The Secret To Knowing When A Woman Will Enjoy Sex The Most (Her 5-Day Horny Window)

Learn how to awaken her sexually. When does a woman enjoy sex?

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The 5-Day Horny Window is when we women are most sexually ravenous.

So if you are a woman who wants to make sure you leverage your peak orgasmic potential…

Or you’re a guy who wants to be ready during her prime time for heightened desire…

The five days when she’s ovulating are the sweet spot.

Watch this video with John Gray, best-selling author of Men Are From Mars Women are From Venus and I (Susan Bratton) with even more detail about what he calls The Golden Moment 5-Day Window.


All women’s desire runs in cycles, even after menopause. So here’s how you figure out a woman’s 5-Day Horny Window.

Count 9 days after the start of her period. Those next five days are her most lusty.

If she doesn’t have a period anymore or you’re not sure WHEN she has her period, use the Fertile Full Moon as your guide.


Target the five days around the full moon to have a sexy date with her.

Make a date with her in advance of the day in this five-day window you are targeting.

For example, if her five-day window starts on a Monday, plan the date for Friday.

Let’s say her period starts on the 1st of the month and lasts about 5 days.

Day six, seven, and eight are good days to make a date with her.

Then day nine is the beginning of her horny window and it lasts through day 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

Tease her with anticipation instead of just springing a date on her.

That way she will have time to get turned on and excited, primp a little, and “be ready” for your surprise.

Even scheduling a couple of dates in that window stimulates her hormones further while giving her time to get fully turned on and experience an incredible pleasure.

Remember, when a woman is ovulating — that’s her horny window — typically around the fertile full moon, she’s most open to her sexual pleasure.

In this video, John Gray has even more detail about what’s going on hormonally with women through her cycle. When to back off and support her. When she’s most vulnerable and needs you the most.

The Secret To Knowing When A Woman Will Enjoy Sex The Most (Her 5-Day Horny Window)

[Susan] The secret to dealing with powerful women in the bedroom is that the woman wants nothing more than to surrender to her pleasure with him, but she has to trust that he’s a man with a plan.

He needs to think about the sexual experience as taking her on an erotic adventure. He has to think a bit ahead while still interacting and playing off of her.

Before he starts, it’s best to hug and think about what’s going on with her. 

Feel how she’s feeling in that moment because she’s hormonally cyclical whereas he’s in a little more steady state. What is she in the mood for today? Start from the outside-in, instead of going straight for the genitals and breasts. Start with her feet, hands, hair, cheeks, and work your way to the good stuff. 


He will take over her nervous system and be in charge of her pleasure. He needs to get her to completely relax and let him take her to higher orgasmic pleasure and bring her down slowly. Think about that arc of a lovemaking date with her. Then she will know she’s in good hands.

She can relax and let go, and as he feels her getting turned on, he can fuel the fire. She needs to be fed with pieces of tinder first. Then, throw a couple of big logs later on. 

He’s a light switch; he’s ready to go. So he has to get in her world and take her up the erotic escalation ladder and add more sensual experiences. If you tell a guy that, it helps them understand that he can take over her nervous system no matter how strong and powerful she is.

[John] You talked about a woman in the bedroom when she’s really strong. There’s also how to get her into the bedroom if she’s really strong. 

[Susan] You don’t drag her in, John. 


[John] We have to recognize that typically, and this is in the new book, ‘Beyond Mars and Venus,’ women no longer have the stereotypical female role. 

Men are in the male role, but we’re expressing the authenticity of who we are. It’s a huge release of energy for women to get out there and be entrepreneurs, be confident, and get the job done. 

That’s all-male energy and the challenge is to bring her back to her female side. Cooperation is good where she recognizes she needs him to bring her back to her female side. 

That’s a whole new dance for us. One of the powerful things I’ve seen is to recognize women’s hormones. Here’s something fun because you mentioned the cycle of hormones: Men have no idea when it comes to hormones. 

Women’s hormones are approximate. Their cycles change at different times. But, when she starts her period, you’ve got 3 to 5 days. At that time, all of her hormones drop. So she doesn’t need you at all. For the next five days, her testosterone and estrogen levels rise. 


Testosterone is the male hormone; estrogen’s the female. At this point, she has equal amounts. They’re rising together which means she’s androgynous, so she doesn’t need much. She’s more entrepreneurial. She has no neediness at all. 

But nature pulls a trick. Five days after her period, her testosterone levels will drop suddenly and her estrogen levels will soar. Her serotonin levels will drop. This is all biological. Even after a woman goes beyond menopause it still happens with the full moon, because there’s a thirty percent decrease in melatonin which raises her estrogen and lowers her serotonin. 

This is the golden moment when she feels, “I need you the most.” When I knew when my wife was cycling and the period was over, I knew that week I needed to plan something special with her in seven days. 

She looks forward to that during those first days after she’s clear about what she’d like. Then you plan it. So now, she’s anticipating this. 


You said a man with a plan. This is a key thing where women have to feel like “We’re looking forward to something.” That’s stimulating the female hormones, and because there’s a man with a plan, his attention allows her to feel “I don’t have to do it all myself,” which allows her testosterone levels to drop and her estrogen levels to go to places of vulnerability and responsiveness. A woman can be almost orgasmic when they can enjoy sex the most. They can enjoy it other times too but this is when it’s the most. 

Once she has the full moon and is ovulating, the next couple of days she still has a romantic glow. For the next 10 to 12 days, the other hormone progesterone is produced. Progesterone makes a woman happy without depending on a man. This is where women have to be clear that all their happiness doesn’t just come from him. 

The problem is if I don’t score big during those five days, she feels like she’s missing something. For the next 12 days, she’s thinking about “I’m not getting this. I’m not getting this,” rather than making a transition back to “I got laid here, now let me do things for myself,” and know that men are cool with that. 

There’s always room for more romance. But that’s the five-day window which is key for men to understand because that’s when you can soften her the most. 


[Susan] Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, trusted Hot Sex advisor to millions, and you just watched one of a series of videos I did with John Gray the famous author of “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” This one video can only give you a quick hit of inspiration, so I’ve attached some additional free information on this topic.

If you have a comment share it below. I’m like the Dear Abby of sex and I answer questions right here! Alright, I’m glad you found me. I can’t wait to send you some sexy freebies. I’ll see you on the other side.

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