Unveiling the Future: Exploring Sexual Biohacking with Susan Bratton at Amsterdam 2023 Conference

Join renowned speaker Susan Bratton at the Amsterdam 2023 Conference as she delves into the fascinating world of sexual biohacking. Discover groundbreaking techniques, innovative technologies, and scientific advancements aimed at revolutionizing intimacy and enhancing pleasure in this thought-provoking session.

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Presenter: And I’m super honored to welcome on stage, Susan Bratton. Give it up for her, big applause.

Susan: Very nice introduction. I am so happy to be here. Good morning. Uh, okay. So what is sexual biohacking? I think about it in a couple of ways. Sexual biohacking spans across a number of different concepts. One is that you can think about it like enhancement. Another is that you can think about it like longevity.

And the third is that you can think about it in a regenerative way. So I’m going to briefly break those down. And then what I’m going to do is, I’m going to give you just this big picture of what you can do if you’d like to be a sexual biohacker. It’s kind of like a smorgasbord, that you can pick and choose the things that might be right for you for where you are right now in your sexual maturation.

Because your sexuality is your life force. It is your lust for life. Your passion is your passion. And the more that you put your intention and your attention on your sex life, your whole life long, the better and better it can get. I like to call it getting on the upward pleasure spiral. I think about it like two lovers who are entwined in the helix of the DNA spiral.

That we are together. Ourselves and with our lovers, getting better and better, having more and more pleasure, expanding our orgasmic potential. And yet, we age. The great thing about hot sex, and let me tell you that my title, that my favorite title for myself is Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions. And the reason that I focus on hot sex and being hot, is that when you’re sexy, when you’re turned on, when you’re living a turned on life, Your whole life is switched on.

Everything is flowing. When you have good sex, you get better and better at it. Sex is a mindfulness practice, and it’s an area of mastery. And the older you get, the more that you focus on your sexuality throughout your life, the better lover you become. I’m 62 years old. I have a gorgeous vulva and vagina.

I have breastgasms, throatgasms, clitoralgasms, g spotgasms. My g spot is activated, participative, and extremely pleasurable. Uh, I ejaculate. My partners have male multiple orgasms. We run sexual energy together. Pretty much, you can touch me on almost any part of my body. Core gasms, foot gasms, they’re all available to every single person.

Because orgasms are a learned skill. And here’s why I’m having the best sex of my life at 62. Beyond just that I study it, I practice it, I learn techniques. I’m having it because I use a lot of sexual regenerative therapies. I reverse the clock on my aging genitals. Every wrinkle that you see on the outside, as we desiccate, we atrophy, we dry up, we have planned obsolescence on this planet.

Every moment that we can push that back by doing stuff like Pumping our penis, which, by the way, I have some giveaways for you today. Half my freebies got here, half Customs decided to keep for themselves. Like, the entire box of Fun Factory sex toys. Customs is having some good orgasms, people. They are having some very good orgasms.

But I have some giveaways, and this regenerative concept is…

You can use acoustic wave, nitric oxide, you can, uh, use, um, GAINSWave for Her (formerly called FemiWave), you can use photobiomodulation, you can pump your penis, you can pump your vulva, you can have a P shot or an O shot with PRP or exosomes or stem cells. I just closed up the hole in my hip where I have my stem cells harvested.

So I can keep injecting them into my clitoris until I’m a hundred and whatever. So, uh, might as well use the good stuff. My biological age is 43, and I’m working on getting that down, even though I’m 62. So I’ve done all of these regenerative practices to just keep everything working. You have to stay on that.

So, I want to talk to you about a couple of things. One is this notion of extending your sex span. The other is unleashing your orgasmic potential. I want to talk to you a little bit about what The possibility of your orgasmic pleasure looks like. I call myself an orgasmonaut. I go to the far reaches of outer space.

I’m floating out there, coming like crazy. And then I come back and I’m like, here’s how you do it. What I do for a living is I write sex techniques, orgasm pleasuring skills. Communication skills. And I teach people about sexual regeneration and enhancement of their genital systems. Those are the three legged stool that is the solid foundation of you having a sex life that keeps getting better and better and better your whole life long.

I’m going to talk to you about my notion of what conscious sexuality is, because after all, We’re at a consciousness raising event, so let’s raise the consciousness of our sexual lives. And then the last thing I want to leave you with is something called the six essentials to connected sex, because over the last two decades, I have basically responded to every DM.

And I just give away the information for free. I am a sex advice person. You got a problem? You got a desire? See me after this event. Um, you know, after this, this talk. I’ll be around all day. You can ask me anything. I’ve heard it all and they’re basically like five or six things that you guys are all worried about.

You’re all worried about the same things. So, I got the problem solved. And I’m here for you today as well as whenever. So let’s go into the sex span briefly. There was a study done here in Europe, where 2, 500 people were shown photos of people between the ages of 18 and 80 and asked to guess their age.

And there was this group of people who looked ten years younger, I’ll take that, than their, than their cohorts. And the researcher said, What is the correlation between these really young looking people? It took them a while to figure it out and it turned out that these people were the ones having intimacy three times a week.

And I didn’t say sex and I didn’t mean intercourse. I just meant holding and being held. Manual genital pleasuring, kissing, rubbing, uh, it could be love making, it could be oral pleasuring, it could be playing with toys, it could be doing a lingerie photo shoot, it could be having intimate pleasure. And so when you have attention on your sexual pleasure.

You look 10 years younger than your cohorts, and that’s one of the four quadrants of longevity. Grip strength, standing on one leg, cognitive function, and looking 10 years younger than your peers indicates your longevity. So, let’s keep a focus on that. Next thing I want to talk about is your orgasmic potential.

I teach a couple of concepts. One is called orgasmic activation. And that is that you know your brain is your biggest sex organ. You have to create the neural pathways between your lips, your breasts, your genitals, and your brain. Your whole body. So the places that don’t feel good being touched now, or the places that are numb, that you can’t really feel anything, If you’ve got one location or one pathway that’s fragile to orgasm, all you have to do is begin to activate the tissue all over your genitals and all over your body so that you have the ability to send those signals to register the pleasure to activate your orgasm.

And I want to show you the 20 kinds of male and female orgasms, because this is what I do. I sit around and go, I wonder how many different ways I can have an orgasm. And then I make a list with post it notes and stick it up on a wall and turn it into a thing. And here, and I’m not going to go into these in detail because this is on my website.

You can go to Better Lover and get anything you want. If you’re on my newsletter, you can reply to any email that I send you with a personal question and it comes to me and I will answer you. So. There are 20 kinds and they are essentially, here’s the 20 kinds of female, there’s the my footgasm, I do love that, and here’s the male, 20 kinds.

We have the same parts in different order and there’s the, there’s the 20 male and they’re in three categories. There are locations to touch, there are essentially orgasmic techniques, a good example of one is the um, Erotic hypnosis, the verbal command of orgasm, that’s a sexy one. You can do that one remotely with your lover when they’re away.

And then there are objects of desire, whether that’s your fetish wear, or your favorite sex toys, those are things that also trigger your fantasy, your desire, and your orgasm. So what I want you to know is that you can just start learning how to have all these. You can just check them off the list. I want a g spot orgasm.

I want a prostate orgasm. I want a p spot orgasm. I want to do whatever. And so if you use tools and toys to activate sensation. And you understand what you’re going for you can create incredible amounts of pleasure that course through your body, release neurotransmitters, release hormones, especially oxytocin.

Which not only bonds you to your lover, but it actually makes you like people better. And we could all use a little bit more of that these days, wouldn’t you agree? And then finally, I want to tell you about orgasmic intercourse, because the single biggest problem in the, what we sex people call the heteronormative pair bonded mating relationship, a dude and his lady is basically what I call it, uh, is that it’s really easy for him to have an orgasm from intercourse.

As a matter of fact, he’s worried about coming too fast. But it’s harder for her to get there because we’ve been only shown images of a patriarchal sexuality. And so we’re moving into the consciousness expanding, matriarchal, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, what does the goddess want? I am here to serve her, world of sexuality.

And orgasms, women think, ah, well, I guess I’m just not the, and then her partner’s like, well, I guess you’re not, but we’re still going to. So, you know, that creates divorce, breakups, because women aren’t coming well enough. And if I can tell one message to the world, it’s that orgasmic intercourse is a series of learned techniques.

And if you just do them, you can learn how to come. Reliably, confidently, and tons and tons of pleasure with intercourse, and that’s going to be so nice. OrgasmicIntercourse.Com has these techniques on it. I talked a bit about orgasmic cross training, so I’m going to skip that because I covered it. But I want to talk about conscious sexuality.

Conscious sexuality is, I’m a sovereign being. I own my body. I own my pleasure. I am here for my pleasure. I feel good about my pleasure. I’ve let go of the shame. I’ve let go of the trauma. I’ve learned how to move through those things. And I’m sitting with you in presence in this moment to co create pleasure.

And I’m going to bring my heart and I’m going to connect it to my genitals and to you. And we’re just going to relax and have a beautiful time and make love. That’s a really good start to thinking about what conscious sexuality is. Dirty talk, sensual practices are also a learned skill and they are very, very important.

Communication is a very important part of lovemaking. What do you feel like today? Women want something different every second. Men are a bit more steady state. The difference between estrogen and testosterone. So learning about how to say what you see, to share what you’re feeling, to describe a moment of pure joy and pleasure you had in your lovemaking date is a really good way to become more and more conscious and present in your lovemaking.

And last but not least, my arousal ascension. This, imagine, I’m going to put this down, and I hope I don’t step on it. Sorry. This, imagine this banana is a penis. Half of your penis sticks out of your body, and half of it goes in and down towards your testicles. If I could take this banana, sometimes I use a big wad of Play Doh to demonstrate this, I would turn this banana up, and most people think that the clitoral tip, the glands, is the point of pleasure of a woman’s vulva and vagina.

But actually, this whole same amount of banana’s fruit worth of material is inside our vulva. It’s wrapped around and comes to a point around the vaginal canal. So the outer labia, the inner labia, let me show you that too. I got pictures of labias. Oh my great, there we go. There’s my labia. The outer labia, the inner labia, the clitoral hood, the clitoral shaft, the clitoral glands, the vestibule, which is the doorway into the opening where the urine comes out, and the vagina, the opening to the vagina, which is called the introidal sphincter.

All of that has This banana’s worth of erectile tissue, but it takes our, it takes us about 20 to 30 minutes of active pleasuring and relaxation to have our lady boner. So our male body partners get erect within minutes. It takes us 20 to 30 minutes to get the same level of erection. If we don’t have that, that surface area filled up with blood, it can’t send the signals to our brain of pleasure. So the one tip that I can tell you to have more orgasmic pleasure is to slow down and get all of that tissue right inside there. That’s all that is this banana formed into, what the clitoral, urethral, and perineal structures look like.

So, that’s the G spot, that’s the penis, that’s the spongy tissue, and last, I’ll leave you with the six essentials of connected sex. And this is very easy to find on my website, but I’ll just tell them to you briefly, because I wanted to give you a lot of things to think about. Set up your nest, your lover’s space, and make it really nice.

Don’t expect spontaneous sex, plan for pleasure. Number two, learn how to ask for what you want by understanding that your body is always telling you what it desires when you tune into him or her or they. Third, I talked about earlier, being present. Get out of your head. Get into your heart. Slow down and connect with your lover.

Polarity. Enjoy the masculine feminine and getting switchy. Learn how to be the leader and, or the giver and the receiver to the point where it just flows like that helix. Nobody needs to be always in charge. The better you get at sex, the more confident you are at leading the way. Embodied sexuality is not to forget that all of our senses can be recruited, sensual talk, the moans of our lover, the gaze of our eyes into each others, the touch techniques. And finally, I’ll leave you with this idea of erotic play dates. And that is that I’ve created 48 different erotic play dates that are things that people want.

Sometimes couples say to me, I like the techniques, but I’m looking for fun things to do. So I came up with 48 erotic play links, play dates, that you can put on your sex life bucket list. And when you have those, you can start to have that intention to learn the new things that are of most interest to you right now.

And if sex were a brand, sex’s tagline would be, sex, there’s always something more. So here are some things for you to enjoy. I have a couple of giveaways, uh, and I’ll give them away in the back. Anyone that wants them, I brought a Mystery Vibe Poco, which is a vibrator that you ride and it takes you on an orgasmic journey.

I have some playing cards for fun times from Mr. Dive. I have two penis pumps to give away, that are great for reversing atrophy and enlargement. And what would biohacking be without…

Photobiomodulation for your genitals. Yeah! See Karl in the back at the end, and he’ll give away some goodies. Thank you so much, and thank you to the Biohacking Summit for having me.

Presenter: So Susan is

Susan: I saw that big red flashing thing, and I was like, Ooh, I better get out of here!

Presenter: No, we have a couple minutes. Susan brought the House full and brought the house down. So that’s quite a milestone. But we still have a bit of time if you have any questions, in the back, in the front. We’re into optimizing sexuality or even the biohacking in the biology or neurobiology of sexuality.

So if you have any questions, please ask away. Yes, Alex, the handsome man in the front.

Alex: Can I have the penis pump?

Susan: Yes! Karl, we’ll give it to you. I have two pumps. Anybody else want the other one? Right back here. Okay, good. Is that, oh wait, is that Ivan? It’s yours, man. Okay, great.

Presenter: So, it goes without saying, it has perks to be your friend, right?

We get, for male and female counterparts, we get gifts.

Susan: Yes.

Presenter: Um, I would have a question actually.

Susan: Sure.

Presenter: How would you link ancient tantric practices and the scientific perspective with your work and how can, how are you combining these two and which one might have more of an importance or neither of them has an importance?

Susan: I think they’re equally important and all of my work is, is, is really. centered or grounded in tantric techniques. I just don’t use the words tantra very often because I think that sounds very esoteric to people. And so I just try to get, you know, when I talked about embodied sexuality, that was really tantra.

That’s what tantra teaches you, embodied sexuality, and it teaches you that spiritual heart connection. Those are the basic fundamental tenets of tantra. So I just use regular everyday words so that it’s more approachable for people. Yeah. Any other questions? Yeah. Oh, hi, doll. Hi. Hi. Hi. What’s your question?

Woman: You talked a lot about. how you have to set the mood and you have to plan things. What are your tips on creating that mindset and being able to just jump into it as needed?

Susan: Yeah, that’s a great question. Um, what you’ll find is that your sexuality is a mindfulness practice. So let’s just say you decide to have a lovemaking date on Thursday to practice expanded orgasm clitoral stroking.

For example, I’ve had an expanded orgasm clitoral stroking practice with my husband for two decades. And he’ll, we’ll decide, hey, do you want to have a date later today? Yes, I do. Okay, do you want to have, you know, an expanded practice date? Yes. He’ll go in and he’ll set up his Zafu and he’ll lay out the blanket and he’ll get the towels and he’ll, um, Get the warm oil and he’ll put on the fireplace and turn on the nice lighting and put on some music and get a picture of water and then, uh, I’ll traipse, he’ll take a shower, file his nails, put on his pants and I’ll traipse into the bedroom and sometimes I will have just come out of, you know, like a Zoom call, a Zoom call.

This is my life and I’ll lie down and it’ll take me a while to just Just relax, and I just keep bringing myself back to the pleasure that I’m receiving. And sometimes I get frustrated with myself, like, ugh, it’s taking me a long time to surrender, it’s taking me a long time to get out of my head, and I’ll be like, that’s okay.

Take all the time you need, little girl, just, I’m here for you. Just take your time and relax. Breathe into your genitals. Remember how much you love your man and just calm down. And so it’s the practice of bringing yourself, guiding yourself to your desire to have arousal and knowing that for women it takes us 20 or 30 minutes and we just we just have to hold space for the process of our body to get the blood into our lady boner.

It just takes time. But I always get there. Helpful?

Woman: Thank you.

Susan: Yeah. Anything else?

Woman: I will take the vibe.

Susan: You would take the, the vibe! You got it! It’s the Mystery Vibe Poco. Yes, my pleasure to give it to you. Yes, you just, you curve it around, kind of from your clitoris to your g spot, and there are all these different patterns.

And start really bringing fantasy in while it’s laid onto your vulva. And allow yourself to journey in your mind to things that turn you on while you’re getting all these different types of stimulation because your nervous system has parasympathetic and sympathetic. And the way, what? I only have one. I, you got to talk to customs.

Um, your, your body has, um, it needs, it needs to go up an arousal ladder. And the idea is that as you get better at orgasming. Your arousal climbs more easily. You can get into the orgasmic bliss state more easily. You can start to come well and reliably. Then you can start to come for longer and longer amounts of time.

Uh, like, time An orgasm doesn’t need to go, Brrrrrrrrp… Pkssss…. That’s the male ejaculatory orgasm, which is one of 20 kinds. We don’t need to mimic that as women, uh, nor do men. That’s just what people think an orgasm is.

When you can get up into this state and you can just Pull time, like taffy, and you’re just, you’re just like, oh


Oh! Oh! Oh!

That’s one.

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