Stroking Me Softly

Susan Bratton, joined by Jena la Flamme and Naia Leigh, unboxes the Stroking Me Softly from LitUp.Love. They admire its rainbow packaging and discuss its potential to enhance intimate moments with light, teasing touches. Susan thanks LitUp.Love for the gift and shares a promo code with viewers to try the product themselves.

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Full Transcript

Susan: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions. And I am here with my girlfriends, Jena and Naia.

Jena: Hi, I’m Jena la Flamme, Women’s Pleasure Expert.

Naia: I’m Naia Leigh, also known as the Red Mistress. I’m a Transformational Dominatrix.

Susan: So Trisha from LitUp.Love sent me a big box of sensation play toys. And I was like, I got to open these with my girlfriends and I got to do it for you. And so what are we opening right now?

Jena: Stroking Me Softly.

Susan: That sounds nice.

Jena: That rainbow packaging.

Susan: It’s so cute. I think that’s one of the prettiest ones.

Jena: Yeah.

Susan: All right What do we have? Since oh, I guess what I think I’m gonna like a lot

I think I like that tickley thing Although no, it’s not true. I do like I do like this. Thanks. Okay.

Jena: Thanks for teasing and pleasing.

Susan: That’s nice

Naia: Oh my gosh. So yeah, I feel like so many men, they can’t do a light enough touch that women ask for to sort of like tease and get them [00:01:00] anticipated for the real touch.

I feel like this could be a great thing for a man to use to tease their woman’s their you know, your yoni or vagina is just like, please give me more.

Susan: Exactly. We want her to reach for it. Anyway, so Trisha, thank you so much for sending this to us and thank you for giving my fans a promo code SUSAN if they’d like to try these things.

Thank you and enjoy. We’ll see you on the other side.

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