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Susan Bratton: Three Things I Love About You

This is a Romantic Couple Game but it works perfectly in any grouping.

A bit of verbal appreciation goes a long way toward building the connection between lovers… and the stronger the connection, the hotter the passion.

And even if you’re single, you can practice this game with friends, co-workers, and even strangers because it’s actually a practice of learning how to verbalize your natural gratitude and appreciation.

We all get so caught up in the fast pace of life…

That it’s easy to forget the “little things” that keep your relationships in a feel-good place.


In this video, I (Susan Bratton) share one of the secrets that keep my marriage strong and super passionate. And it also keeps my connection with my friends and co-workers rewarding and joyful.

I started playing this with my husband nearly 30 years ago. And now we play this at the dinner table with friends and family too.

It’s a Romantic Couple Love Game but it works perfectly in any grouping.

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. What makes appreciation really sink in, is hearing the specifics.

You’ve heard it said that “It’s all in the details.” That is the absolute truth when it comes to bonding deeply with your lover, your friends, and your family.

Play this little game on a regular basis, and watch what happens. You’re going to satisfy a deep hunger you probably didn’t even know you have.

In this video, you’ll also learn about The Soulmate Embrace. This is an extra-special way of connecting with your lover that you’ve never thought of before.

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