Increasing Female Sexual Energy

In this video, Susan Bratton, a leading expert in sexual health and wellness, shares valuable tips and techniques for increasing female sexual energy. From understanding the hormonal and physiological changes during the menstrual cycle to exploring different ways to increase libido and improve overall sexual wellness, this video is a must-watch for any woman looking […]

G-Spot Abundance: Orgasms

HOW TO GIVE A SACRED SPOT MASSAGE:​ HOW TO GIVE A WOMAN A CLITORAL ERECTION:​ When a woman becomes a squirting goddess —a G-spot goddess —she becomes calm and connected to herself. She finds herself more grounded, more confident, in not just her sexuality but in her abilities as a human being. And […]

What Is Sexual Energy? – Future of Sex 1 of 10

Grab your free book, How To Be Instantly Hotter and Sexier. Click here. What IS sexual energy? When people hear the words “sexual energy” they tend to think libido and eroticism. And while those are key elements of sexual energy, it’s far more all-encompassing than that. Simply put: sexual energy is your LIFE FORCE. It’s […]

How To Have Energy Sex? – Future of Sex 2 of 10

Get your free copy of Touch For Rapture eBook. Click here. Welcome to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this short video series, you’ll discover the many facets of sexual energy and advanced skills that can make sex more fun than ever throughout your life, […]

Sexual Energy: How Do I Get More? Future of Sex 5 of 10

Watch The Tuning Fork Technique Video for more details on how your sexual energy can spill over into your lover’s desire: Welcome back to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this video, the fifth in our series, you get to increase your sexual energy. […]

Orgasmic Breathing

I’m orgasmic breathing down into my vagina now. It gets me more turned on and into my body. It also lowers my stress and increases my arousal. Here’s also a link to one of my most popular free downloads: How To Be Instantly Hotter And Sexier In Bed. ORGASMIC BREATHING There are different breathing methods, […]

Jade Egg Show & Tell (Yoni Egg Practice)

The Yoni Egg practice has a tangible, body-based pay off like nothing else a woman can do to fully embody her sexuality and feminine empowerment. Susan’s Recommended Pure Nephrite Jade Egg and Instructions: MY YONI EGG PRACTICE An exquisite self-love practice that helps a woman get very intimate with her “sacred place.” This video […]

How To Do Orgasmic Meditation – Future of Sex 8 of 10

Orgasmic meditation is when you’re not in your mind, but in your body and fully present while making love and wholly surrendered to pleasure. Get three free pleasure reports on Expanded Orgasm. Congratulations, you are one of the curious people open to building on what you know and learning more about your innate sexual potential. […]