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My Vagina Is Trending: 20 Things I Do To With My Vagina

“Whoa! This is what sex felt like it when I was 35. I had aged over the years and didn’t feel it.”

It takes some serious cojones to reveal all the things you can do with your vagina on YouTube. Don’t miss the “orgasmic breathing” demo in this video. It’s so sexy!

Leave it to Susan Bratton, the Queen of Sexual Longevity, to rally her vagina onto the list of trending topics.

But all buxom blond bragging aside, this video is outright entertaining.

You expect nothing less with Susan, right?

In this 20-minute segment, Susan becomes the Vanna White of the Vajay-jay. She covers everything from jade eggs to genital grooming, and from hormone creams to breakthrough medical technologies to keep genital atrophy at bay.

You’ll also be amazed by her Vagina-talk on topics such as:

  • Engorgement
  • Genital massage
  • Pussy breathing
  • Healing from sexual trauma
  • Non-toxic sex toys
  • Expanded Orgasm
  • Female Liquid Orgasm

When Susan hit her mid-fifties, she began to notice changes in her vagina. Nothing freaky, mind you, just the normal changes that come with aging.

Being the sex geek she is, Susan turned to technology for answers.

Find out what she did to dial back the clock. She now has her sexy on like a 30-something again!

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Comment (3)

  1. Is this file very large? I cannot get but a few seconds playing at a time, then it stops and “loads” more

  2. Video wan’t buffer. I can usually plat 750p rendering. There is no way adjust the rendering here. Is the a copy of this on YouTube?


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