Susan’s Sex Span Supplements

Here are all the supplements, smoothie ingredients and senolytics I’m taking to extend not just my “Health Span.” These also extend my “Sex Span,” which in turn fuels my longevity.
I’m not suggesting this regimen is appropriate for you. We are all different and have unique health needs. Just watch this to see directionally how I think about my supplementation, anti-aging senolytics strategy, what I put in my morning smoothie and what I recommend as the BASICS upon which you can build your own custom supplementation strategy.



  • Redmond ReLytes


  • Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesteron
  • Growth Hormone Precursor Troque CJC-1295 | Ipamorelin


  • Xymogen OptiMag Neuro Magnesium


Daily Supplements

  • Osteo Peptide Complex
  • Nutrafol Hair Growth
  • Xymogen OSAplex MK-7
  • Classic Pearls Dragon and Lightening
  • Enzymedica Repair Gold Enzymes
  • Jarrow QH+PQQ
  • TruNiagen NAD
  • FLOW Nitric Oxide Booster
  • Pure Encapsulations MethylAssist
  • Designs for Health ADK Booster
  • Omega’s and Pro Resolving Mediators

Full transcript:

Susan: Hi, Susan Bratton here, Intimacy Expert To Millions. And one of the things that I talk about is how to increase your sex span. We think about our health span as a part of our longevity. We wanna live longer and we wanna live a longer, healthier life. And what I like to do is talk about how to increase your sex span so that you have great sex till the day you die.

Because having great sex. Having frequent intimacy increases your health span. So they really are two sides of the same coin. And I thought today what I would do is share with you some of the things that I’m currently doing to expand my sex span.

Now, what’s interesting about it is that what I do is not what you should do.

I’m just using this as an example of what I do so that you can get a sense for how I think about my supplementation and my health strategy.

So the very first thing that I do, of course, is I work out pretty much every day. I don’t work out when I’m traveling. I take those days off. Sometimes I need a recovery day, but I work out on a daily basis.

Uh, currently what I’ve been doing is running the beach stairs. Um, I go to a place here in Encinitas, California where I’m spending part of my summer. Called the Smart Fit, and they have three um, machines that are technology machines. The first one is called a VASPER system. The second is called the Carol bike, and the third is called ARX.

I do one each, three times a three times a week, I go there, so I do one of them each time once a week, and I do that every week. Those are essentially AI and intelligent driven devices that help you gain strength. What you really wanna do is you wanna get really strong, uh, as you age, you wanna have as much muscle mass as you can, and all that building of muscle, releases growth hormone, which keeps the rest of you younger and helps rebuild and maintain your body, sends a hormone cascade of testosterone, which is definitely the hormone of sexiness and desire. So, um, those three things are high-intensity interval training or eccentric, concentric muscle growth technology systems. Exercise systems that I highly recommend.

The next thing that I do is I make a morning smoothie. Every morning I make a smoothie and I always put collagen in it. I usually use Organics brand collagen. I don’t have that here with me right now at my beach house, so I’ve been using a, I think it’s Vital, Proteins or something like that.

I like the kind of collagen that has five kinds of collagen in it. So I get a variety that helps with tendons, ligaments, skin, muscle, brain health, etc. Organ health. And then I always put in what I would consider to be a a a probiotic, postbiotic prebiotic blend. And the one that I really love right now is called the Qualia Synbiotic.

They have the best blend that I have found to date, and I really like their brand. I’m doing that. Um, the other thing that I put in my smoothie is this Mitopure protein. Um, Timeline Nutrition is the manufacturer, and it’s called Mitopure. And they are packets of whey powder that have urolithin A in them.

Urolithin A ha is a, essentially a derivative of pomegranates that helps the bacteria in your gut build muscle faster and better. So it’s a muscle building strategy for something called mitophagy, which is the, when your muscle tissue needs to replenish the cells, the the cells you wanna get rid of the senescent cells and senescent cells are cells that have been damaged. They’re often called zombie cells. And what you wanna do is you wanna get rid of those zombie cells using autophagy. Autophagy is when your body cleans out the dead cells so that you can build new cells. And what the mitopure does is it you, it does mitophagy.

It cleans the cells out of the muscle so the muscle can grow and operate better and generate more ATP, which is the, power that comes from the batteries in the cells of your muscles. So I really love this and I love the vanilla whey. It’s a very yummy tasting thing. Makes my smoothie great. So I also create my own yogurt, uh, for my morning smoothies.

And I use OxyCeutics Gut to Glow, which has Lactobillus Ruderi in it. It’s a probiotic that’s really great for skin health and it also gives you a nice cut in waste. It helps with kind of that fat that starts to get in the middle when you go through middle age. And I just put the capsules, i, um, open the capsules and put ’em in, and I culture my yogurt.

And then I use my own homemade yogurt out of the fridge, uh, with a yogurt maker. Then I also make my own nut milk from the almond cow nut milk maker. I use cashews and coconut flakes. Um, you can really use anything to make nut milk. So that I don’t have to have a lot of plastic waste from buying nut milk at the store, and so that it doesn’t have any thickeners in it or preservatives in it.

It’s just nut milk, fresh nut milk. Then I put in my berries for the antioxidants and I blend that up and that’s what I drink, uh, to recover from my workout.

So then when I’m working out, one of the other things that I do is I always take electrolyte water. And the electrolyte that I currently like is a company called Re-Lyte.

They’re Redmond salt, they’re in Utah, and this electrolyte is flavorless. It’s just the forty-nine minerals or whatever is in there. And, uh, it’s doesn’t have any flavor. It helps me lift heavier and I don’t like flavored things because most of the time that stuff is artificial flavors and uh, you can call something a natural flavor, but it’s still a chemical.

So I like things that are unflavored as much as I possibly can. So drinking the electrolytes is really important. The other thing that I do that’s primarily for muscle building. Is that I take these Troque T-R-O-Q-U-E Troque. It’s, it’s dissolving essentially a a little thing that you dissolve under your tongue.

And these are CJC 1295 peptides, EPA Morlin. Uh, Troques and they look like this. And I dissolve one after I work out and one before I go to bed because that’s when you release a lot of growth hormone. This is a growth hormone precursor. As you age you wanna do as much as you can to keep your growth hormone producing.

When I go to bed, I also take this OptiMAG Neuro. You can’t really see that in this light. I’m sorry. Um, it’s very hard to see there. It is almost. There it goes. Um, this is magnesium that can cross the blood-brain barrier. We need a lot of magnesium in our body. We especially need it in our brain so that we can keep our cognitive function high.

The four pillars of longevity are cognitive function. Grip strength, which is an overall indicator of body strength. Balance. And looking younger than your cohorts. Essentially, the way you look on the outside is a reflection of your health on the inside. And people who look younger tend to live longer because they are generally healthier.

So I take that, and then I also take some senolytics. I take, I don’t have them here, but I take Qualia Senolytics once a month along with this dasatinib. Once a month, these senolytics help clear your body out of the dead and broken cells because you have a, you’re a cell bag. You basically are just a, an accumulation of, what is it, seventy-two trillion cells or something like that.

And so it’s a fixed pie. It’s not like you can grow the amount of cellular material material you have. Yes, you can beef up and you know, you can get a little bigger, which is what I like to do, but. And keeps you from withering as you age. You don’t wanna wither, you wanna be big. And what Senolytics do is they take that fixed pie and they fix the broken cells so that you have as many good operating cells as you possibly can.

So senolytics are a very important part of expanding your sex span and health span.

Next, as far as daily supplementation. Because I have had some problems lately, uh, since I had covid three times, I have a lot of soft tissue damage. I’ve recently torn my ACLs. I also pulled the tendons off my elbows about a year ago, and so I realized I’ve gotten soft tissue damage.

So I take this osteopeptide complex every day. In addition to that, I had a lot of hair loss from Covid. I’m finally starting to not have to wear a hair piece to just kind of cover up the baldness. Um, this is all my own hair. Finally growing back. It’s fine. Finally getting my bangs back a year ago. My bangs were only like this long, so they’ve really grown a lot.

So one of the things that I like to take is Nutrafol. Nutrafol is a hair product that really helps. I noticed a difference in growing my hair back with Nutrafol. And then I also noticed recently that I was having more plaque buildup. I asked my holistic dentist about plaque buildup and he said, I said, do you think it’s my oral microbiome?

He’s like, oh, no. Your oral microbiome is fantastic. Your mouth health is so good. Um, he said, sometimes it’s a phosphorus imbalance. You, you’re not getting enough phosphorus to balance the calcium. So I found a supplement called OSAplex MK-7, also by Zymogen. Um, I like this brand, um, that has phosphorus with the calcium in it, and it’s for bone health and bone density. And within weeks been like 10 days of taking that supplement with the phosphorus in it. The plaque started disappearing. Uh, it it, it just stopped forming at the level it was. And then I stopped taking it ’cause I was traveling and it’s, it came back. So I took it again and it’s going away again. So it seems like that is having an effect.

The next thing that I’m also doing is I’m these, I’m taking. Generally for energy, they are classic pearls, dragon and lightning, and I take four in the morning and I take four in the afternoon. Now so don’t go buy these and take these because you don’t know what you need.

This is not my point to showing you. I’m just, again, giving you my thinking about how I pay attention to what’s going on with me and what I need to do to supplement. I also. Take these repair gold enzymes because they’re actually really good for soft tissue damage. I really like enzymes. I take this quercetin QHPQQ combination.

I take NAD+, the TRU niogen NAD. And Oh, that’s so funny. I ran out of them yesterday and I don’t have ’em here. I take my own Desire multivitamin multi mineral. That’s at It’s a daily multivitamin, multi-mineral complex with methylated B vitamins and libido botanicals built right in and it works in conjunction with my nitric oxide supplement called FLOW.

By the time you’re 50, you have half the nitric oxide you had when you were 20. Even though I eat leafy green vegetables, beetroot, etc. Just like as your hormones and other things diminish and you wanna top them up, which I do, I take estrogen, progesterone, and, uh, testosterone. Um, I also take FLOW every single day to keep my nitric oxide high because I’m using my vascular system when I’m doing those smart fit machines like VASPER, Carol bike, and ARX. When I’m doing high-intensity interval training by running stairs or running the hills. And generally you want it for good sexual function so you get blood flow to your erectile tissue of your genitals. It keeps you from having painful sex, uh, loss of erection, uh, inability to achieve orgasm.

All that comes back when you get the blood flowing again to your genital system. So to your brain, to your heart, and to all your parts that’s FLOW. Refusing to age.

I also take an additional thing called Methylacist from Pure Encapsulations because I feel like I never get enough B vitamins. I have a body that is hungry for methylated B, so I add to what my daily multivitamin-Multimineral Complex has.

I also take. ADK, an additional ADK booster. This particular one, I think this is designed for health and I really like to have a lot of vitamin D, a lot of, and it needs to be balanced with vitamin A and vitamin K. Often, I’m also taking omega fatty acids, pro-resolving mediators, things like that. So I have a really good fatty acid profile.

My fatty acid profile’s so good right now that I’m not currently supplementing because I’m eating a lot of fish, avocados and healthy, other healthy fats like my nut milk and all kinds of things.

And the last thing that I take is Equilibrium. It’s a probiotic that really makes me poo super great. I just love this particular supplement.

I don’t take it all the time, but if I’m traveling or what have you, I really, really like to take Equilibrium.

So that is my, that’s I think pretty much my current supplementation strategy. And, um, I, I don’t know, I just, I’m always, trying new things, rearranging it, listening to my body, seeing what I like.

But I always wanna keep my D up, my fatty acids up. Um, I wanna take, uh, the things that help me with, uh, cellular renewal and repair. I wanna take nitric oxide. So basically, if you’re not taking a good daily, multivitamin-Multimineral complex. If you’re not getting a lot of good vitamin D, A, and K, if you’re not taking your essential fatty acids. And you’re not taking your minerals like your magnesiums, your calciums, et cetera. Remembering to balance things like phosphorus and other, small minerals that we need. Um, then don’t be taking fancy stuff until you’re taking the basics.

Cover your basics bases first, and then add from there.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to reply to my emails or post them in comments or if you have to direct message me, but it’s harder for me to reply ’cause I have to type it with my little fingers on my phone.

And I’m always happy to answer questions about any and everything that helps you live a healthy life so that you can extend your sex span.

I’m Susan Bratton and my website is

You can follow me there and get on my Sex Tips newsletter and if you reply to any email that you get from me, I personally get your reply and I will answer.

Thank you so much for supporting me and supporting you. I really love and appreciate you.

Have a great day.



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