaving this technique into their intimate play.

Kathy from Stanford said “When my man started holding me this way, it completely changed our relationship. We’re closer now than ever before and I enjoy making love again.” That’s how profound this can be. Rob from Palo Alto said, “Why didn’t I think of this? It’s obvious this is a total game changer that takes the guesswork out of foreplay.”

When a man and a woman learn to hold and be held in this exquisitely loving intimate way, the rewards are immediate.

Here’s just a list of few of the benefits of a Soulmate Embrace and I’m giving this to you. Remember this is a deeper emotional connection, more interesting sensual pleasure, more passionate loving connection, stronger, longer and deeper pleasure together, a sense of safety behind closed doors which leads to more intimate adventurousness, profound openness and heart sharing, and a stronger feeling of belonging to each other, and a greater confidence in your love for each other. That’s just the short list of what the Soulmate Embrace can do for you.

What I love most about the Soulmate Embrace is how it cultivates polarity. Polarity is that delicious passion that’s causes that arc of magnetic attraction between opposites in a Soulmate Embrace. Both the masculine and the feminine get what they need. For the man or the partner holding the masculine pole, the intent is to slow down and allow the feminine partner to fully surrender a woman needs, to let go physically before she can open up emotionally, and she needs to open up emotionally before she can connect intimately. That simple cascade of letting go on multiple levels over a longer time compared to the typical catch-and-release hug is what makes the Soulmate Embrace technique so powerful.

John wrote to me and said, “I feel like more of a man since you taught me how to hold my woman.” I wasn’t really surprised the Soulmate Embrace magically triggers the masculine-feminine polarity guys like John desire but don’t seem to get in the stress of everyday life.” This is how I’ve dreamed of being held by a man…”.Visit here.

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