How Men Vs Women Like To Have Sex

I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex adviser to millions. In this short video, the difference between man and woman sexually will become crystal clear.

Get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 bestseller, Sexual Soulmates, is my gift to you. Your lover will be OVER THE MOON when you use this two-word phrase that IGNITES HOT, PASSIONATE LOVEMAKING.


Men and women are different animals. Why? Because we have a different, dominant sex hormone that drives us to behave in different ways. Men are driven by testosterone and women by estrogen, which means what women are after is very different from what’s on a man’s mind and loins. 

Here’s why guys do what they do behind closed doors. When a guy grabs a woman’s crotch as foreplay, and she gets mad, it’s not his fault. It’s what he’d want her to do to him. If a guy sticks his pointy tongue in her mouth and she recoils, it’s not his fault. It’s what he wants her to do to him. 

Men instinctively give women an injection of testosterone through their saliva and semen, which provides them with better orgasms. Men are drawn to do these things. It’s one of nature’s many ways to ensure our lineage. 

Here’s a big one. Men like immediate genital touching, whereas women like their whole bodies touched, starting from the extremities and slowly moving toward their genitals. 

Holding and cuddling a woman allows her to relax and connect so her arousal can climb. Much of a woman’s turn-on is in her brain, so greater emotional connection increases her orgasmic satisfaction. 


In another video called the Bullseye Touch Technique, I give you more specifics on touching a woman how she needs to get fully turned on.

Men are the opposite. The sooner his penis gets rubbed, the more relaxed he’ll be because he’s getting what he desires. 

Give his genitals some attention, and a guy immediately feels grounded so he can let go of stress and be in his body and present with you. Testosterone also drives men to give their sexual partners incredible pleasure. He’s happy when you are happy because guys are biologically programmed to compete for the chance to have sex with a woman. 

They know they need to satisfy her to get invited back for more sex. Men need to hear a woman’s moans and words of appreciation. It makes them better lovers. They become even better lovers when they’re open to receiving her guidance about how she likes to be touched on any given day. 

If you’re a woman, this is important. The best way to make a man a better lover is to admire and appreciate him for everything he does. It makes you feel good during a lovemaking session matter-oriented toward giving incredible pleasure. It’s their biological mandate. That’s the beauty of testosterone. 


But here’s the rub. Women need to be emotionally ready to achieve an orgasm if she’s feeling safe. If the sex is rushed, if he isn’t meeting her other needs, if she’s mad at him, she won’t be emotionally ready and achieve her orgasmic potential. 

If her man takes the initiative to work out issues that might hold her back, her desire for him will increase because he’s tuned in to her needs. He doesn’t expect her to want sex because he knows the importance of first taking care of the relationship, which is a total turn-on for women. 

Verbal appreciation with words and moans makes for great sex for a guy. Any way you can show them how good he’s making you feel or what to do to make you feel more pleasure will make the sex better for him. It’s a win-win. Men aren’t selfish lovers unless they’re simply ignorant, so help educate him instead of getting mad. 

If you’re mad at him, an unmet desire is causing that emotion to come up. We, women, get wet when we’re horny. When our man isn’t giving us the attention and the orgasms we crave. Men can turn emotionally cold and aloof when they’re starved for sex because the frequency is important to men. That’s testosterone. 


Multiple studies have proven that three times a week is the optimal frequency for both partners, according to the excellent book called Sexy Brain. I’ve got a link for that book. Women are estrogen-dominant, and estrogen is a cyclical hormone. 

Each time a woman makes love, she’s in a different sexual mood. Sometimes she’s a tiger, and sometimes she’s a kitty. Giving him clues on how to pleasure her at the moment is just as vital as letting him know he’s doing an excellent job. 

I call these super-important bedroom communication skills the Sexual Soulmate pact. I’d go so far as to say this is the most crucial bit of sex advice you’ll ever hear, so I want you to have the skill. Because of that, I’m giving it away to you for free. 


The link to download it is below this video. This Sexual Soulmate Pact considers his need to get feedback about the changeable nature of your womanly sexual appetites. A bedroom agreement makes sex much hotter immediately because the two of you can understand each other’s needs between the sheets. 

His testosterone keeps him steady and focused. He’s a rock and her stability, whereas she is his excitement and femininity. According to Dr. Dave Lyndsey Burks, hormone scholar and author of this excellent book Sexy Brain, women have deeper orgasms with a partner she perceives as considerate, dominant, and manly. 

Testosterone makes her feel safe, which is vital for her to surrender to her pleasure so she can let go and have orgasms. Women also prefer men who smell good by being clean and groomed. That’s a woman’s number-one desire for men – clean and groomed. 


Natural pheromones signal that he is a genetically viable mate. Birth control pills that are synthetic hormones tamp down a woman’s libido and alter her pheromone receptors, potentially skewing the choice of mates she makes. 

Watch my video called why penis-in-vagina intercourse is the healthiest sex. To learn more about the benefits of unmedicated IUD as the most beneficial form of birth control, check the show notes below. 

Estrogen also makes women crave the stability of maleness from their testosterone. Although she’s the more empathetic sex, it also makes her the more worried sex. Women worry about their body image, whereas men don’t see the flaws women worry about. Men prefer women who are happy in their skin. The ability to get out of your head and into your body and enjoy the sensual pleasure you co-create during lovemaking is essential for a man’s sexual satisfaction. 


He doesn’t want to hear about your flaws and point them out. He wants you to have incredible orgasms, and thank him for doing a great job. That’s why men are more visual, whereas women are auditory. He wants to see your naked body, get his hands on your soft flesh, hear your moans of pleasure. 

It’s the woman’s role to help the man be successful in bed. Instead of expecting him to know what he’s doing, he needs your guidance because of your dynamic feminine nature. While she needs to hear that she’s loved and adored as well as how sexy she is, balancing your love and desire makes a woman feel like she’s cherished and lusted after. 

One without the other makes her feel like she’s just a sex object or not very sexy. Give her both kinds of compliments in equal measure when you can. It stabilizes her, which is your role as the man. You are her rock. Verbally guide her through lovemaking in a way that is not dirty talk but instead a stream of appreciation. 

There are days when she wants it dirty. That’s the point of the Sexual Soulmate Pact which is the perfect foundation for the hottest sex possible at any given moment. 

Eye contact is vital for great sex. touching the whole body and looking in each other’s eyes increases oxytocin. Oxytocin brings couples closer together. For more about generating oxytocin, watch my video on the benefits of oxytocin for hot sex. 


Just as women need to hear verbal appreciation, men like to have their tool worshiped. Oral pleasure is essential. Although penis-in-vagina sex is most men’s and women’s favorite sexual act, oral pleasuring is one-millionth of a percentage lower on the pecking order. 

Suffice to say that if you look up at him while his penis is in your mouth and make eye contact, he will feel very appreciated sexually. Seeing his erection turns him on even more. Asking him to show you his penis and admiring it will make many men very happy in bed.

Here’s another one. Visual stimulation in sexy lingerie and high heels is a favorite sexual turn-on for many men. Women appreciate a guy flexing his muscles. Picking her up and moving her body is a sign of dominance. 


Overall, women need to be slowly opened and aroused, whereas men more often are ready to go. Slowing down, enjoying the touch, kissing, eye contact, and sweet words together will ultimately pay off and mean pleasure for you.

I hope you enjoyed these techniques, and they gave you great ideas for tonight. Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos. I have a free powerful sex technique I’m giving you called the Sexual Soulmate Pact. It’s all about a two-word phrase that ignites hot, passionate lovemaking. 

When you click the link in the video notes below, you can download this bedroom skill. Whether you’re single, dating, or already married, the Sexual Soulmate Pact will help you have hard, connected intimacy and passion that most relationships are dying for. Grab my free book, the Sexual Soulmate Pact, and use the two-word phrase tonight. If you like this video, please subscribe. I’ll see you on the other side!

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  1. Suze, love you but you are using that horrid “dominate” word again, that men should dominate women in bed. Child abusers dominate their prey too. I am sure some of your male readers will salivate over that idea so they can take away women’s power. Here is the dictionary definition: ” To control, govern, or rule by superior authority or power. To exert a supreme, guiding influence on or over.” This means one partner is superior to the other and controls the “submissive” one, who has no choice. It is synonymous with abuse. Do you really want to make women submissive to men, as has been done the past 3000 years filled with rape and abuse for women like yourself…. or is there a better, more evolved way to verbalize and understand this? What about male “leadership”? Women do like alpha males but making anyone dependent on an “authoritative” figure is a license for abuse. There is a checks and balance system between men and women which domination obliterates . We are equal and complementary, and there are ways in which women are stronger and superior to men, you know. We don’t need to give our power away. FYI, it is the female lions who allow a male lion to enter their pride. Is is their choice because the cubs are their offspring. She fights and tests him to see if he is strong enough.

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