The Zaddy Zone with Susan Bratton

This podcast episode of “The Zaddy Zone” with Susan Bratton, hosted by Luke Cook, delves into the intricacies of sexual wellness and empowerment. Susan, self-described as an “orgasmonaut,” discusses her approach to sexuality, emphasizing the importance of pleasure, relaxation, and the ability to experience various types of orgasms. She introduces the concept of “expanded orgasm” and shares her techniques for achieving heightened sexual experiences, like light clitoral stroking. Additionally, Susan touches on topics like sexual communication, polyamory, and the significance of personal sexual exploration and freedom. The conversation is both educational and provocative, aiming to destigmatize and open dialogues about sexual experiences and desires.

Full transcript:

Luke: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Zaddy Zone. Today I am being joined by my new friend Susan Bratton. Suz the flooz. I call her, but she insists.

Susan: I don’t like that.

Luke: You’re not a floozy.

Susan: I’m not.

Luke: What does that, what what do you think a floozy means?

Susan: Well, I kind of think a floozy is a person who, it, it’s a negative term that you give to a woman who is having a lot of sex either with, and usually with more than one person.

Right. And to me, that creates, shame and oppression around your sexuality. Because it’s like, oh, you are a floozy. Yeah. And instead, I would prefer to be celebrated for my conscious approach to the variety and novelty and delight and orgasmic potential that I bring to my sex life. Yes. So floozy, don’t doozit for meez.

Luke: Uzi’s. So you, you are quite particular about your sex life is what you’re saying. Yeah. It’s not just a one come, one come all. It’s a. You only take a few in and do very particular things. It’s not a floozy. The only reason I called you Susie, the floozy. I called you floozy because it rhymes with Susie. I know.

And that’s the only reason I understand. So I wasn’t trying to oppress you. Okay. With my, you know.

Susan: Oh, I know you’re not trying to oppress me.

Luke: So, how’s life been for you? Have you been having lots of sex?

Susan: Whoo. The best sex in my life, really? Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Incredible. As a matter of fact, last, I don’t dunno if it was Saturday or Sunday, Saturday night, I probably had more orgasms in three or four hours in that kind of given amount of time.

And they were orgasms that were. Lots of different kinds of orgasms from lots of different kinds of stimulation. Mm. And they were incredibly intense and they felt so good. And they transported me into new realms of bliss. Mm. And they were, I was very relaxed. And you know, the thing about orgasms that a lot of people think is like, I’ve got a make it happen. I’ve gotta, I’ve gotta have an orgasm. But I think it’s more that you have to allow them. Yes. And I was in a really relaxed mood, and the more relaxed you are, the lower your performance anxiety. The lower your worry, the more you’re just in the flow. Mm-Hmm. And so the orgasms can flow out of you.

Luke: Mm-Hmm. So yeah, you can let the body take you where it wants to go.

Susan: She wants to have orgasms. Yeah. So really, I just allow her to, I just let her do what she does.

Luke: To be having orgasms for, you know, as much and as long as you have. You must be an orgasm connoisseur. Yes. At this point. Mm-Hmm. Because for some people, orgasms would just be like, oh, there’s another, or there’s another orgasm.

Yeah. But for you, you seem to be exploring.

Susan: Yeah. Well, I call myself an orgasmonaut. Do you remember that about me? I do remember that, yes. I go to the far reaches of outer space and come back with the map to how I got there. So you can do it too.

I li you know. I’m a highly sensitive person, an HSP. I don’t have any tags in my clothes. I don’t wear anything scratchy. I don’t like loud noises. Ah, yes. You know, I’m just, I’m a sensitive creature. Mm. And so I take my ability to have felt experiences and put them into words and step-by-step ways that other people can have what I’m having. Right. That’s kind of how I ended up to be a sex expert.

Was I, Hey, I gonna write this down so other people can do this too. Yes. It started with my expanded orgasm practice, actually.

Luke: Okay. Mm-Hmm. And what was that, what’s the expanded orgasm practice?

Susan: Well, it’s, it goes by many names. Deliberate orgasm. It was invented by Victor and Susie Barranco in the seventies because Susie couldn’t come and Victor’s like, let’s fix that. Right? So they came up with this very, very light clitoral stroking technique that has, there’s five strokes to it. There’s the three opening strokes, the bread and butter stroke, and the closing stroke. And for a lot of women who they’re like, well, I can have an orgasm, but I’m one and done. That’s all I can do.

I’m like, well, you’re driving your clitoris too hard, right? You’re just do. You’re just putting so much sensation on it. You’re blowing it out. And the clitoral stroking practice that Susie and Victor created in this. What some people call a sex cult was was called deliberate orgasm. And Deliberate orgasm or doing D-O deliberate orgasm D-O.

Doing is the practice you got done. You were a doer. These are the words of that practice and that very light clitoral stroking does a number of things.

One, the woman is in complete receivership. She’s not doing anything. It removes the performative nature of orgasm. Oh, beautiful. And it allows her to begin to really feel the sensations in her clitoral structure.

Mm. And then it allows her to get. To the point where she can stay in the sensation of pleasure, because for a lot of people, they shy away from the sensation of pleasure. It’s almost like too much for them. And they have to like come out of it and take an emotional break from it. Yeah. ’cause it’s too much.

Mm-Hmm. So when you go really lightly, the, the, literally the bread-and-butter stroke is the tip of your finger. On the clitoral, essentially the glands. ’cause your clitoris is a little glands with a shaft. Mm-Hmm. Two arms and two legs. Okay. Yep. Yep. Inside there. When you’re on the glands where the 10,000 nerve endings are and you don’t touch the skin of the glands, but you touch the meat of the glands underneath the skin with the lightest of strokes, the kind of stroke. You know how when you get an eyelash on your eyeball Yes. And you sometimes you just like lick the tip and then you go right in there and you’re so delicate. Yes. That’s. That’s the stroke. It’s that delicate. Yes. And so then the woman can be like, oh yeah, that’s the spot. And she gets completely relaxed.

You feel her. You’re limbically connected to her. You’re stroking this light, slow, delicate stroke, and she ends up being able to surrender into the sensation of that and it puts her into an orgasm, and then she can stay in that orgasm.

The way that I’ve been teaching it for 20 years ’cause I’ve had a twenty-year expanded orgasm practice with Sir Tim.

And we have an online program Mm-Hmm. Called Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. Mm-Hmm. I’ll put that on as well. Oh yes, please. We’ve been teaching this practice with this stroke and when you do that, the expanded orgasm is like you, you start to have an orgasm. The moment of time gets stretched like taffy where you stay in the orgasm.

You know how you think about an orgasm as like, yeah, that’s, that’s kind of the, the male interpretation of an ejaculatory, male orgasm. And men can come 20 different ways, just like women can. The human body has 20 different types of orgasmic pleasure it can achieve. Mm-Hmm. And the 20th one is wild card because as the orgasmonaut I’m still in space looking for more orgasmic pleasure.

Luke: So, so there’s a chance that you, have you experienced the 20th or there’s a chance that there’s more?

Susan: There’s more. Oh wow. There’s always more. I joke that if sex were a brand, it would be sex. There’s always more. Yes. That’s Sex’s tagline. Yeah. That’s if you didn’t know.

Luke: That’s interesting. Yeah. So let’s just clarify.

So Tim, sure. Is he certain is your husband Yes. Of 30 years. Was he actually knighted by Queen Elizabeth?

Susan: Well, he’s a prince among men, so I see all of the people who know him. Just call him Sir Tim. Okay. He’s, he really is a prince.

Luke: Excellent. And now on Saturday night, as you were mentioning, the three-hour of Yeah. Was that with Sir Tim? Yes. That was Mr. Tim. Sir Timothy. Yeah. And, and, and. What was, would you give us a, What, what happened?

Susan: Well, I’m sixty-one, so my sex life starts with pain cream. First we do with pain cream. Yes, because I’m always working out every day, and so I’ve always pulled something. Or like right now, I’ve blown out my ace, I ripped my ACL skiing in Big Sky, you know, so there’s like always some like I’m downy. Can you get that thing first? So we start with some nice pain green massaging. Okay. And we connect with each other. We just kind of relax with each other. Yep. And then usually we end up moving into the expanded orgasm practice.

Mm-Hmm. So, basically until Sir Tim’s legs start to go completely, completely numb.

Luke: Meaning he’s standing?

Susan: No, he’s he’s sitting down and I’m his leg is over me. This leg is this way. And then I’m under him here and he’s kind of like this stroking my yoni. Are you my head’s up there?

Luke: You’re on his lap?

Susan: No, I’m under this leg. We’re on the bed. I’m under this leg. And this leg is on a pillow and my feet are sticking out there. My yoni’s here and my, my belly’s here under his leg. Oh, got it. And my head is up here and I usually have, wow. This is fascinating. I’m usually touching him over here with this hand.

And he’s stroking my yoni right here.

Luke: Are, you are reaching around.

Susan: I, I’m like back here so I can touch, I can touch him over here. Like this. Okay.

So wait. He’s, I feel bad for your audio listeners.

Luke: That’s okay.

Susan: You’re gonna have to watch the video. You’re gonna have to watch it.

Luke: So he’s, he’s sitting on the bed though.

Susan: Yeah. With his back against the headboard.

Luke: Aha. And, and you are laying underneath that leg. Got it. Yes, yes, yes.

Susan: Yeah. So he can look right down there. And that’s my yoni right in front of him.

Luke: Yeah. Yeah. So there’s lot like, he’s like a worker in a workstation, like he’s like a car.

Susan: Yeah. He’s working on the yoni.

Luke: Yeah. Got it. I appreciate that. Now. Where can we hear more about this expanded orgasm practice? ’cause it sounds fascinating to me.

Susan: Yeah. Well it, so the program that we created has videos that show you all the strokes. It shows you a full date and it shows you, it gives you 21 erotic play dates. So like, if you and Cara decided that you wanted to start your expanded orgasm practice, which I highly recommend, honestly, especially right after you had Ozzy Mm-Hmm.

Because once a woman’s ha has a couple kids, she’s she’s not ready to just like jump into getting banging. Yeah. You know, she needs to be turned on slowly and the expanded orgasm practice allows her to rest and settle into her body. It gets her engorged. So she’s got a lot of good blood flow into her yoni.

Yep. So that she starts to begin to lubricate so that she starts to want to have intercourse. And so we really started the expanded orgasm practice because I wasn’t having orgasms from intercourse, and we wanted to just be like, let’s just slow our role. Yeah. And start doing some orgasmic cross training, which is one of the new books I’m writing.

I’m writing Orgasmic Intercourse and I’m writing orgasmic cross training. These two ideas of how you can all orgasms are learned skills. Yes. And the number one thing women say to me is, I want to come from intercourse and I can’t figure out how to do it. And I’m like, all right, well lemme just write down all the steps and give that to you.

So that’s what I’m working on right now.

Luke: I appreciate that. Yeah. I love that you went back though. You don’t go Well, let’s just keep having sex and just hope it figures itself out. Let’s go back to the most simple. Yeah. Little touch. Yeah. And so the expanded orgasm practice, is it, have you got

Susan: Yes.

Luke: Yeah, you would. And And it’s there.

Susan: Yeah. It’s at

Luke: Okay. Great. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Your ability with URLs is unmatched. How many URLs have you got?

Susan: Oh. I don’t know. Hundreds. Wow. And they’re such good names. I know. That’s fun, isn’t it? I really, I do like to create domains. You really do like it?

Yeah. Sexy ones. Yeah. Like

Luke: MoreLuke. Yeah. You can go to today, by the way, and find everything that we talk about, including we’re gonna talk about a penis pump. We’re gonna talk about a vibrator in just a few moments. We’re gonna. We’ll put expanded orgasm on there too that Yeah.

So that, that it can easily be found. Yeah. But that, that couple who developed the expanded orgasm practice. Yeah. Victor, tell me just a little bit about the history. Why were they called a sex cult? Because it was so good and everyone was doing it.

Susan: They lived, so it was called Moore University or Moore House, and they all lived together and they practiced this expanded orgasm technique.

On each other. Mm-Hmm. And so they would all do each other every day, multiple times a day. And they also had a lot of kind of processing and you know, they would get together and have they were, they were really delving deeply into human sexuality and its impact on the human psyche. Yes. From a masculine and feminine perspective.

Yes. What, what were the, what are the basic tenets of having some of the things they believe were that. Oh, it’s a woman’s. You, she leads the turn on. She’s, she’s the one that needs to be in charge and it has to go at her pace and you have to support her. And that’s very much what Tim and I have also learned about our sexuality and about having great sex for over 30 years together. Mm. Is this notion that it’s kind of like Tim and I, we call ourselves Team Sweetie. We were a hashtag before there were hashtags and we we are team Sweetie and we’re, it’s kind of us against my yoni. Like she’s a recalcitrant little. You know, bitch sometimes, right? And so we have to like woo her and get her going and so we team up and she leads, she it. She’s in charge?

Luke: Yes. What’s her name?

Susan: Ah. Ah, okay. Susie the floozy apparently.

Luke: I just thought that you would’ve covered that at some point.

Susan: I guess I didn’t. Well, maybe you need to just name my yoni for me.

Luke: No, I refuse. Has, Timothy has his penis got a name.

Susan: Yes it does. It’s called we, we call it the sea serpent.

Luke: I thought that Prince Timothy, so Timothy would have Excalibur or something like that.

Susan: I like that. Yeah. We could call it that too. But yeah, we call it the sea serpent. Okay. And you know, I met, one of the reasons I married him was because he had a large penis.

I’ve been a size queen my whole life. Now, as you know, I’m a giantess.

Luke: You are tall

Susan: Amazon, I, you, I, well, I got outta the car. This is the first time we got to meet in the flesh, right? Yes. And I got outta the car and you’re like, oh, you’re big, you know? Yes. I’m like, yeah, I’m, and so I need, I need some endowment.

Sure. In the bedroom. Right? Yeah. And that was one of the things I loved about him, and it has grown and grown since I have known him. You know, most men over time as they age, their penises get smaller. It’s called atrophy, right? It’s shrinkage. Mm-Hmm. And not Sir Tim, the sea serpent has grown some additional dimensions.

Wow. He does the pumping. He does pumping, he does traction, and he takes the nitric oxide supplement. He does that.

Luke: And then what’s the traction?

Susan: Why I did not bring you a traction device today?

Luke: It’s a, it’s a, it’s a device.

Susan: Yeah. It, it, it, it, it actually, what it does is it’s called Deep. Okay. And it’s made by the same company that makes the Whopper.

Yep. We’ll put, I’ll put a link to it on for you too. I said, what I said to Luke today was anything that we talk about, I’ll put a link at so that you can be like, what was that thing? What was that thing? What was that thing? You know? And so you can easily find it. Yes. So the traction device is called Deep and basically it’s, it’s a penile extender.

So if you really, a lot of guys. They want more length and girth. And that’s what I like about the Whopper penis pump, is that it’s a two-cylinder system that pumps for both length and girth. Mm-hmm. So it draws more blood into the penis, reverses atrophy. Mm-hmm. And actually enlarges the penis in a, in a innate, in a safe and natural way.

And. The thing is that for a lot of guys, they’re like, how do I get it longer, bigger, faster? And the penile extender is actually an Accelerator. It actually stretches the tissue of the penis. Mm. It doesn’t hurt. You wear it for about a half an hour before you start the pumping routine. And what it does is it actually does, it divides the cells and grows and lengthens the penis even better than you can get just with the pump.

Luke: Wow. I Susan gave me a pump. I have had it for a couple of months now. Yeah. And I’ve used it once with Cara. We had some fun. It’s fun to see it. I will see. It was fun to watch. Yeah. ’cause it was amazing. Yeah. But I will say that the reason I stopped using it, apparently you’ve gotta use it over time.

I think that’s what’s really important. Important.

Susan: It’s just like bodybuilding, right. You got biceps like that. You didn’t get that from one pump.

Luke: No, that’s true. You gotta, that’s a lot. Pump. Gotta keep going over time. Lemme see them again. Sure, sure. There you go. You like that? Go and have a squeeze. Cara was just about to have Ozzy and I was like, well, I don’t think that it’s a good time to start this.

Oh, given that she was about to have a baby and we wouldn’t be able to have sex for a few months anyway. And then to be presented with my enlarged Your sea serpent, engorged penis. Mm-Hmm. My Excalibur, my sea serpent just wouldn’t have been fair. I, I, right now as it stands, it’s presentable and doable.

Yeah. For her. Yeah. I wouldn’t want to, you know, give her the expanded version just yet. The director’s cut.

Susan: Well, the vagina is a muscle I. That is infinite. I mean, she got Ozzy out of there amazingly, by the way. I know. That was so amazingly. I really appreciated you sharing all of that and your stories too.

Thank you so much. I love that. You know, I, I assisted my girlfriend in having an ecstatic birth. I was her ecstatic birth massage partner last year Really? And she’s got a four-month-old little girl right now. What’s ecstatic birth? What’s this? So what ecstatic birth is, is essentially home birth. That is pleasurable.

Ah, and she’s a pleasure coach. And so she said to me, do you wanna be my ecstatic birth partner? And I said, sure. What is that? And she said, I don’t know. Let’s make it up. So basically I did to her, what Sir Tim has been doing to my as yet unnamed yoni with all of the massaging and the stroking that he does for me in, in our lovemaking dates.

I just started doing that to her and it was so interesting. She said two things.

Number one, that she had never been touched like that in her entire life, and she’s forty-five. Wow. That o only her lovers had only ever just stroked her clitoris. Yeah. And. Stuck their fingers, penis or whatever inside her.

Mm-Hmm. And that no one had ever touched her outer labia, her mons, her inner labia, her fourchette, the hood of her clitoris. No one had ever brought pleasure to all of those parts before. And she said, I, I mean, it’s just incredible. ’cause what a lot of what I was doing in ecstatic birth for her was I was doing a mind-body connection with her.

I was saying, I’m rubbing your mom. I’m rubbing it across back and forth. Now I’m rubbing your labia, but I’m not rubbing up. I’m only rubbing from the top down. Can you feel how I’m petting it like a kitty? You know? And she would be purring at that point, and I wanted to help her get in touch with her yoni and to be able to relax it, to squeeze, to let go, to push out.

To have more musculature control as well as to know what was being touched and to also have all of it being activated for pleasure. Mm. So I don’t know how we got here, but I like it. It was incredible.

Luke: It’s also was mentioning that, you know. Obviously the release of oxytocin Yeah. Really helps with childbirth.

Yes. So being in love and like relaxed. Yeah. Kissing your partner. Yes. Hugging them. Yeah. Is only ever helpful. Yes. So that’s really great to hear. Yeah. I, I’ve heard about the orgasmic practice, but that sounds Next level. Was her partner, was he or he or she in the room? When you were doing this?

Susan: Sometimes, sometimes not.

Luke: Yeah. I just wondered how they feel about it. Do they feel normal about it?

Susan: Yeah. Really great. Okay, cool. You know, it was an interesting thing because it wasn’t like she was my lover. Yes. But she was. Yes, we were lovers because I was giving her orgasms. I was stroking her yoni. I was stroking her breasts and nipples.

I was rubbing butter on her belly. I was loving her. I was worshipping her matriarchal goddess energy. Yes. And. When she was coming, I was coming, I was giving her the orgasms. I was feeling her. Mm. That’s one of the reports that we give away at Expand Your Orgasm Tonight. It’s it’s called Touching for Rapture.

It’s this idea that instead of touching for effect, like, I’m gonna touch your knee and I’m gonna, you know, I’m doing something to you versus how I would touch you if I was touching you for my pleasure. So now can you feel the difference? Like, I’m, I’m feeling how nice you feel. Yes. That’s touching for rapture, not touching for effect.

Yes. And so I was doing that to her when I was stroking her and petting her and loving her. And it was giving me orgasms, giving her orgasms. So I’m very good at entering into this, erotic trance, state of expanded orgasm. Yep. ’cause I’ve been doing it for decades, and so when I connect, I’m coming. When you are coming, I’m making you come.

I’m giving you the comes. I’m allowing she, she’s allowing the comes to come out, but we are in an incredible limbic connection. So it’s mutually orgasmically pleasurable. But it wasn’t the same as like. Hot sex.

Luke: Yeah, of course it was. It sounds more intimate than that. And less you give, I get you, I give, you get that like it’s

Susan: no quid pro quo. She had to do nothing. Yes. But receive incredible pleasure. And that was what created my pleasure.

Luke: Yes. Now just explain the Rapture to me once more. Yeah. Because I don’t think that it’s just for what, in the instance that you’re talking about in the context. It, it sounds like the context of all touch, physical sexual touch should be this.

Could you just explain that once more? The Rapture?

Susan: Yeah. So when you’re doing orgasmic stroking, you, you will be able with practice to feel, when you touch a clit or a penis or any part of a person’s body, over time. You’ll be able to feel like the spot. Mm, there’s a spot, there’s a stroke on a penis that feels so good in that moment.

That’s making you turned on, giving it to your partner. When you, when I am stroking you and it’s turning me on, you are going to feel that turn on. If I stroke you to make you feel good, it’s nice, but if I stroke you to get myself off. It’s even better. And so when you bring that into your touch and you get yourself off giving the pleasure, that’s what the rapture is.

That’s the touching for rapture.

Luke: That sounds sensational. It’s wow. Yeah. And we’re talking about birthing.

Susan: Yeah. Yeah. It’s so nice when, when I would give her orgasms, little Zoe would be just doing back flips in her belly. Wow. I mean, it just awakened her and it was so nice. It was beautiful what we had together.

Yeah. It was extraordinary to, to have the pleasure of feeling her ripening, to feel her, her yoni just exploding. And this, mm. Fecund beauty. Mm-Hmm. Just to see her belly grow and to see all the engorgement that happened from her pregnancy and all the blood flow coming in the, the, the placenta growing, the baby growing, feeling the uterus, feeling the cervix kind of coming down into the birth canal.

Yes. Oh man, it was. Righteous incredible. We, we should be doing these things for each other. I agree. This is what women should be doing for each other. This is what partners should be doing for each other. This is what lovers should be doing for each other.

Luke: Oh my God, I agree. Like every time we talk, I always feel inspired to get out there and do it to all of Cara’s pregnant friends.

Susan: Hey you know, as you know, I’m a big believer in making offers. Hmm. I think that you have to have the courage to make offers to people, and some people will be like, oh, no, that’s, that’s weird. That’s not right for me. And other people will be like, yeah, that actually sounds really interesting. I’d like to, I’d like to be, I’d like to think about people as being not necessarily always lovers, but research partners.

Hmm. This is another thing that came out of the Moore University, was this notion of research partners. That you can have an expanded Orgasm practice with multiple people. It’s basically just hands-on yoni. Mm-Hmm. You know, so it’s any gender on yoni, and you can do it on the Lingam to Lingam is the commensurate word to yoni.

So a lingam is a penis. There’s Sanskrit words. They’re tantric love-making words. Mm-Hmm. And you can make a lot of offers to people over the years, and I’ve just become more emboldened to being like, Hey, would you, would you like to, would you like to try having an expanded orgasm date? Or would you like a Lingam massage?

Or Would you like to try ecstatic birth? Or whatever it is. And you know, even if you bat two out of 10, you’re gonna have two more incredible experiences. Than you would’ve before. So many people that are just like waiting for the perfect thing when there’s so many incredible pleasurable experiences you can co-create with fun people.

You really dig where you create your boundaries around what the rules of engagement are going to be like. Why did my girlfriend’s husband, why was he fine with me giving his wife orgasms while she was pregnant? Because that’s all we were doing. Because there was a boundary around it and we all, we created a safe container for her to have all this pleasure during her pregnancy.

Luke: Mm-Hmm. Yeah, I think you’re right. And also it’s good to be aware that, you know, you are a person who’s very into this stuff and you’re very open and I think you’re very presence opens people up to that sort of thing. Whereas, you know, the a person who doesn’t dress. Quite like this.

Susan: Well, you told me to dress like this.

I, and I, I would’ve worn my yoga clothes. Oh, really? Because that’s what I wear all the time. I’m basically just living yoga pants. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. But I wanted to get dressed up for you, and you said, well, let’s it, well, I all right. I DM’d you. And I was like, I wanna come over to your house and dress you up.

Luke: Right. But even if you don’t dress like this, the truth is that you are this way. You know, you are a really open person. You are clear. You do, I learned how to, you do what you, you are, you’re famous because of what you do. Yeah. And you are going to open people’s minds to these sorts of things. So if you make an offer Yeah.

You know, they’re gonna be like, well, if I’m gonna be in good hands, it’s gonna be hers. That’s right. Yeah.

Susan: Yes. You’ll, you’ll come back better than you left.

Luke: I, yeah. That, that’s true. Let’s talk about that. Yeah. Let’s talk about, so it isn’t just Sir Tim, you also have other lovers. Yeah. And, and, and, and how does that work with Tim?

Do you talk about it and is he cool with it and how does that work?

Susan: Yeah, he loves it. Really? Yeah. He loves it because what, what is it about it that he loves? Well, I’d say that one of the reasons that he loves it is because he just loves, he’s the wind beneath my wings. And he always has been. Mm-Hmm.

Remember when I told you that I, that I wanted to marry him because he had a big one? Mm-Hmm. Well that was one of the reasons, one of the other reasons was that I’m ambitious. I, I, I think I told you before that my epitaph is gonna be, she had a lot to say, you know, like, I’m just. I’m just on fire. Yeah.

Like writing multiple books. I just launched The Quiet Vibe Awards. I’ve got a, I’ve got a vibe to show you. I brought you a toy. I brought Cara a toy. Mm. Uhhuh. So good. Talk about like setting a match. Right. This is gonna be good. Very excited. But I think what he, he was, he loved my ambition. And he’s always been there’s more you, you could be more, you could be bigger, you could do this, you could, you know, I want you to go for it. And he’s like that in all aspects of my life. And he loves a really turned-on woman. He loves living with a woman who has an appetite, not just for sex, but for life. Hmm. Who is fueled by her sexual vitality?

Hmm. Who, whose creativity is driven by the pleasure that I create with people. And so I love to be with him and he loves to be with me and he’s equally happy if I’m with another person who is safe and loving and kind and gentle and won’t give us STIs. So we do this thing called fluid bonded screened group.

We have a screening group, so there are people in our group that we all make love together. And that’s because everyone’s had all their STI tests and we have a specific list of them that we recommend. And that means they’re clean. Nothing’s gonna, you know, they’re not gonna give us anything. We’re not gonna get anything from them.

They’re not, they’re not gonna get anything from us. We’re all STI tested, and then it’s, there’s no risk. We’re not gonna get hurt. We might have our hearts broken. Oh, but the interesting thing about your heart breaking is that. Your heart. So one of my mentors, I’ve been super lucky to have a lot of really incredible mentors and one of them was Dr. Deborah Annapol. She wrote a book called The Seven Laws of Love. And one of the laws of love is that if you want more love, if you wanna feel more love, mm-hmm. Give more love. Mm-Hmm. And that your heart is both a door and a muscle. Mm-Hmm. It’s a door. You have to open it to give the love. And when you lose that love and that door shuts, it hurts, but, it gets bigger the more you use it just like a, a penis pump or a bicep, right? Yeah. And so the more that you love and the more that you give love, the more that you feel love and you feel loved, and you have, you are in love. Yeah. And so the idea of having the ability to love many, this is literally what polyamory stands for.

Love many, many love. Mm, yes. That’s what it’s, yes. And so we practice a very, very safe form of completely inclusive, very, very heart connected, conscious. Love making that. That’s what I’m all about.

Luke: I appreciate that. Now, how many people are in this group, if you don’t mind me asking?

Susan: Well, it, it ebbs and flows.

Okay. Because people come and go over time when you’ve been together for 30 years. Yes. You know, people come in and out.

Luke: 30 years the group has been in existence.

Susan: No, about 15, probably closer to 20 now. Wow. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Luke: And, and and why do they go when they go?

Susan: They fall in love with someone. They close their relationship.

They they move away. Mm-Hmm. They. Enter into some drama or something that’s untenable for the group.

Luke: Yes. And then there’s the group. When that drama happens, does the group discuss?

Susan: Oh yeah. And can you, everything is just, everything is processed, Luke. Really, that’s where I think that’s processed. Yes.

This is what Polly is. It’s calendaring processing and super hot sex.

Luke: Right. Amazing. So let’s just. Like, let’s just say that there is a drama in the group. Yeah. And you’ll invite the clan. Mm-Hmm. Together. Do you make love and then talk or do you talk and then make love?

Susan: Oh, it just depends on the situation and honestly, it’s hardly, hardly anybody leaves the group for bad reasons.

Right. It’s happened one time where I requested that a person no longer be in the group, and that was okay difficult for others in the group. Yeah. And we practice a matriarchal polyamory. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Right. I mean, you know.

Luke: You being the mama.

Susan: I’m the mama.

Luke: Okay. But are the other mama like there are

Susan: other mommas come in and out.

Luke: Yeah. But it AKA the mama has to be safe. Yeah. The mama has to be all good. Yeah. Okay. I appreciate that.

Susan: Right. Security, my number one relationship value, which you know about me now.

Luke: Yes. I loved that. Before you said to me off air, Susan said that her number one priority is security and second is freedom.

Freedom. Yeah. Explain how those two


Susan: A third is honesty.

Luke: Third is honesty. Yeah. Yeah.

Susan: And fourth is variety, novelty, no surprise there.

Luke: Yeah. I mean, ’cause those things are not all the same. They’re all very different things. Security and freedom are kind of polar opposites way they are. But you need security in order to feel free. Yes. In many ways.

Susan: Stable base. Wind beneath my wings.

Luke: Yes. Let’s talk about how, let’s talk about security and freedom and how you see those things intertwining. Like how does it work with Tim? Yeah. And then with security and freedom.

Susan: Yeah. Well he totally takes care of me and lets me do anything I want.

Mm-Hmm. Not, I mean, you know, basically yes. Because I make good decisions and I talk about everything with him, and he loves me to live my life. You know, we really are very much, we, we have a mindset that we, we’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart now. Mm-Hmm. With 30 years and, I’m in it for the rest of my life with him and I’m, I plan to live a good long time.

I’m going for over a hundred. So I’m, you know, living the lifestyle that is required to make it that long and I’m really barely hitting my prime. I feel like I’m just, just coming into my own right now in my sixties. Incredible. It’s just incredible how great the sixties are. So and that’s because I have great health.

Yes. Which is what you have to have.

Luke: Yeah. It’s a blessing, but it’s also something, something you work for.

Susan: I work hard. Yeah. Work out every day.

Luke: Love that. Yeah. And where does sex play into longevity?

Susan: Well, interestingly enough, of course, sex gives you a wonderful hormone cascade. It gives you all those feel-good chemicals.

Yes. It’s a rebooting of your nervous system. Mm-Hmm. It’s bonding to yourself and your partner. But there’s an interesting study that I love that thirty-five hundred people were shown pictures of humans between the ages of 18 and 80, and they had to guess their age. And there was this group of people that everybody guessed to be 10 years younger.

Than their actual age. And they called them the super young and they were like, what is the correlation between all these super young people? And they figured it out. And it was that these were the people that were had intimate relations three times a week or more. So basically, if you wanna live longer, have And, and I didn’t say sex.

Yes. Because when I say sex, people think intercourse. Yes. And. That is a patriarchal religious paradigm. Sex is for procreation only. Only intercourse counts. Everything else is foreplay, right? It’s like, well, it turns out foreplay gives me as many orgasms as the sex. So let’s do ’em all. Yes. I don’t wanna skip anything.

And why rush to intercourse? Yes, and if you have a nice slow roll to intercourse, then she’s gonna be engorged and get her lady boner, which takes her 20 to 30 minutes of stimulation. It takes him two to three minutes to get his Manny boner. And so when they have sex right away, she never achieves her orgasmic potential.

This is why women aren’t having orgasms from intercourse. They’re not getting enough pleasuring beforehand. Yeah. They’re not letting their genitals get engorged. This is why I wanna show you the toy that I brought for you today, because it’s, to me, it’s the Rosetta stone for lady boners. Basically it’s the, it’s the Rosetta stone.

Yeah. For lady, lady boners. There you go.

Luke: Surely we can think of something better than the Rosetta stone because isn’t it the, like, isn’t Rosetta stone the language chick? I think it’s the, it’s the Martin Luther king of. Of vibrators.

Susan: You are emancipated. Yes. Free the lady boner. Yeah. I had a dream. Let’s get some reparations for the lady boner while we’re at it.

Wow. ’cause the lady boners have not gotten their due.

Luke: I mean, I just think Rosetta Stone’s an interesting phrase for, but back to what you were saying about a better analogy. The idea that like, you know, not sex and I think that people hear the word sex and have their pre. Pre they had their ideas about it.

They’re like, oh, sex is this. Yeah. And it’s like sex is so often not that. Yeah. It’s not, it’s not, you know penis in vagina coming done. Mm-Hmm. Or penis in butthole coming done. Yeah. It’s not that. Yeah. Sex is, sex is a whole world. It’s a whole like, making out can be sex, you know?

Susan: Oh God. I love to make out.

Luke: Yeah. I know. You, you want me must.

Susan: I could do that for hours.

Luke: I bet you do. I do. Good. Yeah. Yeah. What’s it like? How, how much of time of the day do you have sex would you say?

Susan: Well, it depends on the week, but if I think about a week, I probably, I like my love-making sessions to be an hour or two or three or four long because I like to just relax.

You know, the pain cream and the yoni massages. Yeah, and the oral pleasuring, and you take a break. Yeah, we take breaks, we have snacks, we, you know, whatever we’re, you know, we get up and do things. Tim’s gotta go get up and check on something on the computer and come back or whatever. I mean, we’re in no hurry.

Amazing. We just enjoy ourselves. Oh my God. Incredible. Yeah. Yeah. So I do, I mean, how much time do we have a week to do that? A couple times maybe. Okay. You know, not a lot. Yeah. And he won’t search him, won’t give me a quickie. He, he refuses, he won’t. He’s like, no, I can’t do it. Okay. Because, you know, if I rush, we have intercourse before you are warmed up. Your Yoni’s gonna have her nose out of joint and she’s gonna be all pissy. And then I’m not gonna get laid for who knows how long, because

Luke: she’s a sassy little Sally, isn’t she?

Susan: She is saucy, definitely. She’s a saucy, a sassy, a little Lassie.

Luke: Now, does he practice does he practice ejaculation, like holding onto his ejaculate?

Susan: Oh no. He loves to come.

Luke: Oh yeah. Right. Okay. Like every time. Oh yeah. Basically. For sure.

Susan: And I like him to.

Luke: But, and, but having sex over many hours isn’t that easy. So what’s, he’s probably got some technique down for withholding, making sure that he can continue.

Susan: Well if you are rubbing pain cream on me, it’s not gonna make you ejaculate.

Sure. If you are rubbing my yoni, it’s not gonna make you ejaculate. No. If I go down on him, I’m not gonna get him to the point where he does ejaculate, because I wanna save it for my yoni. Yes. Because I like all of the things that are in semen. They’re good for my body.

Luke: Right. Yeah. Now, but when you get to the sex where you, he could ejaculate.

Of course. Yeah. So how do you make sure that that’s extended for him?

Susan: Well, sometimes what I like to do is I like to take him right to the edge and keep him there for so long I just like, oh my God. Just like torture him with pleasure. Yes. And my, I think I did, I tell you last time that I’ve been really, really working on my cowgirl game.

Your Cowgirl. Yeah. Okay. Girl on top. Okay. So the last couple years I have just been dialing that shit in. Really? Yeah. And so I like to do, I like to basically get on Daddy and just ride him and take him right to the edge and bring him back down. Take him right to the edge, bring him back down, and just keep it going for as long as he can stand it. Incredible. Yeah. So I can last and then we can take a break and then we can, he can get hard in again and we can go again or we can do something else. Whatever it is. I mean, there’s no rush, there’s no hurry, there’s no prescriptive format. Everything is just what does Yoni want right now?

Let’s give her what she wants.

Luke: Yeah. And you’re talking to her. Yeah. Speaking of vaginas, we have something here. So what have I got in my hand here? That looks wonderful. Oh, hi.

Susan: Well first of all, you have a vibrator that looks like a microphone. So who doesn’t love that? I mean, if I had this when I was little, I could have done all my acts in my bedroom with my, with my little bedroom light and my girlfriend Holly Brown with a, and not used my hairbrush.

I could have used this instead. It would’ve been so much better, you know? Did you do that when you were little? Did you do like. Shows and use the hairbrush. I, I’m sure I did. I am sure you did. Yes you did. If anybody did.

Luke: But why is this so I, there are vibrate is galore out there. I’ve been to a few six shops and I go in, I’m like, which one do I choose?

I have no idea.

Susan: I’ve, I’ve been to a few sick shops. He says, yeah,

Luke: I mean, you know, I’m not, I wouldn’t say I’m like a connoisseur of them by any means. Yeah.

Susan: You don’t have like 60 sex toys like I do.

Luke: No, I wouldn’t understand. Which is a good one, which isn’t, but this is a good one.

Susan: This is my job. This is the one.

The one. The one, the new one. This is a new toy from Fun Factory. I’ll put a link to it on It has a button that says Fun. Yeah. Which you can press. Love that. And love it starts the fun. Mm-Hmm. And basically, you remember your mom’s old massager Mom’s massager.

Luke: Oh, no. Into this. Yeah. Yeah. I know what you’re talking about though.


Susan: Well, this is. Mommy’s new massager, right? This one, it’s called a Wand. And essentially this, if you feel it, it’s beautifully weighted. Mm. And it has this really nice, very flexible head to it. Mm-Hmm. So you can kind of lie on top of it or use it on top of yourself or what have you. Mm-Hmm. It is very quiet.

I mean, even if you turn this up. So I think I told you that I just launched my Quiet Vibe Awards. I just, the, the book I just finished is called The Quiet Vibe Guide. Okay, I’ll put it on It’s a quiet vibe guide, and I picked my top 10 favorite toys. Remember I told you I was a highly sensitive person?

Yes. So I hate loud stuff. It gets on my nerves and I wanted to find out what the highest vibration, best delicious sensation quietest toys were. And I did an exhaustive study and I also did a, I had two engineers work with me to do the sound measurements with a decibel meter and a sound gauge and all kinds of stuff.

Wow. And found the 10 most powerful yet quiet vibrators because some people are highly sensitive like I am. Yes. Other people have kids in the house and they don’t want the kids to hear it. Other people live with roommates or in community and they want their privacy around their sex toys. And so I think quiet vibes are really important.

And so the old moms massagers a noisy fucker. Mm-hmm. But it works really well. It’s fantastic at giving you like. Big vibration. The problem is that the old, the old mom’s vibe, it basically would take your pussy lips and go like this, and that did not feel so good, right? Where this vibrator, this wand, it sends the sensation deep into your body. Mm-Hmm. It’s, it, it’s like, it look, it somehow they did the vibration, I think they used some kind of magnetics or some weight, it was a weighted thing they put in the head. Look, I’m stroking it. Mm-Hmm. I’m just like, I’m, I’m touching it for rapture.

That’s good. And this. You can feel it. It’s penetrating. Yeah. And what I love about it is, you know how I was talking about lady boners and how we have all this erectile tissue and it takes us 20 minutes to get as hard as our male body partners. And this is why women aren’t having the orgasms they should.

It’s because they don’t get enough engorgement in their yoni. And so what I love about this vibrator is you can use this before intercourse. And you can rub it on the outer labia. On the mons. You love it when I talk about them.

Luke: What’s the mons again? I know that it’s your favorite, like Mons Venus.

Susan: The Mons.

Yeah, the mons pubis. It’s the plumpy little part above the labia below your belly. It’s the top of the pubic hair. It’s it’s mound. I know the one you took. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So delicious. And when you, when you use the wand on the mons Mm-Hmm. Use the wand on the mons.

You get it like gelatinous. Mm. And when you get a gelatinous, the fluids can flow into your yoni. Mm-Hmm. Because. All your lubrication and all your engorgement comes from your blood plasma. When you get turned on your, the blood runs down into your penis and makes it hard. Yep. It runs down into all of our erectile tissue, which is, we have the same amount.

Like if I took your penis, which I know is probably, you know, that long. Yeah. Ish. Right. You’ve got twice as much. Mm-Hmm. It goes into your body and down. It’s twice as long as it looks. You’ve got half sticking out and half is inside buried shaft. Yes. So now imagine all of that erectile tissue. Mm-Hmm. Like a banana’s worth.

Yes. Now, turn that into a circle that comes to a point and that’s what’s inside us women. Yes. And so what’s great about that is that when you use this wand to stimulate the outer tissue, it gets deep into that erectile tissue, and then the blood Flows into your pelvic bowl and the plasma seeps down and it makes you have your clitoral erection.

And the clitoral erection isn’t that little tip that you see. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ninety-five percent of it’s inside, right? So this wand has basically the carrying capacity for getting all that blood flow. So you get your giant lady boners, so you have more surface area that sends more pleasure signals to your brain, which is your biggest sex organ.

You feel more pleasure, you have more intensity of orgasm. Yes. So I love this because it’s doing the work for you of, you don’t have to do all the manual stimulation or the oral pleasuring. You can do those too, and they feel even better after you’ve run the wand on everything. Yes. Plus you can ride these orgasms.

So when you have this on your clitoral structure and you’re just holding it and look, it’s like a pencil. It’s so light. Mm-Hmm. Easy to hold. Yeah. Which is nice too. I mean, this is a beautiful German design. This is the Porsche of vibrators.

Luke: Before we talked about expanded orgasm. Yeah. And we kind of talked about how.

You don’t have to do a whole bunch of pounding and all this stuff, which isn’t really, which is great, but it’s not always good.

Susan: It’s good once you’re really fully engorged, right? Then there’s a plumpy pillow, right, for the pounding,

Luke: and so this enables

Susan: the plumpy pillow. This is the Plumpy pillow. Okay, inflator.

Luke: Yeah. Agree. Mm-Hmm. Okay. Well that’s, that’s, this is very good to know and that, and I guess to, to, to achieve that. It’s individual, but there’s a little minus and a plus button. Yeah. I guess going down a little bit and starting nice and slow,

Susan: you wanna start on one. Yeah. You want to take yourself up slowly.

Not just be like, how fast can I make myself have an orgasm? You want it to be like, let’s just stretch this out. Let’s just go as long as we possibly can.

Luke: Well, it’s quite, when you go right down low, it’s quite swirly.

Susan: Yeah. Oh, and these little all, all these little swirls hold the lube on here so that the lube just kind of stays on it really well.

And you don’t have to do a lot of reapplication of the lube, too.

Luke: Ah, very clever. Mm-Hmm. Very clever. Let’s talk about that for a second, because Sure. What, what do, what, what lubes do you recommend for use in sex? Let’s just talk about if you’re not using a condom, for instance. Yeah. I guess it must be different. If you’re not,

Susan: I can tell you exactly what to do. Yeah. So the, I use my general daily lube, which I buy by the like. Is a liter, I think it’s a double liter. It looks like almost a gallon. Yep. Is an organic, refined avocado oil. Okay. And I just get it from, I think it’s like, H&B Oils or something like that.

I just buy refined avocado oil because it’s, you could make salad dressing out of it. You know it. I, if you don’t, if you wouldn’t put it in here, don’t put it down there. Yes. You know, it’s two sides of the same tube. You don’t wanna get any toxins and things in. Yeah. Got it. But I also like my extra fancy awakening, intimate oil from Foria.

Okay. And I also for anal pleasuring. Mm-Hmm. Of my lovers or myself, I like something called Uber lube, which is a really high quality, beautiful silicone lubricant. So those are the three that I recommend.

Luke: And you wouldn’t eat the silicone one though.

Susan: No, no. That’s, but it’s really the best it’s for anal pleasuring.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s very smooth and slippery and very, very, very finely, highly refined. Very nice.

Luke: And the Foria one, that’s a CBD or a It is a CBD. Yeah, I have that one.

Susan: Yeah. Oh, it’s nice. Yeah, it’s nice. Yeah. Yeah. Their Awaken one has the scent of cardamom in it, and it’s, it’s a lovely light fragrance, and it has just a little bit of like warming activation.

Mm. But it’s all natural ingredients. I don’t recommend any lubricants you can buy at the store, because they’re all FDA, class II products. They have to be registered, so they have to have preservatives in them. And a lot of times the preservatives are chemicals. Yeah. So I like just as natural as you can get except for the anal pleasuring, which you really need a silicone lubricant.

That’s the best. I’d say that’s, that sounds, and it’s a fairly inert product, but there’s no studies on, if I stick this up my butt, will it be up there forever? Like, I don’t know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t know. Could be. So, I, I can’t get any data on you for that one.

Luke: Yes. Let’s talk about the need. We, we don’t have much longer Yeah.

But I, I just want to quickly touch on, people want to be having more sex. Yeah. They wanna be having more, better sex. Yeah. And a lot of people have been in relationships where they like slowly desire dies. Let’s just talk about a few ways that we can re-enlighten that. Mm-Hmm.

Susan: Well, yeah, this is, so I started out teaching basically orgasm techniques.

Hmm. Because that’s what people want. They want, they’re like, I wanna learn how to have sex, good sex. I wanna learn techniques. And I’m like, great. Then I realized, oh no, you need bedroom communication skills. If you’re gonna be really good in bed, it’s not just about the techniques. You have to be able to talk about it, ask for what you want, get feedback, make your partner comfortable to have sexy, dirty talk.

You know, a worship, adoration, appreciation, encouragement. These are all really important. So then I realized, oh, okay. What people really, really want from me are what I like to call erotic play dates. So when I had Dr. Patty create, expand her Orgasm tonight for me. I said break it down. ’cause it’s, it’s a fair, you know, it’s a practice.

So like anything, martial arts, yoga, whatever, you, you follow the form and you get better and better at it over time. Mm-hmm. Create for me twenty-one erotic play dates that will help people learn all the facets of being an incredible doer. And the play dates end up being really fun. So then I said, all right, well, how many erotic play dates could I come up with for people?

And I came up with forty-eight fun things you can do and learn in the bedroom together or solo. Because a lot of people are like, well, just ’cause I don’t have a partner doesn’t mean I don’t want to make my sex life better. Mm-Hmm. So I came up with that and that was one of the last things I wrote. It’s called Your Sex Life Bucket List.

I’ll put a link on, all the stuff we talked about, we’ll all write it down right after this and make sure it goes at

But the Sex life bucket list is forty-eight erotic play dates, and it’s a downloadable PDF. So you could download it and make two copies. Give one to Cara. And then it comes with a 40 minute video where I walk you through all the play dates.

That’s your first play date? Mm-Hmm. Is marking which things sound fun to you.

A’s are Oh, it’s definitely gonna go on my sex life bucket list.

B’s are, well, it wouldn’t be on my list, but if Cara wanted to do it, I would totally do it with her. Yes.

And C’s are, it’s not for me. Right now? Yes. Never say never.

Mm-hmm. ’cause the things you used to look at and go, oh, I would never wear a pleather, bustier, and lizard pants on a podcast. And now here you are. Yeah. Right?

Luke: Yeah. Standards slowly drop.

Susan: Standard slowly drop. I appreciate that. I can add to your, you’re slowly dropping standards. But the sex life bucket list is really fun because people are like, just tell me what fun things I can do.

And so when you get your sex life bucket list and your, your partner has theirs, and then you cross tab them, there’s your nine or 10 things and you’re like, well, what are we gonna do? We’re gonna have some really good fun times learning these new things or doing these things. Oh, we said we were gonna do that we never did it. Great to remember that that was something that was gonna turn us on. Yeah, so it’s basically. Couples that play together, stay together, especially ones who play in the bedroom. Yes. And to get rid of the monotony of monogamous sex. Mm. You have to try new thi new things. Yeah. And so having a organized way to come up with your A-list and then compare them with your partners. Yeah. If you have, if you’re lucky enough to have a partner Yeah. Can really give you like a whole new lease on life because instead of scheduling sex, which means intercourse and she’s not ready for it because, you know, she’s far behind she hasn’t had a yoni massage. She’s not turned on. So like. I don’t wanna schedule sex. I mean, it all sounds good when I’m done, but it doesn’t sound good when you’re begging me for it. You know what I mean? So like if instead it was, let’s find your G-spot. Or let’s try the new wand on you and see if we can activate your yoni today.

Yes, that sounds a lot more fun and it probably leads to much better intercourse more often, yes. Than if you weren’t doing this.

Luke: Even to openly speak about it would just be really fun. Yeah. And so where was that? Was that sex life bucket list? Sex life bucket list? And I’ll put it on Yeah.

So, so just to clarify for me, just let me put up my penis in here. Mm-Hmm. It’s supposed to be like a huge, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a list of things that you could try.

Susan: Forty-eight sexy ideas.

Luke: Oh, okay. Great. And then you go through it erotic play dates separately, maybe, and then come back together and go do it together.

Susan: Yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah, you do it together. You watch the video and, and I explain each thing and you’re like, oh, that’s interesting. I never even knew that was a thing. I’m putting that on my A list.

Luke: Sick. Okay. That sounds incredible. That’s a great little tip. Oh, and I’m going to get into that. Good. Yeah. And this, yeah.

And my big. The penis is on its way. Yeah.

Susan: I was gonna say something about you feeling like during Cara’s pregnancy that it wasn’t the right time for you to pump your penis. I actually think that would’ve been a great time, because when you’re not having a lot of sex, you’re atrophying. Ah, and you wanna reverse the atrophy.

So just like you’re building your bicep mm-Hmm. You, you’re, you’re pumping and you’re bringing blood flow into your penis. You can just use the penis pump to keep, you don’t have to use it for penis enlargement. That’s what most guys do. Yes. But there’s a lot of guys, you know, I’m fifty-three. I, I just got divorced.

My wife never had sex with me. My penis is not hard anymore. I don’t know what to do, and I’m worried it’s not even, it seems like it’s shrunk. What do I do? There’s a lot of guys that use pumps for that. There’s as many guys that are like, I’m freaking jacked, but my dick looks like Tom Thumb. And they want a dick that matches the rest of their body.

Yes, they want a big dick. And the thing is that a lot of people are like, oh no, your dick is fine. It’s like, no, if you want a big dick. Have a big dick. If you’d like that, you should have that. If all you wanna do is make sure you’re not atrophying as you age. Mm-Hmm. Do that. Yeah. It’s like whatever you wanna do with a pump, but all it’s doing is drawing the blood in.

Like you get a big, super big hard on. Yep. And then your body’s like, oh, oh, I can hold all that blood. Okay, I’m gonna stretch a little and get bigger. Next time you pump, it’s like, oh, I can hold all that blood. I’ll stretch and get a little bit bigger. And so as long as you rest between pump days, this is the one thing guys make the mistake.

They’re like, once they get a pump, they’re like, I’m just gonna pump every day. I’m gonna pump to level 11. I’m gonna pump 16 times. I’m gonna do, you know, and it’s like, dude, slow down. You know how when you pump your bicep and you gotta take a day off, you gotta take a break and you gotta have, you gotta have arm day.

You gotta have leg day. Yes. You gotta have dick day. Yes. But you don’t do dick day two days in a row. Just like you don’t do arm day, two days in a row. Yes, same thing.

Luke: Yeah. You do like 10 minutes every, maybe three times a week.

Susan: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Three times a week would be great, but once a week you’ll still have amazing results.

I mean, it’s, honestly, it’s, it’s just expanding that blood care capacity, just keeping the atrophy at bay.

Luke: Yeah. Susan, you’re such a joy. Every time I talk to you, you inspire me. Oh, I thank you so much and I’m very thankful to meet you in person now, and that you put me in snake skin pants and a leather bustier.

Susan: You look fabulous in it. Your boobs look so sexy and hot in that. Thank you. Yeah, you look gorgeous. What are these? You’re. So gorgeous. It, I mean, I mean, I saw, I mean, we did our first thing over Zoomies, you know, and, and I was like, God, he’s beautiful. And then when I got out of the car and you walked out and I was like, oh my God, he’s more gorgeous than I even imagined.

You are just such a, you are stunning and you are a beautiful man. You have the best heart. You’re so smart and interesting and fun and charming. And God, the charisma. I mean, you are just, you are an, you are a level 11.

Luke: Oh, well thank you. Damn it. That’s a beautiful thing to say.

Susan: My pleasure. You earned it all.

Luke: Yeah, I, my, your pleasure. That was a rapture touch.

Susan: It was a touch of rapture.

Luke: Yeah. Here we go. I think that brings us full circle. Thanks so much to Susie B for coming on the Zaddy Zone.

Susan: Oh, I came so well, thank you,

Luke: unstoppable.


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