Vagina Massage

You might be surprised at how easily a woman’s pelvic floor can get balled up like a fist. Those muscles are directly connected to our “fight or flight” response. They often get activated without us even knowing it.

Anytime we’re tight we struggle to have orgasmic pleasure. Orgasms flow out of us if we are open and loose. Who wants to make love with all that tension down there? Nobody!

That’s why I consider vulva massage the single most important foreplay technique known to man, woman, and non-binary humankind.

Sometimes called “yoni massage” (yoni is the Sanskrit word for “sacred place”), this technique is every woman’s dream.

What’s really crazy is that a most women have NEVER had a vulva massage. And most men are unaware of the power of this simple, easy to do warm-up.

Watch this video with Dr. Jessica Drummond and I, and you’ll be “in the know.” Better Lovers everywhere use this foundational practice to increase their pleasure and deepen their connection.

You’ll learn the about the many benefits of vulva massage, from anti-aging to hormone balancing, and from healing trauma to expanding your capacity for pleasure.

Practice makes perfect. Give your partner time to learn the ins and outs. Give yourself time to relax and receive if you are the woman. And use your words to communicate what would feel best —don’t expect your partner to “just know.”

Steamy Sex Ed Video:

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