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I’m Susan Bratton with Dr. Charles Runels, and we’re talking about the P Shot or Priapus shot. It’s a protocol that he invented that has done wonders for many men and it has been restoring erectile function.

Dr. Runels thank you so much for letting me come and talk to you. I’m truly honored to be here in Fairhope, Alabama, and I have traveled many miles and hours to get here and I’m really excited because my male fans tell me that the P Shot has changed their sex life for the better in many ways.

Describe what the P Shot is and what a guy might expect from having one, and when men want the P shot, what are their motivation?

The mechanics of an erection is basically like filling a water balloon. You’re filling two tubular structures with blood and it has to have blood coming in, not coming out. The P Shot is taking what we’ve known about for the past 15 years and using the growth factors in your platelets instead of the preventive healing of the cartilage in knee or shoulder like Tiger Woods and track athletes have done. We’re using PRP in the penis instead. You’re under numbing cream and your blood is drawn from your arm and that platelet part is injected after 5 minutes and introduced into the penis itself. Then those growth factors and cytokines are activated in the penis.

What is a cytokine?

It’s a dog whistle for the stem cells. If you have an injury, it’s not just the tissue around it that causes it to heal. Stem cells migrate from the bone marrow to the area to fix it. It’s pretty miraculous what happens. The effects for some men is life-changing. Now if you have blood flow let’s say from the aorta through the iliacs that’s blocked from years of smoking or diabetes, then the P Shot is not going to help you. You can’t get blood in but it’s not going to change that problem. But it will change the tissue of the penis itself so practically speaking if a man can have an erection of some type but it’s not as firm as it used to be and on the erection scale that’s 5 to about a 7 which practically means if you’re using Viagra or Cialis, you’ll cut the dose in half, or if you’re using Trimix injections, you’ll cut that dosage too, or if you have a very low dose maybe you wouldn’t need it at. If you’re not using any medication at all, your erection becomes more like it was when you were 17. It takes your penis back about 5-15 years.

Can we talk about venous leaks when you can get blood in your penis but you can’t lock it in. Does the P Shot help with that?

Yes, one of our urologist Dr. Joe Vana did a study that he presented at one of his bigger urology meetings where he and one of his residents documented that there were improvements in venous leaks. Nothing is a hundred percent for everyone and for every procedure you can show where people did not see results so I don’t want to say that these are magic shots that one instantly gets well. It’s dependent on your overall health as well. But we do know and we actually have documented that it does help you.

For a man with decreased firmness which is one of the most common issues with erectile dysfunction, how soon can you know that the P Shot has worked? What do you see typically and how many P Shots do you think there have been done?

Now, I’m sure we’ve done over 100,000 because we have have over a thousand providers, pushing 2,000 providers. We have one man who does eight to ten a day. So we’ve done plenty of them.

When a guy has a P Shot, what’s the window of I-got- an-instant-boner or three months later I saw the effect. Everything’s always a bell curve with human beings.

It’s important to remember that the P Shot is not a drug. When you take Cialis and Viagra, a few minutes later your erection comes more easily. The P Shot is fertilizing tissue, but the tissue has to grow. So think of the stem cells like little seeds from the bone marrow. They have to grow new tissue which takes time. The maximal effect is about three months. Most people start to see the effects in about three weeks.

How long does it usually last? When does it start to diminish and how many P Shots can you have in your lifetime?

It depends on what you’re doing. So basically the etiology is age and vascular disease. If you have diabetes and you’re smoking, it’s not going to work or lasts as long as if you’re walking every day and you’re doing all the things that help you like eating your organic vegetables, doing some runs. But the quick answer to your question is that most people start to see the effects of it level off after three or four injections. So it seems to be accumulative, spaced usually about at eight weeks apart because it takes a while to see the full effects. It’s like over-fertilizing your lawn.

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