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Welcome to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this short video series, you’ll discover the many facets of sexual energy and advanced skills that can make sex more fun than ever throughout your life, even into your later years. I’m on a space mission to show you how you can become a better lover every time you make love. Let’s contrast energy sex with “ordinary sex” or purely physical sex.

Energy sex pegs the needle toward more expansive pleasure and more intense orgasms. Energy sex uses the stardust inside you.

Why? Because you’re not just going through the motions and having sex with your body, you are making love… playing with your turn-on, allowing your desire to increase your sexual energy until it overflows in orgasm.

Instead of focusing on genital friction, sex happens in your entire being.

Do you remember when you were really, really turned on by someone and they could feel it too?

Well, that is sexual energy. That’s that turn on, DESIRE.. that lust, that ardor, that passion, that craving to make love with someone. Boom! Straight to the moon!

You take that sexual energy and bring into into your sexual activity to have energy sex.

With energy sex, that energy builds in your body and you can then channel it into your lover’s body. A natural current starts to flow between your bodies, increasing the energy even more.

For men, your penis becomes a beam of sensual light that penetrates her and fills her body. With a little practice, she’ll be able to feel your energy penetrating her, even if you don’t tell her what you’re doing. (penis light beam)

One of the magical aspects of cultivating sexual energy is that you can sit across the table from your woman at a dinner party, and move your energy into her.

Your energy will be so palpable, she’ll be wiggling in her seat and start giving you a wide-eyed look that says, “Baby, cut it out! This is too much! STOP!”

But she’ll have a big smile on her face as she plays like she’s scolding you.

Watch out though, because she can do this no-touch sex to you, as well… and you’re turn on won’t be so easy to hide!

Another kind of energy sex is the, “I’m feeling you feeling me, you’re feeling me feeling you” kind of sex.

This is a technique from Dr. Patti Taylor, my mentor who created my Expand Her Orgasm Tonight course. It teaches couples a clitoral and penis stroking practices for expanding orgasmic pleasure… Talk about spaced out! Wowza.

This feeling-you-feeling-me sexual energy touch technique is called, Touching for Rapture. Click on the link at the end of this video and download my free pamphlet, Touch for Rapture.

This is how a couple can experience ONEness during an Expanded Orgasm session, just by using the Touching For Rapture technique.

Have you ever experienced energy sex or this merging of two into one? Please post a comment below so others can learn from your experiences.

In the next short video, you’ll discover the 3 kinds of sexual energy that can takes you to the moon and back together.

This is The Future of Sex.

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