Funny Bloopers with Susan, Naia, and Jena

In this humorous blooper reel, Susan, Naia, and Jena share a series of funny and candid moments involving awkward noises and playful banter about intimate topics. The video captures their lighthearted interactions and spontaneous laughter. It’s a candid behind-the-scenes look at their playful camaraderie.

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Full transcript

Susan: Hi ooh my, my mouth made a weird noise.

Naia: Noise? What kind of noise?

Susan: Like a, like a,

Naia: Like a fart.

Susan: Like,

Naia: Oh yeah. Yeah. Like the back of the throat.

Susan: Okay. It needs a dick in there

Naia: You got a strap on?

Susan: I’ve got like 12

Naia: Susan

Susan: I’m naughtier than you think. Have, you know,

Naia: You’re gonna have to prove that to me later.

Susan: Okay,

Jena: You can take my word for it.

Naia: Oh

Susan: Look at her, she’s like, she goes like this.

Naia: Who’s got the dick in here?

Susan: I might not have a dick, but I think I have the biggest clit boner.

Naia: And I’m Naia Leigh, the Red Mistress.

Jena: With my dildo shaped microphone.

I’ll wrestle you [00:01:00] for a few.

Susan: Yes, of course.

Naia: I love wrestling. How are we just learning this about each other?

Susan: I don’t know. This one has to be hers. She’s got to do this one. She’s the puffer. Okay, good. It’s Trisha from Lit Love. dot fuck was it again? Lit Up Love. Lit Up. Okay, I’m gonna do it again. Jenna’s like, I’ll say the URL from now on. Jesus Christ, you dumb fucking blonde. We didn’t even light up before.

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