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Good morning! Who’s scared?

There are some honest people here. I understand. First, I’m happy to be here. We will talk about love-making today. I like the word sex, but I like the phrase love-making better. I like to transform having sex into making love, and I want to tell you a few things.

We will go through a lot of sex education today. I will teach you about your body because if you don’t understand the operating system, you can’t get to play any music. Second, I will discuss sexual regenerative therapies because we’re having great sex now. I’m 60 and have the best sex of my life. I’m having the best orgasms, heart connection, pleasure, and the most confidence. I don’t worry about performance anxiety. I can get into the flow and lovemaking where the world falls away. It’s completely connected and nurturing. It reboots my nervous system and unleashes good chemicals in my body. It grounds me to the earth and makes me feel powerful and turned on.


I have a lust for life and a level of vitality I don’t see in the people who aren’t getting sex as good as me. The things I will give you today in the first section will lay the foundation on which you can stand solidly to have an enriching sex life.

I will take you to the next level, no matter how good it is. We have two sections today. The first is me giving you foundations; the second, after our break, I have a 14-page assessment of your sex life. I will walk you through it. This is my outcome for the day. I want you to leave with your sexual bucket list. You will walk out of here with a list you want to experience, haven’t yet, and never even knew was a thing. I will walk you through a guided visualization of your sexual possibility.

For some of this, you’ll be I want to have that! I didn’t even know you could do it, and I like it. I will talk about things and say, “That is disgusting. Why would anyone want to put that thing in there?” Do that thing, and you’ll say, “Gross!” That’s okay because those aren’t going to go on your bucket list.

Your partner will say, I will do that. You’ll say it’s all right. I’ll do it because you want to, but it wasn’t my thing. What do you want to experience? What is possible for your body, mind, and spirit?

How can you achieve anything if you don’t have a working plan? You’re all achievers. I’m an achiever. I always have a bucket list and come up with something new I want to try. That’s the great thing about sex. It never ends. It is infinite, like love and pleasure, the kinds that have the depth of connection and experiences you can co-create with lovers.


It is infinite. We will take a little journey together today. We’re going to end up with your personalized sex life plan. I want you to walk out of here today, and I’ll be at the beach later. I would love to hear what’s on the top of your list. I’d love to hear, I never heard of that, and that went to the top of my list. That’s what I’m hoping to have. I’ll be here today and be there for the panel tomorrow. I’ll be around because I welcome you to ask me anything. I do that as a trusted hot sex advisor and intimacy expert to millions.

Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of people through emails, sliding into my DMs, and asking questions at events. I have good answers for you if you clarify what they might be. I’m open to having you talk to me later.

We will first discuss the difference between libido, desire, and arousal because they are different. Once you understand the structure and how everything fits together, you can work harder. The second thing I will talk about is anatomy. I will tell you where all the parts are and how they like to be touched. Next, I will show you the technology.

This is Susie’s sexy show-and-tell because sex tech is a burgeoning category of pleasure available to us. Most of us are under-utilizing technology. We’re working on palm pilots and now have MacBook Pro, iPhone X, and Pro Max 13s.


Making Whoopee 3.0 is about intercourse and penetration orgasms. Most people think they’re good at intercourse, and nobody is. Very few people are very good at it. This is the thing about sex. We get taught how to avoid contraception and avoid getting pregnant. We’re talking about conception. We understand how to have sex, but that’s friction. We see pornography, but it is not love-making. Pornography is a display of sexuality that is frictionless and connectionless for the most part. I want to tell you how to have intercourse well. I could have oral pleasuring and talk about sex positions, but most of us are in heterosexual monogamous long-term relationships.

If we have a penis and a vulva, we should use them together. Experts say intercourse isn’t that important. People can’t have orgasms from intercourse. Not everybody can. You might have seen a Ted Talk from Dr. Laurie Mintz called the Orgasm Gap. The Orgasm Gap is how easy it is for a guy to have orgasms from intercourse and how hard it is for most women.

Less than half of women can quickly achieve a climax from penetration. Here we are, heterosexual monogamous couples, and the guy wants to have intercourse every day if possible, twice a day if he’s super healthy. Here we are as women, and we’re on this 28-day cycle. We go in and out of our horny window all the time. He doesn’t know when that is. If she’s not having orgasms, she says I’m not a girl who can have orgasms from intercourse. That’s okay. I like being close. He’s like, that’s too bad. I wish you could. Unfortunately, she never gets to have orgasms from intercourse. She doesn’t want to have intercourse anymore.


He feels disconnected and unloved and emotionally checks out. She gets pissed off at him, and they become platonic. They have affairs and get divorced because they thought she couldn’t have an orgasm from penetration. They didn’t understand that orgasms from intercourse are a learned skill.

You can make love as a monogamous heterosexual couple. You can make love as a man and a woman. I’m not saying that people of the same sex don’t have incredible sex. They do. I’m wearing an all-gender gay pride dress. I support lovemaking in all sexes. I’ve found that I can be of most help in teaching people how to achieve orgasm from intercourse and giving you techniques that go beyond procreation into actual lovemaking.

We will talk about different orgasms because I call myself an orgasmonaut. Have you noticed my silver space suit in one of those pre-roll clips? I go to the far reaches of orgasmic pleasure, bring the map to the territory, and show you what to go for and have that pleasure.


I will tell you about the three kinds of orgasms and the 20 kinds of orgasms the male and female can have. Men get short shrift in the orgasm zone in today’s world. Some people say penetration orgasms don’t focus on them. Just touch the clitoris. It’s like the clitoris is wrapped around the vulva, so you don’t even need to connect it to have orgasms from intercourse.

Men think orgasms are when they ejaculate or have an orgasm. When I have an orgasm, they’re separate systems in my body. Once you understand how to separate them, your orgasmic capacity goes through the roof. What’s great is that we lovers are like tuning forks. When you have two tuning forks and hit one on a desk and hold it next to the other, the other resonates at that same vibration.


When guys are up in their heads worried about coming too fast, thinking about which buttons they’re trying to push to make us come, they’re not with us. They’re out there in the future or past. They’re not in the present; the present is the only place where deep connection and incredible pleasure can happen. It’s learning how to become a multi-orgasmic man where you can surrender to your satisfaction and not worry about coming too fast because that’s the number one thing guys worry about.

They worry about coming too fast. Women worry about coming at all. How did this happen, mother nature? Why did that why did you do this to us? I teach you how to fix those common problems so that you, the masculine, can express pleasure so she can see how good she’s making you feel. Suddenly, you’re having so much fun that she’s having more fun. The pleasure builds, and that’s a trick to great sex. We will talk about orgasms that are possible for you. We will talk about erotic play dates. In the second section, I have an assessment for you. I will walk you through it, and you will say yes or no to the questions.


Finally, I will give you great ideas for new ways to have sex together. You can have as much pleasure with yourself as you can with your lover, so it should not hold you back. If you don’t currently have a partner and are single, you can do 95 things I’m about to talk about today. It’s within us. We don’t need any external information and can have a great time. In the end, you’ll have your sexual bucket list.

There will be a lot of information because I want to bathe you in this information. This is being recorded so that you can listen to this later. Go back to certain sections and listen to them later to get more information because there will be so much. You might also have a few moments where you get triggered, freeze up, and notice you’re not breathing. You will get a little weirded out by something now and then. That’s not your thing because that’s what sex is.

The human sexual panoply of possibilities is vast, and it’s not all right for you now, but it might be later. The other important thing is that your sexual maturation parallels your development. Like your personal growth improves as you age, you become more of who you are. Solid in yourself and confident.

Sex in your 20s is different from the 30s to the 80s. I have customers in their 80s and a couple in their 90s having great sex. You can have great sex till the day you die. It’s super good for you. I want to provide that on-ramp for you.

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