What Women Want In Bed

I’m Susan Bratton, trusted Hot Sex advisor to millions, and this is one of a series of videos I did with John Gray, the famous author of ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ and this one video can only give you a quick hit of inspiration. In this, we talk about what […]

How To Give Your Man An Incredible Blow Job

I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and in this short video, I’m gonna share with you how to 10x your oral sex as easily as pushing a button. You’ll learn the three most important aspects of giving and receiving more and better oral pleasure. If you’re already an oral aficionado and […]

Jade Egg Show & Tell (Yoni Egg Practice)

The Yoni Egg practice has a tangible, body-based pay off like nothing else a woman can do to fully embody her sexuality and feminine empowerment. Susan’s Recommended Pure Nephrite Jade Egg and Instructions: trustyclick.com/jadeegg MY YONI EGG PRACTICE An exquisite self-love practice that helps a woman get very intimate with her “sacred place.” This video […]