How To Make Love To A Man vs A Woman

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Now, here’s How To Make Love To A Man

Put on lingerie. Tell him you crave him.
Throw him down on any surface.
Immediately touch his genitals and wet kiss him.
Tell him why you desire him. (Be specific, especially when you worship his tool.)
Let him feel your body and look at you naked.
Have as many loud, satisfying orgasms as possible by telling him exactly what he can do to get you off. (He can’t read your mind.)
Give him a long, delicious climax.
Make him a sandwich.
Tell him how much you respect him. (Be specific.)
Have sex with him again the next day.

How To Make Love To A Woman

Meet her top relationship values such as keeping her safe, giving her freedom, letting her feel whatever is important for her to feel. (She can tell you if you ask.)
Tell her why you love her.

Take out the trash or fix something broken and let her know you handled it.
Give her a kiss on her forehead or cheek and hug her.
Offer to give her a sensual massage, no strings attached.
Warm up the oil, light the room softly, get a pitcher of water and towels.
Lock the door.
Take off her clothes.
Lie her down.
Hold her and look in her eyes.
Breathe together.
Turn on the sexiest music possible.
Once she’s relaxed, start with a warmed oil foot rub.
Ask her how her day was. Let her talk.
Start rubbing her back, her belly, her thighs.
Slowly start massaging all around her vulva but do not touch it.
Give her little pecks on the lips but don’t stick your tongue in her mouth yet.
Show her your erect penis. Tell her it’s for her.
Give her a breast massage. Don’t immediately grab her nipples. Go slowly.
Massage her mons, her outer labia and her sweet butt cheeks.
Alternate between her breasts and vulva, add in stroking her clitoral area.
Begin kissing her lips, lightly probing inside her mouth with your tongue and then kissing her neck.
Kiss her nipples. Ask her if you can suck and lick them.
Ask her how she’d like you to rub her genitals next. Do that using warm organic coconut, sweet almond or my favorite, avocado oil.
Put your penis in her hand. Let her hold it.
Start telling her other things you two might want to do together. Give her 3-5 options from less to more sexual.
Let her choose what she wants.
Do that.
Make her more offers.
Let her choose what she wants.
Do that.
Make her more offers.
Your ability to think up fun sexy positions and ideas will allow her to ramp her arousal and feel safe and desired.
Once you’ve both had as many orgasms as possible, hold her again at the end and tell her three reasons why you love her.
Thank her.
Get up and have a sandwich.

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  1. So after following a script that appears to require repeated references several pages of notes and must take hours, a man is expected to still be able to maintain that erection for a half hour or so without risking priapismic damage to himself? If women think it’s OK to expect men to be engage in such elaborate and lengthy foreplay in order to be a good lover to a woman, it’s no wonder so many men are switching sexual preferences lately. I would note that what she says a woman should do v. what a man should do to be respectively be good lovers to one another are pretty mutually exclusive.

    1. Bob,
      You are not required to maintain an erection during an entire lovemaking experience. You are welcome to get hard, go soft, get hard again as much as you want. This is an available function of your male appendage. If you are having issues maintaining an erection, consider GAINSWave treatments and a penis pump. You can learn more about that here.

  2. I think this is spot on! Guys don’t understand that us women are much different than them and need a lot of foreplay to reach orgasmic heights. I can orgasm once pretty much anytime even without all these steps but if my guy wants me to orgasm over and over, a lot of these steps are really necessary. This is one of your best videos and I’ve watched a lot of them. (Trying to be the best lover around. Lol)

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