Whip Whip Hooray

Intimacy expert Susan Bratton, along with her friends Jena la Flamme and Naia Leigh, unboxes a selection of pleasure toys from LitUp.Love. They discuss the high-end materials and playful names of the items, demonstrating their uses. A special promo code, SUSAN, is provided for viewers to enjoy a discount on the products.

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Susan: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions. And I’m talking in my super sexy voice because I’m here with my sexiest gal pals, Jena and Naia.

Jena: Hi, I’m Jena la Flamme, Women’s Pleasure Expert.

Naia: I’m Naia Leigh, Transformational Dominatrix.

Susan: And Trisha from LitUp.Love sent me a big box of sensational pleasure toys. And I thought who better to do an unboxing than my girlfriends Jena and Naia. So what do we have? What do we have to open this time?

Naia: Whip Whip Hooray!

Susan: Whip Whip Hooray! Whip Whip Hooray!

Naia: I love their names.

Susan: Their names are so cute. Okay. This is adorable and it totally matches my outfit so I’m going to need to be whipped with this.

Naia: I love their materials. Everything feels so high end and so soft. This can [00:01:00] pack a little punch with a little, I don’t want to get you, Suz.

Susan: Don’t get my boobs again.

Jena: Right?

Susan: How does it feel?

Jena: Yeah. A little punch. Ooh, yeah.

Naia: I can go harder.

Jena: Okay.

Naia: Okay. But you can also use this as a tickler.

Susan: Well, Trisha, thank you so much for sending these to us. We, you know, we are going to be having fun with them. And she gave us a promo code, promo code SUSAN. So you can get a little discount and enjoy yourself. As much as I, as we are, I hope.


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