Lingam Massage

Secrets to an UNFORGETTABLE penis massage.

Start out with gentle pressure above and below his penis… it’s similar to the way a woman likes to have her vulva “cupped.”

There is something exquisite about manually stimulating a man (aka giving a “hand job”). I suppose it’s the feeling of pleasure that comes with hearing him moan and watching him turn into putty in your hands. Rock hard putty, that is.

But there’s more to a truly beautiful lingam massage than a solid erection. In fact, the erection isn’t really the main event… if you know my secret of “laying in a base.”

That kind of manhandling intelligence is what you’ll get in this video with sacred sexuality expert Amara Charles and me.

It’s one thing to get a man off so he can get some sleep. But this is another thing altogether. A “wild thang” if you know what I mean… and one he won’t soon forget.

Did you know you can strengthen a man’s sexual health with lingam massage? A strong ejaculation is a sign of excellent sexual health. But the average, ho-hum hand job can actually do the opposite by training him to ejaculate prematurely.

Learn how to turn a ho-hum hand job into a sexual super power!

A good lingam massage is an AMAZING gift you give your lover. We want you to be his BEST-EVER, so we have two FREE gifts for you. Amara’s NINE JADE DRAGON EXERCISES and my FIVE STEAMY SEX TECHNIQUES. Go watch this video and just tap the little triangle to the right of the title; you’ll see an expanded view with links to those free gifts.

Lingam massage really IS a game changer. Get those free gifts now!

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    1. Hello, here are the links:
      9 Jade Stem Exercises eBook:
      5 Steamy Sex Techniques:

  1. I really enjoyed the Lingam massage, very informative–by Susan Bratton and Amara.
    I however, did not find the links for both the: (1) 9 Jade Gift, from Amara, and, (2) the
    Hot Steamy Sex from Susan Bratton.
    I would really appreciate if I can get a copy of both the 9 Jade Gift and the Hot Steamy Sex,
    or their respective links.
    Thank you very much Susan Bratton and Amara, for such a wonderful video and, Susan Bratton
    for your generosity and kindness in showing more educational and informative videos–they really
    are of benefit to a lot of people, male, female and couples alike who are in relationship and have
    issues in relationship and other complicated situations.
    I look forward to hearing from you regarding the 9 Jade Gift and the Hot Steamy Sex links.
    Happy New Year and more power to you and your group for 2021. I wish you more success and
    all the very best. You make a vast difference to every life you touch. You are beautiful inside and
    out–awesome and amazing. Take care–Keep Well and Stay Safe. Blessings and Cheers.

    1. Hello, here are the links:
      9 Jade Stem Exercises eBook:
      5 Steamy Sex Techniques:

    1. Hello, here are the links:
      9 Jade Stem Exercises eBook:
      5 Steamy Sex Techniques: