What Women Want In Bed

Ever wondered what women truly desire between the sheets? There are so many options, right? Gentle whispers, rough and tumble, sweet pillow talk, or dominating passion? Stimulating massages or toe-curling climaxes? Well, guess what? The number one question women ask me about their relationships is, “How do I get my guy to steer the course […]

How To Give Your Man An Incredible Blow Job

I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and in this short video, I’m gonna share with you how to 10x your oral sex as easily as pushing a button. You’ll learn the three most important aspects of giving and receiving more and better oral pleasure. If you’re already an oral aficionado and […]

Jade Egg Show & Tell (Yoni Egg Practice)

The Yoni Egg practice has a tangible, body-based pay off like nothing else a woman can do to fully embody her sexuality and feminine empowerment. Susan’s Recommended Pure Nephrite Jade Egg and Instructions: trustyclick.com/jadeegg MY YONI EGG PRACTICE An exquisite self-love practice that helps a woman get very intimate with her “sacred place.” This video […]