My Vagina Is Trending: 20 Things I Do To With My Vagina

“Whoa! This is what sex felt like when I was 35. I had aged over the years and didn’t feel it. My vagina is trending!”

It takes some serious cojones to reveal all the things you can do with your vagina on YouTube. Don’t miss the “orgasmic breathing” demo in this video. It’s so sexy!

Leave it to Susan Bratton, the Queen of Sexual Longevity, to rally her vagina onto the list of trending topics.

But all buxom blond bragging aside, this video is outright entertaining.

You expect nothing less with Susan, right?

In this 20-minute segment, Susan becomes the Vanna White of the Vajay-jay. She covers everything from jade eggs to genital grooming and from hormone creams to breakthrough medical technologies to keep genital atrophy at bay.

You’ll also be amazed by her Vagina-talk on topics such as:

  • Engorgement
  • Genital massage
  • Pussy breathing
  • Healing from sexual trauma
  • Non-toxic sex toys
  • Expanded Orgasm
  • Female Liquid Orgasm

When Susan hit her mid-fifties, she began to notice changes in her vagina. Nothing freaky, mind you, just the normal changes that come with aging.

Being the sex geek she is, Susan turned to technology for answers.

Find out what she did to dial back the clock. She now has her sexy on like a 30-something again!


My Vagina Is Trending: 20 Things I Do To With My Vagina 

Susan Bratton

Yes, my vagina is trending, otherwise known as 20 Fun Things To Do With Your Vagina. You probably thought I would shoot ping pong balls at you, but I’m not. I’ll show you, like Vanna White, an array of crazy things I do with my vagina.

I was at dinner last week with my girlfriend Jane, and she’s like, “How many things can you do with your vagina?” I said, “Jane, I can do 20 things with my vagina. It’s super-easy to come up with 20 items. I will take you through the list.”

Groom Your Vagina

I use these two things: a one-blade shaver and an orbital shaver. I cut off the vaginal pubis, the hairs on my pubic area and use this little circular orbital shaver to shave it down to my skin. It keeps the ingrown hairs from going down. However, I’m getting a laser. I decided I don’t want to shave anymore. I’m a big believer in manscaping. Hence, I will give you a full report on laser hair removal, but for now, that’s what I use.


I don’t use this one very much except when I juice once in a while. I also have a jade egg that I love, which is essentially an exercise for your vagina. Since I’ve been doing Kegels, my husband, Sir Tim, loves that I have been milking and massaging his penis.

I can go from the top of my vagina to the bottom entrance and back up. I have an incredible grip on my man’s penis during sex. That feels incredible. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

I’m 57, and skin tissue gets thin when you get older. It was painful to have sex, even with hormone replacement therapy. I had a laser inside my vagina, and it did tiny subcutaneous damages. That brings growth factors that make the tissue more excellent, so women do it to their faces, and their skin looks great.


That brings me to another thing that gave me a friendly skin tone on the inside of my vagina, my butt, my vaginal canal. I did vaginal rejuvenation, which is not labiaplasty or plastic surgery. My vaginal rejuvenation playlist has 21 videos on the entire vaginal rejuvenation stack. 

It rejuvenated my vagina, made it more resilient, firmer. Sex feels better, and that’s number six: a Femi lift.

Revive By Viora

I had three things done on the outside of my vagina. It was called Revive by Viora, the same procedure as GainsWave on penises for the regeneration of the tissue.

This is regenerative technology, sexual technology for staying younger. That lifted my labia a bit which isn’t technically my vagina, but at least it’s close to the area. That gave me short lifts. I have more sensations back in my labia which are very sensitive and provide pleasure and orgasms. You don’t get orgasms from your clitoris. Your whole vulva is orgasmic, so that was great.

The Orgasm Shot

There was a third procedure in my vaginal rejuvenation stack, the O-Shot or Orgasm shot. They draw your blood and put it in a centrifuge. They remove the platelet-rich plasma. Then, they put it into this yellow liquid from your blood. They put it into a syringe and inject it into your clitoris, g-spot, and vaginal canal.

That brings growth factors to the clitoral structure and the g-spot. I felt like I dialed back the clock on my sexual pleasure from 56 to 36. This is what sex felt like when I was 35. I had aged over the years and didn’t feel it even though I’ve gotten a greater orgasmic capacity, and I can come faster, longer, and in different ways.

It feels even better now that I had an O-Shot. So, I had those three things done to my vagina.


Engorging the entire clitoral structure is essential. Don’t think about your clitoris as a little nub. It’s got a head, shaft, two arms, and two legs, and they’re down by the entrance to your vagina, wrapping around your vagina and inside you.

When you give yourself incredible genital massages with some lovely oil or your partner does it for you, it gets that tissue erect. Then, you have a clitoral erection that goes inside and out and makes lovemaking incredibly delicious. That’s a big thing I do fail before I have sex.

I make sure my entire vulva is full of blood, puffy, and engorged. A guy wouldn’t have sex without a hard-on, so why would a woman.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

I have countless videos on what it is, how it works, what tests to get. I’ve talked to many doctors, and I put these in my vagina. I use both testosterone and estrogen bioidentical in a cream formula through a compounded pharmacy. I put a little bit on my fingertip once in the morning, and I put it inside my vagina.

It absorbs through the vaginal mucosa and keeps me feeling young, healthy, with good libido, great skin, useful brain function, and a myriad of benefits.

Testosterone Injections

I also take sublingual progesterone, but that’s not in my vagina. Next, regular testosterone injections, and I don’t mean the kind you get from the doctor. I’m talking about penis-in-vagina sex. I am a heterosexual straight person. My partner is a man, and we have had unprotected sex for 27 years. It’s been fantastic.

When he comes inside me, it goes in my vaginal mucosa. I have a video called the awesomeness of semen. It allows you to get his testosterone which gives you energy and confidence.

It gives you things that regulate your hormones and your cycles if you’re still menstruating. Even after menopause, we women cycle to the moon. Just because we’re not bleeding anymore doesn’t mean we don’t cycle. Having all the good things in semen given to me by my partner makes me very healthy and happy. So watch that video about semen if you want to learn more.

Organic Lube 

I use Hobe Naturals avocado oil. Although I use organic coconut oil on the outside, I use avocado oil on the inside as a lube. It’s a beauty-grade product so that it can go on your skin.

It’s incredibly dense, smooth, and natural. I want to put bioidentical hormone replacement and semen inside my vagina. I do not want to put chemicals in there, so I use avocado oil for sex.


I’m breathing down into my vagina. It’s making me remember I have her even though I’ve been talking about her incessantly, and it gets me more turned on. That makes me get into my body and lowers my stress.

It also includes a Hatha breathwork method.

Goddess Healing 

If you’ve been following me, you know that I suffered from sexual abuse as a child. Many women and men have it in our nature, but my husband Tim gave me a vulva massage.

He rubbed my genitals and G area for years to release the pent-up emotions and helped me open and find my pleasure. He allowed me to fully experience the power of my sexual energy and vitality without shame. I got back my unbridled desire to ask for anything I needed. He caused me to let go and enjoy myself and my pleasure with him.

I’m fortunate to have had someone do that for me, and if you need that done, I can show you. If you have a partner who is willing to learn, tell them what to do. If you’re so low now, there are men and women there who would love to help you on that journey.

People are dying to give their love and healing. Think about all the healers in this world. There are people drawn to goddess healing. Don’t lose hope if you’ve been traumatized. I feel so whole and so good, and goddess healing is a beautiful thing to do with your vagina.

I hope you get to do a lot of it, even if you don’t need healing. Just have the goddess part, which is number 15, and that goes beyond the goddess healing to genitals.

My husband and I spend a lot of time playing with each other’s genitals on nights we don’t have sex. We’re busy, and there’s no time for intercourse or even oral sex, but genital massage can keeps you going through the years. Anytime someone’s sick.

Genital Massage

Spend time loving each other’s genitals with your hands, the most beautiful, manipulative things in the universe. The second would be the tongue.

Expanded Orgasm Practice

One of my favorites is number 16. I must skip over quickly because it is a subject of great depth and potential. I have an expanded orgasm practice with Sir Tim. We talk about it here, and I will link three free pleasure reports that teach you what an expanded orgasm is.

It is a practice where I receive orgasmic pleasure from my husband without expecting that it goes any further. He gives me specific five strokes on my clitoral area that allows me to go into an orgasm. It is not only a series of multiple orgasms, but they get better over time and stretch out.

It’s like taking that moment of pure climactic pleasure and being in that state for more extended periods. You can train your body to do this. It’s an extremely gentle technique and fantastic for older couples and any woman who struggles to orgasm. Through the experience of expanded orgasm, I learned how to become orgasmic without a vibrator and orgasmic from all kinds of stimulation.

It took me to a whole new level in my sexuality and made me become a sexpert. It made my husband, and I start our company, Personal Life Media.

We teach sex techniques. 13 years ago. As of the recording of this video, expanded orgasm launched us into a world of joy and pleasure connecting with people, someone like you who cares about your sexuality, a sexual seeker drawn to me for whatever reasons. Maybe my giant, gorgeous boobs.

I’m sure that’ll get some comments. Everybody’s got a story.

G-spot Awakening

I, with Tallulah Sulis, have taught over 3,000 people how to awaken their G spots and have female ejaculation.

I have how-to videos and links to my female liquid orgasm and squirt your heart out programs in this video below.

G-spot awakening opens you to a world of pleasure, female ejaculation, and g-spot orgasms.

G-spot Tools 

I did a whole series with Serene Martina. She’s a sex toy expert focusing on non-toxic sex tools because I don’t put anything toxic in my vagina ever.

If I didn’t put it in my mouth, I wouldn’t put it in there, and this is a great video series. I have a guide and some how-to videos on YouTube.

I love to put g-spot tools in my vagina, and I hadn’t done it ever until I needed to update our toy guide, and I said I don’t do a lot of this. Serene gave me these tools, which I’ve been trying with Sir Tim. They’re amazing. I left a lot of pleasure on the table all these years, not incorporating this into my lovemaking. That’s number 18.

Female Ejaculation 

There’s nothing better than squirting your heart out, letting it flow, and surrendering so much to your orgasm that you can be the juiciest goddess ever.

I love to ejaculate and have g-spot orgasms. I love to try all these different things, and they are available to you.

Multiple Orgasms From Intercourse 

I had to learn how to have orgasms during penetration. When a man penetrated me before, for some reason and maybe because I was sexually abused, it would bring me down. His penis felt like a blunt instrument, which didn’t have enough for me to have an orgasm.

Everybody’s got different pleasurable sensations. The great things I do with my vagina and how much I play with it have made it alive and orgasmic.

It feels excellent from intercourse, and I don’t even need to rub my clitoris to do it. I believe that practice makes perfect and a learned skill.

Those are the 20 things I do with my vagina. I hope at least one will spur you to try it. That was a lot of stuff, like 15 years’ worth of massive personal sexual growth in a 20 point thingamabob. If you have any questions, post them, and I’ll answer them. All you need is within you.

I am Susan Bratton. I love you. Thank you so much if you got here. I love that about you. I’ll see you on the other side!

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