Biohack Your Beauty Summit

Susan’s presentation focused on the vital role of sexual health and pleasure in overall well-being and longevity. She emphasized the importance of nurturing one’s sexual vitality to enhance life’s quality and to maintain youthful energy. Her talk included a detailed discussion on various sexual topics, debunking myths about sex being solely for procreation and highlighting the extensive potential for pleasure beyond traditional intercourse. She also introduced several tools and methods to aid sexual wellness, such as pleasure-enhancing toys and Foria’s CBD-based products. She advocated for a broad and inclusive understanding of sex, encouraging personal exploration and acceptance to foster both physical and emotional health.

Biohack Your Beauty Full Transcript

Susan: Hello, hello. Hello. I brought toys. I brought goodies. So I was saying to my boyfriend this morning, I think there have the best libido I’ve ever had in my whole life. Like my libido is all like, I’m right now. Like a lot. And I’m a 62. And he’s 66, and he’s like, Me too. The best it’s ever been. And you’ve taught me so many things that have just like massively improved my sex life.

And my boyfriend has had 400 girlfriends before he found me. So all the girls passed him around because he was a good one. I better, I better not have him. I better not be with him or you guys are going to try to steal him away now, aren’t you? No, I’m kidding. Anyway, my point really is that Number one, your sex life can keep getting better your whole life long.

You can expand your orgasmic capacity. You can become more sexually confident. You can literally feel more pleasure than you felt previously and that can continue. You can learn new pleasuring skills. You can become a better bedroom communicator. You can become an incredible moaner. You can share fantasies and make requests with confidence and actually begin to know what it is you want and feel good about asking for it and to be able to receive it. You can begin to let go of your body image issues. After a while, you don’t care if your boobs are saggy or you’ve got cellulite because you have learned how to move from the kind of sex that is performative. The stuff that we see in television, the stuff that we see in porn.

The combination of the shame that’s endemic around our sexuality through religious and societal pressure and the patriarchal style of sex that hasn’t served us women, that’s all changing now. Now there are so many people like me and coming up behind me in the area of sexuality and female empowerment and male sexual empowerment that there’s no better time.

To learn that, When you have good sex your whole life long, you live a longer, happier, healthier life. Sex gives you neuroendocrine cascades of wonderful hormones and neurotransmitters. It reboots your nervous system. It calms you. It grounds you. The oxytocin not only bonds you to your lover, it actually makes you less annoyed with everyone.

We need so much more oxytocin. We should be rubbing our bodies together a lot more right now. So, people who have intimate connection, and I’m specifically not saying sex, because if I say sex, you think intercourse. But that’s not what sex is. That’s just what religion told us was for procreation and that sex was for procreation only, so the only thing that mattered was intercourse.

In fact, intercourse is all that stuff we call, er, sex, is all that stuff we call foreplay. The kissing. The breast play, the full body pleasuring, the relaxation, the letting go of all your thoughts and dropping into sensation and pleasure, the oral pleasuring. Getting foot rubs and body rubs, words of adoration and encouragement and appreciation and gratitude.

This is what fuels us. And so I wanted to talk a little bit today. I want to make the case for you to fight for your sexuality, for your orgasmic growth, for your sexual confidence. For you for you to just have and take and learn to receive and give incredible amounts of pleasure, to get into ecstatic co creative bliss, to just let everything go and get in the flow of pleasure with yourself, with your partners, with Many partners over your lifetime to keep making new twists with your sexuality and to support it and nurture it and feed it because there isn’t much that’ll keep you younger, more beautiful, more happy, more just vivacious, you know, full of vitality, your sexual vitality and your lust for life are two sides of the same coin.

Your health and libido are two sides of the same coin. The minute I don’t feel well and I can tell my libido drops, when I feel good, I don’t need it. There she comes back again for me, creating so much joy and pleasure in my life. And that’s what I want you to know, is that you have to fight. You have to fight against your estrogen, estrogenic predilections to be judgy about your body.

You have to fight against your estrogen, estrogenic predilections to be judgy about your body. You have to realize you’re not spontaneous desire people. You’re responsively desirable. You need. To be moved toward pleasure, to get turned on. I want to show you something. I’ve got so many things to show you.

One, I got a table, so I might as well get these things up here. Oh, everybody likes the toys. So there’s one thing I want to show you first of all. Imagine this is a penis. It’s quite a large one. Uh, half of a penis sticks out of a guy’s body, of a penis owner’s body. And half of it goes in. It’s twice as big as what you see.

So all the men in the audience are two times as big as your thoughts. That always makes the guys happy, like, Girl, I knew it. I knew it. I knew it was all in there. So, the interesting thing is that the penis itself is mostly just a skin covering, something called the tunic albuginea, which is kind of like a membrane, and then all this spongy tissue inside.

And what’s interesting about that spongy tissue is that it’s three straight chambers that get filled up with blood, lock off and get erect. And when it’s filled with blood, it’s bigger and it feels like it feels better to touch it when it’s hard. And it has more surface area that sends more signals to your biggest sex organ, the yes.

Why is it the biggest sex organ? Because it’s what’s processing and telling you that you have pleasure. Now, if I took out all that spongy tissue from a penis, it would be about this much spongy tissue. This, if I lay this in the palm of a hand, it basically fills up the palm of my hand. If I took out the spongy tissue from your vulva, it’s the same amount.

It’s the same size. And what’s important about this is that, Essentially our clitoral, urethral, and perineal structures are the same size as our partner’s penis. Only they come up to a little point where the clitoral tip, shaft, arms, legs, urethral sponge, and perineal sponge are. So you have as much surface area in your vulva as your male bodied partner does in his penis.

But it takes you 20 to 30 minutes. to get your lady boner. So by the 20 or 30 minutes, you’ve already done and had a sandwich. And you never even got your lady boner. So if there’s one key takeaway I want you to know from my presentation today, besides work on your sex life, put your intention and attention on it.

It’s, I gotta get my lady boner. It’s like, you just gotta wait. Until she’s ready, and not get pressured to go faster than you are ready to go. Because he doesn’t know that you don’t fill up with blood as fast as he does. So that is a very, very important thing is that you need all this surface area sending all these signals to your brain so you can have the 20 different kinds of orgasm the human body can have.

You can have lip-gasms, throat-gasms, breast-gasms, nipple-gasms, foot-gasms orgasms, clitoral orgasms, urethral-gasms, G-spot-gasms, cervical-gasms, anal-gasms. You can have erotic hypnosis, orgasms, female ejaculation, orgasms, expanded orgasms, orgasms from tools, and delicious things that give you more sensation. So I want to tell you about that next.

There’s two ways to do what I like to call orgasmic cross training. I want you to have more orgasms. I want you to be able to achieve them more easily. I want them to flow out of you like a well spring springs from the earth with beautiful water. Orgasms, you don’t make them happen, you allow them to exist and you call them into existence by opening yourself to your pleasure. So, the best way to do it is to work on getting your lady boner and activating all of the areas of your vulva and your vagina. And to do that, I like to recommend many different kinds of tools that stimulate different parts of your body in different ways, so you can start sending way more signals from your genitals to your brain.

So let me show you a few things. The first one is that I think in every pleasure chest you should have a combination of a lot of different things. So this is at, I have them all there so you can be like, What was that one? What was that licker? You know, what was that sucker?

You’ll be able to find them. This is a licker. This is some women’s very, very favorite way to achieve orgasm. This is a thruster. This is for the women who are like, I haven’t had intercourse in a decade and now I’m back in the dating market and I think it’s fused shut and broken. Again. This is a hands free thruster that’ll get everything going again.

This is a G Spotter. So you can find your G Spot, awaken your G Spot, stimulate your G Spot, female ejaculate. It’s all learned skills. Everybody can do all the things your body is built to do them. You just need to practice a lot. This one is wonderful because it’s a spongy, soft tip. That does wonderful G Spot Awakening.

This one is actually for your boyfriend. This one is the Manta Shaft Pleasurer. That’s great for oral pleasuring addition to him. These are probably the one that I tell most women to get most often. I have a giant vagina. I’m a six foot tall woman. Giant! I could eat the universe with this thing. And I’m proud of it.

I like that. But some people are like, I have a tiny little vagina. It’s just a little thing. And so there’s different sizes. is basically a rabbit vibrator. It’s called the ladybi and the missbi. Getting one of these stimulates both internal and external stimulation. So you get the external clitoral stimulation and urethral stimulation, and the internal g spot, cervical, etc. stimulation. And that’s like perfect cross training. If you’re not yet having orgasms from intercourse, it’s just a learning skill. You’ll get there. It’s not hard. You can go to and I’ve got my 10 tried and true techniques to start having incredible orgasms from intercourse every time you do it.

But this is a great starter kit for that cross training. There’s one more. So I want you to get a pleasure chest and I want you to practice with a lot of toys. They don’t wear anything out. What they do is they activate the mind body connection. They get the signals running so you can come really, really well.

The second thing that I want to tell you about, and I’ve got some goodies to give away for that, is this system I call my Pleasure Protocol. This is a company called Foria and they have a CBD based line of sexual pleasure products that are super clean. Botanical CBD, MCT oil, literally good for your brain.

There’s something called melts and these melts, I brought them for us, I brought a whole bunch of them for us. These melts are little suppositories and you can pop one in your vagina, they have booty melts as well. And really just soaks into the vaginal mucosal lining. So it’s hard to get in your vagina.

This is the perfect solution for getting it up in there and making it feel really, really good. And what the CBD does is it creates this Your endocannabinoid system is a healing pleasure pathway in your body. And you have endocannabinoid receptors. All over your genital tissue. So when you put in there Awaken, and you rub it on your vulva, it starts the signals to the brain, and literally, it feels like it’s like Like your vulva and your vagina is kind of like getting fed a delicious sexy meal.

It’s like it wants to go, uh, bleh, uh, bleh, uh, bleh, uh, bleh, uh, bleh, uh, bleh, uh, bleh, uh, bleh. And then they have sex oil that you can put on top for as much glide and slide as you want. So I’ve got some quickie kits here to give to you, and I also have lots and lots of the sex oils. And the melts. So I’m going, and I’ve got their new Vibrance line.

I’m going to hand this stuff out. Somebody walk up to the front of the thing for me and grab this. Who’s taking it? There we go. Passing it out. Passing it out. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Great.

Okay, a couple more things. I want to tell you about what I think is one of the most innovative, most innovative vibrators that there are. This one is fantastic, because you learn how to ride your orgasm. And, there you go. Yeah! You want to take, yeah, thank you. Thank you. Hang on, let me talk about it first.

Last but not least, I want to show you something that is red light therapy for your vaginal canal. This is if you’ve lost lubrication, you have incontinence. So, You, uh, feel vaginal laxity. This is red light inside your vagina. This is for someone a little older. This is for like a 50 plus, 40 plus person.

And, uh, so this is photobiomodulation that helps with the glycogenation of your vaginal biome and helps with lubrication. You want to get warmth and light into your vagina to help reverse the atrophy of aging. Okay. So, key takeaways are that there’s lots of ways you can stimulate more pleasure, more blood flow, more lubrication, more connection to your brain, and that it’s Not work, it’s play, but that you should devote yourself to your pleasure because the people who live the longest, happiest lives have great sex till the day they die.

Thank you so much. Have a great day. Lots of orgasm. Yay. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Whoops.

Leaving vibrators behind everywhere she goes. Thank you so much.


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