Crop It Like Its Hot

In this unboxing video, intimacy expert Susan Bratton is joined by Jena la Flamme and Naia Leigh to explore the sensual crop toy from LitUp.Love. Naia, a transformational dominatrix, explains that while traditionally used for horses, crops can be employed in the dungeon for teasing, punishment, and pleasure. They discuss how the crop can be used softly to tease and tantalise or for more intense sensations, allowing versatile play on various body parts. Susan shares a promo code “SUSAN” for viewers to get a discount on purchases from LitUp.Love.

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Full transcript

Susan: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions, and I’m here with my girlfriends, Jena and Naia.

Jena: Hi, I’m Jena la Flamme, Women’s Pleasure Expert.

Naia: And I’m Naia Leigh, also known as the Red Mistress. I’m a Transformational Dominatrix.

Susan: And Trisha from LitUp.Love sent me a goodie box and said, I want to send you my sensational play toys.

And I thought, Oh my gosh, I need to open these with my girlfriends because they know all about pleasure and sensation. So I’m dying to know what we have. What’s this one?

Jena: Double O Seven. Let’s find out.

Susan: Double O Seven. What do you think it is?

Naia: Something sexy.

Susan: Oh, okay. What is it?

Naia: Uh, it looks like not quite a flogger, but maybe like a tease.

Ooh, maybe like a tease toy that you run

Susan: all the way up your body.

Naia: I would imagine. I’ve never seen one of these before,

but I would imagine if I’m laying on my stomach and someone just,

Susan: Oh, it feels good.

Naia: Yeah,

Susan: That feels really good. That’s very, very similar to the silky scarf. Here we [00:01:00] go.

Naia: Yeah. I feel like this is something that could put you into a relaxed state, relax the nervous system before getting into.

Susan: Your back looks so pretty and there’s sparkles on it.

There’s always sparkles on everything with you. I love it. Okay. Well, there you go. Trisha kindly made us the promo code SUSAN and it’s at LitUp.Love. If you try these, we want to hear how you like them and we’ll see you on the other side. Bye.


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